Our Services


We act as your personal concierge ensuring that your special event goes off without a hitch.


We will ensure nothing is left to chance and that all items are thought of and marked off the list to ensure you have a worry free event.


We want to ensure your outing is a memorable and well thought out experience for all those involved so you can bring that positive memory back to work where it counts.


We  know that it takes a lot of time to normally plan an event, so we’ve streamlined the entire process to ensure all your needs are met and you can focus on what’s best  for you.  We are happy to work with individuals, groups or businesses to ensure you have the best experience. We understand the importance of timing and work quickly to present a workable offering so you can count down the days until your next event.


Simply give us a few requirements and we will present you with the best offerings for your needs.



We take care of everything you need from, catering, extra tickets, a special meet and greet, or concierge service within your suite.


Reasons use premium seating


Birthday celebration

bachelor,/ bachelorette party

kids team party


couples / boys/girls night out


A company or team meeting

Mark the end of a successful quarter to celebrate sales goals for executives

Hold a training meeting

Welcome new employees

Annual holiday celebration



If your celebrating a holiday considering inviting families to a special event as an added benefit to build employee moral.


No matter the type of premium seating you require, rest assured that Premium Seating will have the type of offering you are looking for. Contact us today for your next private party or company outing. We will ensure it is one to remember.

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