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We pride ourselves at having some of the largest premium seating options available in north america. Take read through our about us page, find out what type of people or groups generally purchase premium searing. Once your ready to move forward be sure to check out our resources page which will help aid you in your next step in renting a luxury suite, VIP box, or club seat from us. Be sure to view the FAQS page as well. We can help reserve a premium seating option at most venues in the US and Canada. Its easy to find an event your interested in. Search our website for your favourite team, venue, concert, or theatre event and let us know what date would be best for you.



Get to know us a bit more. With a wealth of information at your fingertips we are sure you will love us and your premium seating rental. Contact an account executive today and get started on a memorable experience for you and your family or company.



When deciding to purchase a product from a company, its best to lean a bit about the company you are thinking to do business with as not all business are the same. Our management team has successful placed over 50,000 people in premium seating options across north america. You know you are in good hands.


We serve a wide range of clients ranging from individuals, groups, lawyers, doctors, small businesses, and large fortune 500 companies. We are here to help make your special night a memorable one. With premium seating options available in most cities, the chances are we have what your looking for!


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