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Many seem to think a concert is simply about the music. But they're only catching a glimpse of the full picture. Imagine upgrading that experience: The Pavilion at Star Lake VIP Box doesn't just offer you a night out; it cradles you in luxury while you lose yourself in live entertainment.

With tickets ranging from $200 to $520, guests aren't merely purchasing a seat; they're stepping into an exclusive realm, securing a prime spot to bask in their favorite melodies.

Our insights into what makes these VIP Boxes at The Pavilion at Star Lake stand out come from years dedicated to exploring and critiquing premier concert experiences nationwide. We've come to recognize the fine line between a standard performance and an extraordinary one.

So lean in closer as we share our insider tips on elevating your event night at this celebrated venue — trust us, it's worth every moment.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pavilion at Star Lake VIP box tickets cost between $200 and $520, with prices changing depending on the event, date, and which box you pick. There are also extra costs for VIP parking and tailgate spots for some shows.
  • Seats in the VIP Box come with perks like a prime view of the stage, parking benefits, club access, wait service, and a cozy spot in the exclusive VIP Club. This makes your concert experience more convenient and luxurious.
  • You can choose from different VIP packages that offer special treats such as Dream Seats with top - notch views and amenities or plan a special event with the help of their Special Events Sales Team to make your night even more memorable.


The Pavilion at Star Lake VIP Box Details

The Pavilion at Star Lake VIP Box brings luxury to your concert experience. Here, you get top-notch seats and perks that make every show unforgettable.

Cost of tickets

We're all about giving you the scoop directly, so here's the lowdown on ticket prices for The Pavilion at Star Lake VIP box. Prices aren't static; they swing based on several factors like the event, date, and which box tickles your fancy. Expect to shell out anywhere from $200 to $520 for a single ticket. Keep in mind, VIP parking and tailgate spots might dig deeper into your pockets for certain shows. Now, to lay it all out clearly, here's a table:


Price Range Factors Influencing Price
$200 - $520 Event type, Date, Box selection
Variable VIP Parking & Tailgate Parking (Event-specific)


Short and sweet, that's how ticket pricing works for The Pavilion at Star Lake VIP box. Your choice, your adventure.

Seating capacity

The Pavilion at Star Lake has room for about 23,000 fans. This big number includes seats in different parts of the venue. For those who like to sit close and enjoy a clear view, there are 7,100 seats under an open-air pavilion.

These seats are great because you get a direct look at the stage with some protection from the weather.

Then, we have an area for 16,000 more people on a general-admission lawn. This spot is perfect for those who love to lay back on a blanket under the stars and still enjoy the show.

It’s a good choice if you want space to stretch out or dance around during your favorite songs.


"At The Pavilion at Star Lake, every seat brings its own unique experience."


Features and amenities

We offer top-notch features and amenities in our VIP Box at The Pavilion at Star Lake. Each box provides prime views of the stage, ensuring you don't miss a moment of the action. Plus, with parking perks, club access, and wait service included, your experience is both convenient and luxurious.

Imagine not having to worry about where to park or waiting in long lines for food and drinks—it's all taken care of.

Our exclusive VIP Club elevates the experience even further. It's more than just attending a concert; it’s about enjoying ultimate comfort and style from start to finish. Now, let's talk about what kinds of VIP packages we can offer you.

VIP Packages and Experiences

Our VIP packages and experiences take your concert night to a whole new level. From exclusive club access to dream seats, we make sure every moment is unforgettable.

VIP Club access

We offer VIP Club access at The Pavilion at Star Lake, and it's something special. This exclusive club gives you a cozy place for small groups or private meals. Picture yourself enjoying an evening with close friends in this intimate space.

It's all about giving you the best.

Our box seating comes with more than just a great view; you get in-seat wait service and a VIP Entrance too. Plus, access to our VIP Club with its full-service bar means no waiting in long lines for drinks. provides VIP Packages that include these perks, making sure you have everything you need.

Buying tickets through Ticketmaster MX? You can add on VIP Club Access tickets easily. This way, during any event, the door to an ultimate experience is open for you. From parking privileges to exclusive entry points and dedicated wait service – it’s all geared toward making your time here unforgettable.

Dream Seats

Dream Seats at The Pavilion at Star Lake are a real catch for fans looking for an extra special experience. These seats come with all the perks of VIP boxes. That means, with Dream Seats, you get to enjoy top-notch views and amenities just like in the VIP section.

Premium Seats USA makes it easy to grab these spots. They give access to Dream Seats so you can have an unforgettable time.

These seats aren't just about comfort; they're your ticket to feeling like a star during the show. You'll enjoy the event in style, surrounded by everything designed for your pleasure and ease.

Getting into Dream Seats is a smart move if you want to make concert nights even more magical.

Choosing Dream Seats brings you closer to the action while keeping luxury and convenience right at hand. Whether it's a night out with friends or making memories with family, these seats upgrade your experience beautifully—no wonder they're highly sought after!

Special event inquiries

After enjoying the luxury of Dream Seats, you might wonder how to make your experience even more special. The Pavilion at Star Lake has you covered with their Special Events Sales Team.

They're ready to help plan an unforgettable event in a VIP box or access exclusive packages. Whether it's for a business gathering or a private party, they ensure your needs are met with top-notch service.


Contact our Special Events Sales Team for all VIP inquiries and create memories that last a lifetime at The Pavilion at Star Lake.


They work closely with guests to customize experiences that exceed expectations. From intimate dinners in the VIP Club to celebrating milestones, they've got the expertise to craft your perfect event.


The Pavilion at Star Lake VIP Box is where memories are made. Imagine watching your favorite artist, right from the comfort of a VIP Box—prime views, upscale amenities, and all. With ticket prices ranging between $200 and $520, it's an experience worth every penny.

You get access to the VIP Club—imagine intimate dinners or gatherings here! And with various seating options available, there's something for everyone. We say go for it; treat yourself to an unforgettable night out at The Pavilion At Star Lake!


1. What is a VIP box at The Pavilion at Star Lake?

A VIP box is a private seating area that offers a premium view and experience during events.

2. Can I buy food and drinks in the VIP box?

Yes, you can order food and drinks directly to your VIP box for an enhanced experience.

3. How many people fit in one VIP box?

The size of each VIP box varies, but they typically accommodate 4-8 guests comfortably.

4. Do I get special parking with my VIP box ticket?

Yes, VIP tickets often come with access to preferred parking spots closer to the venue entrance.

5. Can I meet the performers if I have a VIP box ticket?

While not guaranteed, some packages may offer meet-and-greet opportunities or other exclusive perks.

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