You are sure to have questions so we've taken the time to answer some of the most common questions here:


Do I have to buy multiple events?

No, you can purchase a suite or VIP box rental for a single event or we can put together a multi event package to suit your needs.


When can I arrive for the event?


Most venues will allow you to enter 60-90 minutes prior to start time. Many people find they can host pre event meeting then enjoy the event afterwards. Many venues will allow you to stay up to 60 minutes after the event to finish your business meetings or drinks.


Where do I park?


Most suites or boxes come with a set number of parking passes. You may find depending on the number of guests you have, you may require additional parking passes than the suite/ box comes with. This is due to limited parking. Its best to find out how many parking passes you require. Depending on the venue, your parking pass may be for premium parking close to the venue entrance or a special premium garage pass.


You may be able to purchase additional parking passes in the premium lot if available.


If you intend to arrive via limo or bus, it will be important to notify us so we can arrange special parking for these vehicles as they won't be allowed into the standard lots.


Where do I enter the venue?


Most luxury suite/ VIP box or club seat attendees will enter through a premium VIP entrance which will allow you to enter the venue in luxury and speed.



Are there assigned seats. What is an “SRO”?


Most guests move freely within the suite and make use of the different areas throughout the event. Some tickets are labeled SRO which means standing room only. There may be more tickets allotted than fixed seating, or bar stools. An SRO gives the holder access to both the stadium and the suite. People tend not to sit in their allotted seat in the suite, so it generally doesn’t matter who gets an “SRO” ticket.


How many people can attend the event in my suite/ box


This will depend on how many tickets come with your purchase. Additional SRO tickets may be purchased depending if there is availability and for a fee.

What is in my suite


Your suite comes furnished with love seats couches, stadium seats, bar stools, closet, countertops, a fridge, HDTVS and in some cases a restroom.


I have an extra guest can I bring them.


You will need to arrange any additional seating prior to the event. Every attendee needs a ticket.


Is catering included in the price?


Sometimes, but not usually.  Catering information is provided in each listing.  However, if catering isn’t included in your purchase, you’ll have the option of purchasing food directly from the venue-provided suite caterers or at the concession stands. We’re here to help you plan the perfect menu for your event.


What should people wear?

Most guests dress comfortably but appropriate to the audience they are with in the suite. There is no set dress code.


What can I bring with me into the suite?


No outside food or beverages are allowed.

Larger bags are typically not allowed. This includes backpacks, large purses, totes, canvas bags, and messenger bags.

Many venues (including all NFL venues) require that you place smaller items in a clear plastic bag before entering the stadium.

Laptops, tablets, cameras and phones are usually allowed. If you would like to bring a laptop, be sure that it is not in any type of bag or sleeve as those will likely exceed the bag size requirements for the stadium.

For special occasions you may be able to arrange a special cake with the catering staff with prior approval at some venues.


Does my ticket give me access to other areas?


There are VIP clubs on most suite levels and your suite ticket will often grant you access to those clubs. The clubs are open before and after events for a limited time. They usually offer full-service bars, special concession stands, and merchandise shops. You can also access any concourses and exhibits that are available to general ticket holders.


Do I tip our suite attendant?

If you have a bartender/server in your suite, we recommend giving them a tip if the service is good. Gratuity is generally not included in your catering bill.


Can I order more food in the suite during the game?

Yes, there is a game day menu in each suite. You can place your order with your Suite Attendant or you may call in the order from your suite phone.


Can I have a meeting in my suite?


Yes, you can host a meeting in your suite. Most suites are equipped with HDTVs which you can hook up a laptop to show a presentation. The interior of most suites are also suitable to host meetings.


Can I rent a conference room for a meeting?


Generally there are special conference rooms that you can rent out prior to an event. This may be an additional fee.


Can kids be in suites?

Children of all ages are allowed in the suite and on the suite level. Depending on the stadium, babies and toddlers under two years of age may not need a ticket.


Can dogs or other pets be in suites?

 Pets are not allowed in suites/ or boxes. A service dog may be allowed. Its important to check with the venue to ensure this is possible as all venues are different.


What happens if my event is cancelled?


We issue full refunds for any events that are cancelled without being rescheduled.  For rescheduled events, your tickets are valid for the new date.


What is your refund policy?


All sales are final.


What happens if I lost my tickets?


In most cases lost suite tickets are unable to be replaced. If you are distributing tickets to a group of people in your suite, make sure to note the exact ticket that you give to each person, so that if getting a ticket reprinted is possible, we know which one to reprint.

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