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Tampa Bay Lightning Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Attending a Tampa Bay Lightning game is an experience unlike any other, especially when enjoyed from the cozy embrace of a luxury suite or VIP box. Picture this: panoramic views of the glimmering ice below and exclusive amenities that turn game day into something magical for fans and businesses alike.

Imagine soaking in your favorite team's triumphs while basking in the unparalleled comfort and attentive service that come standard with these opulent accommodations.

With years of expertise in navigating sports event hospitality, we've witnessed how a Tampa Bay Lightning Suite or VIP Box can elevate an ordinary outing into something spectacularly memorable.

Amalie Arena's offer of 18 tickets and customized catering per executive suite isn't just impressive—it transforms group entertainment into an art form. Ready to take your viewing experience up a notch? Read on for more about how we can make your next game day extraordinary.

Key Takeaways

  • You can watch Tampa Bay Lightning games in a luxury suite or VIP box at Amalie Arena with 18 tickets included. This gives you and your group your own private space.
  • These suites offer special perks like VIP parking, customized catering starting at $250 per ticket, and options for all-inclusive food and drinks for certain members.
  • Enjoying a game from one of these suites or boxes means comfort, style, and a unique experience with benefits like plush seating, HDTV’s for replays, exclusive entrances, and more.


Tampa Bay Lightning Suites and VIP Boxes

We know how important it is to enjoy Tampa Bay Lightning games in style. That's where our luxury suites and VIP boxes come into play. Picture sitting in a private box, away from the crowds but close to the action.

Our suites at Amalie Arena include 18 tickets, giving you and your group a personal space with an unparalleled view of the game. You'll love the option for customized catering starting at $250 per ticket—imagine enjoying upscale buffets with beer, wine, mixed drinks, and soda included.

The perks don't stop there. We offer VIP parking passes to make your experience hassle-free right from arrival. Prices range between $3,000 and $6,000 depending on who the Lightning are facing off against.

And if you're planning a corporate event or just gathering with friends, renting one of these spaces for a game can turn an ordinary night out into an unforgettable experience. With SuiteHop's access across North America and Luxury VIP Suites' market options for specific games, finding that perfect luxury suite or VIP box has never been easier—or more exciting!

Benefits of a Tampa Bay Lightning Suite or VIP Box

Opting for a Tampa Bay Lightning Suite or VIP Box brings unmatched perks. You get to enjoy the game in comfort and style, making every moment unforgettable.

Luxurious amenities and amenities

We offer top-notch amenities in our Tampa Bay Lightning Luxury Suite and VIP Box. Think of plush seating where comfort meets style, ensuring you enjoy every moment of the game. Each suite is a haven with its own set of upscale benefits.

Picture yourself sipping on premium drinks and nibbling gourmet snacks without missing any action on the ice.

Our suites and VIP boxes also come with VIP parking, making your arrival and departure as smooth as possible. We take pride in providing an exclusive experience that feels private to you and your guests.

With the ConnectWise Loge membership, you get more than just a seat; it's an all-inclusive package featuring private seating areas plus high-end food and beverage service.

Next up, let's talk about how these offerings give you not just comfort but convenience too...

VIP parking and premium catering options

We know you're looking for an upscale experience at Tampa Bay Lightning games. That's why our Tampa Bay Lightning VIP Box offers special perks like VIP parking and premium catering options. Here's what you can expect:


  1. VIP Parking Passes: Forget about the hassle of finding a spot. Our luxury suites come with VIP parking passes. You get easy access to Amalie Arena, making your arrival and departure smooth.
  2. Premium Catering Options: Hungry for more than just action? Our customized catering lets you choose from a variety of delicious foods and drinks. Enjoy an exclusive dining experience right in your suite.
  3. All-Inclusive Food and Beverage: For Premium Bolt for Life members, the deal gets even sweeter. You'll enjoy upscale, all-inclusive food and beverage options without extra costs.
  4. Complimentary Garage Parking: If you're a part of the Ashley VIP program, you won't have to worry about parking fees. We cover your garage parking passes.


With these benefits, your game day turns into a luxury event where every moment feels exclusive and tailored just for you. From prime parking spots to gourmet meals — we make sure every detail adds up to an unforgettable experience at the Tampa Bay Lightning VIP Box.

Private and exclusive experience

Having your own Tampa Bay Lightning luxury suite or VIP box means you get a special place for just you, your friends, family, or business partners. Picture being able to watch the game or concert away from the crowds, in a space that's all yours.

It's like having a private party with the best view. Our suites are top-notch—think comfy seats, great food right there when you want it, and even HDTV’s to catch replays. Plus, getting in and out is easy with exclusive entrances.


"Enjoy every moment in privacy and comfort."


Next up? Imagine stepping into an area where everything feels first-class—from parking to premium eats.


Enjoying a Tampa Bay Lightning game or concert in a luxury suite or VIP box is an experience like no other. With plush seats, delicious food options, and the best views, your time at Amalie Arena becomes unforgettable.

Private entrances and parking make everything smooth and easy. Whether it's for business or pleasure, these suites offer something special that can't be found in regular seating. So next time you plan to watch the Lightning play, consider doing it in style—you won't regret it!


1. What's included in a Tampa Bay Lightning Luxury Suite?

A luxury suite includes comfy seating, amazing views of the game, private restrooms, and catering options.

2. How many people can fit in a VIP box?

Typically, a VIP box can host 10 to 20 guests.

3. Can I buy food and drinks in the suite?

Yes, you can order food and drinks directly to your suite.

4. Is parking included with my luxury suite or VIP box ticket?

Sometimes yes, but it depends on the package you purchase.

5. How do I book a luxury suite or VIP box for a Tampa Bay Lightning game?

Contact the venue directly or visit their official website for booking details.

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