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Washington Wizards Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Finding the perfect way to soak in the excitement of a Washington Wizards game isn't always a straightforward journey. Many fans might not realize that tucked away within the electrifying atmosphere of the arena, luxury suites and VIP boxes offer an unparalleled blend of stunning views and exclusive perks, transforming an ordinary game day into an extraordinary spectacle.

With options ranging from $1,800 to $4,500, these premium seats do more than just provide a fantastic view—they craft an unforgettable experience.

Our deep-seated expertise in sports hospitality comes from years dedicated to orchestrating sports events and securing top-notch accommodations for fans just like you. We're passionate about making every game day special—not just by witnessing it through our own eyes but by enabling others to experience those thrilling moments in ways they never thought possible.

Ready for a game-changing experience? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • You can rent a Washington Wizards Luxury Suite or VIP Box at the Capital One Arena for games and events. Prices range from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the event and location of the suite or box.
  • These premium seating options can host groups ranging from 18 to 28 people, with some suites able to accommodate up to 40 guests. They come with cool perks like VIP parking passes, in-suite attendants, private restrooms, and access to exclusive lounge areas.
  • Each luxury suite or VIP box includes amenities such as catering options, flat-screen TVs, and Wi-Fi. Guests also get special experiences unique only to these premium seating choices during a Washington Wizards game.
  • There are different types of suites available: Private Suites for an exclusive experience with top-tier amenities, Shared Suites ideal for networking while enjoying the game, and VIP Boxes that offer a great view along with plush benefits.
  • Choosing a luxury suite or VIP box not only gives you comfort and style but also provides an unforgettable way to watch the Washington Wizards play thanks to their fantastic views and first-class amenities.


VIP Box & Suite Prices and Details

We know you're curious about the cost of a Washington Wizards Luxury Suite or VIP Box, and how many friends you can bring along. Prices vary, and these spaces offer cool perks for guests, making game day extra special.

How much do they cost?

Washington Wizards luxury suite rentals vary in price, but we've got all the details you need. For a single game, you might pay between $2000 and $4000 to get that top-notch experience.

Looking for something on the higher end? Premium seats can set you back anywhere from $4000 to $8000. Now, if it's a VIP box at Capital One Arena you're after—expect to spend about $3000 on a weekday game.

But hey, for concerts and special events? Prices can jump, ranging from $1500 all the way up to $10,000.


"Experience exclusivity with Washington Wizards Luxury Suites - where every game feels like a victory."


Prices do differ based on the day and opponent—weekend games often have friendlier tags than those high-demand weekday matchups. And while individual suite tickets range from as low as $50 to around $350 each, it's all about who's playing when it comes down to final cost.

So whether it's for business or pleasure, planning ahead can help lock in the best rates for an unforgettable experience with the Washington Wizards.

How many guests can fit?

Our VIP boxes and luxury suites at the Capital One Arena are perfect for groups. They can hold between 18 to 28 people, making them ideal for family gatherings, business events, or a night out with friends.

Each space offers comfort and a great view of the Washington Wizards game.

The seating capacity varies based on the type you choose. For smaller groups, some suites start with room for just 8 guests. If you need more space, we have options that can accommodate up to 26 guests.

Also, if your event is larger, our private suites can be customized to fit anywhere from 14 to as many as 40 guests.

No matter how big or small your group might be, we've got a spot that fits just right. Enjoy watching the Washington Wizards in style and comfort with all your favorite people around you!

Amenities & benefits

We make sure you get the best with a Washington Wizards Luxury Suite or VIP Box. These come loaded with VIP parking passes and mouth-watering catering options. Inside, enjoy service from in-suite attendants and skip the lines with private restrooms.

There's more - access to exclusive suite restaurants and lounges, plus flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi to keep you connected.

Luxury doesn't stop there. As our guests, feel special with luxurious benefits and unique membership experiences at every game. Our Washington Wizards Luxury Suites are top-notch for hospitality, giving stunning views of the court that you won't find anywhere else.

Ready to explore different premium seating options?

Different Options for Premium Seating

For those looking for an upscale experience, Washington Wizards games offer a variety of premium seating choices. From private suites that give you your own space to VIP boxes perfect for watching the game with friends, there's something for everyone.

Private Suites

We offer Washington Wizards luxury suite rentals that come with VIP parking passes and premium catering options. These suites give you a top-tier experience, perfect for enjoying the game in style.

With these private spaces, you and your guests get to watch the game from the best spots with unmatched comfort.

Monumental Premier provides an exclusive private suite experience. This means more than just watching a basketball game; it’s about enjoying every moment in an upscale setting. Our suites make sure everyone has a memorable time—from start to finish.

On game days, we have three themed suites: Arcade Suite, Legends Suite, and Military Suite. Each one offers a unique environment tailored to ensure fans of all ages have fun and stay engaged throughout the event.

Whether you're looking for action-packed entertainment or honoring our heroes, there’s something special waiting for you here at Washington Wizards games.

Shared Suites

Shared suites at Washington Wizards games bring luxury to another level. They're perfect for enjoying the game with friends or networking in style. Each suite is a climate-controlled haven, complete with plush seating and a full wet bar.

Plus, everyone stays connected thanks to wi-fi.

The amenities don't stop there. Expect VIP parking passes and premium catering options too. These features make every Washington Wizards Luxury Suite experience unforgettable.

Now, let's explore what VIP Boxes have to offer...

VIP Boxes

We offer Washington Wizards VIP boxes at Capital One Arena, perfect for fans who want a premium experience. These boxes not only provide an outstanding view of the game but also come with top-notch amenities.

Think VIP parking passes and the option to order from a menu of premium catering choices. The cost? It ranges from $1,955 to $4,900 per home game during the regular season. This depends on a few things like who they're playing and how important the game is.

Our VIP boxes can fit different group sizes comfortably, making them ideal for both small gatherings and larger parties looking to enjoy the game together. With these exclusive spaces, guests get to watch the Washington Wizards in style—adding that extra special touch to their game day outing.


Watching a Washington Wizards game from a luxury suite or VIP box takes the experience to another level. Picture being in the middle of all the action, enjoying every slam dunk and three-pointer in comfort and style.

These exclusive seats come with fantastic views, top-notch amenities, and perks that regular tickets just can't match. Whether you're entertaining clients or enjoying a special night out, it's an unforgettable way to watch basketball.

So why wait? Treat yourself to Washington Wizards luxury today!


1. What's in a Washington Wizards Luxury Suite?

A luxury suite for the Washington Wizards packs comfort and style -- plush seating, private space, and an unbeatable view of the game. You get service right to your seat... think food, drinks, and more.

2. Can I book a VIP Box for a Wizards game?

Yes! Booking a VIP Box means you're in for an exclusive treat. It's all about privacy, top-notch services, and enjoying the game with your group without any hassle.

3. How many people can fit in a Luxury Suite or VIP Box?

The size varies... but generally, these spaces welcome groups big or small. Whether it's just a few friends or a larger party, there’s room.

4. Are there special perks that come with these suites and boxes?

Absolutely! Think early access to the venue, private entryways -- skipping the long lines -- plus sometimes even meet-and-greets with players. It’s not just about watching; it’s experiencing the game on another level.

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