Suites For Business



New customers cost 7x more than retaining an existing one.


This makes investing in current clients even more important. Renting a luxury suite can provide tremendous benefits for many of your objectives you are trying to accomplish.


Entertaining staff and clients in a luxury suite creates an experience that will translate into added business, or add in employee productivity. Business use premium seating for numerous reasons.



Build relationships with your current and potentially new customers


Its important to take meetings out of the office and into a more relaxed atmosphere where people are having fun. By watching events over the course of a few hours you will have built report with your customer and you will be able to casually be able to demonstrate why they should give you their business.


Motivate Key Leaders


There is nothing more important then rewarding your teams success. If you reward top performers with incentives they will feel valued and continue to perform.

Why do companies invest in premium seating offerings


Primary objectives include:


  1. Driving business growth and adding new business
    2. Retaining and providing hospitality to current clients to nurture an established relationship
    3. Establishing relationships with teams and properties
    4. Accessing premium space for business entertainment
    5. Developing client loyalty
    6. Cultivating exclusivity and the perception of what clients think of their business
    7. Expanding loyalty and broadening relationships with face-to-face interaction
    8. Activating sport sponsorships and brand exposure
    9. Allowing customers access to better seats than they could get on their own
    10. Strengthening brand awareness within the community
    11. Supporting business-to-business connections
    12. Doing it because competitors are
    13. Including luxury seats in a deal to allow clients to utilize those tickets for their own business use
    14. Recognizing employees
    15. Utilizing for personal use or as a tax write-off


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