Booking A Box



Close your eyes and imagine: the day of the event has finally arrived. You have been looking forward to this moment for weeks, months, or maybe even years, and now you are only minutes away. You are surrounded by a close group of friends of colleagues, you are all united, connected by your common passion of live events. The feeling of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, and passion is one that can't be found anywhere else. When the cheers of the crowd reverberate in bones and lift your soul to a new level of happiness. And for this moment in time, at least for a little while, everything else disappears.


As soon as your premium experience starts you will notice the different. When you first enter, you will park in a VIP lot close to the venue and breeze through the VIP entrance with little wait and go directly to the VIP club for a few drinks before walking in style to your suite for the real action to begin. You will see how much more sophisticated and enjoyable the event is with us.


Imagine being in the action, being part of the excitement, hearing the noise of the crowd but all from the comfort of your luxury suite/ VIP box. You have the finest amenities at your finger tips, amazing catered food, nice guests and comfortable seats. Maybe your children are with you on this special night. You can take a step back and go into the suite to a more quiet atmosphere away from the passion and noise and relax. With a suite, everything you need is tailored to you and your needs. Do you need a few more drinks or more food? All you need to do is order from your attendant. With a restroom in your suite, you wont have to wait 30 minutes in line and miss half the show.


You will quickly realize why luxury suites/ VIP boxes are the best way to view a live event.

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