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Seattle Kraken Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Experiencing a Seattle Kraken game is something truly special, especially when you elevate your game day with the comfort and exclusivity of a luxury suite or VIP box. These premium seating options don’t just give you an exceptional view of all the on-ice action; they come loaded with amenities that can turn your game day into an unforgettable experience.

One key feature? The all-inclusive food and beverage service that accompanies every Kraken game, ensuring that you and your guests can indulge in culinary delights without missing a moment of the excitement.

With our years of expertise in creating luxurious sports experiences, we’ve put together this guide to bring you everything you need to know about Seattle Kraken luxury suites and VIP boxes at Climate Pledge Arena.

Our deep industry knowledge lets us offer insider tips on snagging the best deals, understanding exactly what each package includes, and making sure every detail of your event is perfectly catered to.

Let’s make it an unforgettable adventure together.

Whether it's celebrating a milestone with family or hosting clients for business with a backdrop of thrilling hockey action, we understand that these moments matter to you. That's why our guide doesn't just share information; it's crafted from the heart by people who genuinely love bringing extraordinary experiences to life.

Let’s create those memorable moments at a Kraken game – where every play feels closer and every cheer sounds louder from the comfort of luxury!

Key Takeaways

  • Seattle Kraken games in a luxury suite or VIP box include all - inclusive food and drinks. This means you can enjoy snacks, meals, and beverages without extra costs.
  • Renting a spot comes with perks like VIP parking passes and options for indoor or outdoor seats. You also get premium catering to make your experience better.
  • Prices for luxury suites and VIP boxes start around $10,000 at Climate Pledge Arena during Kraken games. The cost can go up based on the event and location of the suite.
  • Contacting the venue directly is the best way to find out about available suites or boxes, their prices, and what they offer.
  • With these luxurious spaces, you don't just watch the game; you get comfort, style, amazing views of the action, and great food right at your seat.


Seattle Kraken Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes

Imagine watching a Seattle Kraken game from the best seats in the house. That's what you get with our luxury suites and VIP boxes—comfort, style, and an unbeatable view.


Our Seattle Kraken Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes come packed with features to make your game day memorable. We offer theater-style seating, so every seat feels like the best in the house.

Want a drink? No problem—the wet bars and refrigerators are stocked for your convenience. And, don't miss a moment of action thanks to high-definition flat-screen TVs right in your suite.

It's all about comfort, class, and an unmatched view of the game.

We know that parking can be a hassle on game days. That's why each luxury box includes VIP parking passes—getting you closer to the action faster and without stress. Upscale culinary experiences? Of course.

Reserved dining tables await you for when hunger strikes during those intense moments on ice. Whether it's indoor or outdoor private seating you prefer, we've got options tailored just for you.

Food and drinks are part of the experience too! Catering is available in some premium seating areas—we bring delicious meals straight to you so there’s no need to miss any part of the game looking for food or drinks.

It’s our aim to make your visit as seamless and enjoyable as possible—with every amenity at your fingertips from start to finish.

Catering options

We offer a variety of catering options in our Seattle Kraken Luxury Suite and VIP Box. At Climate Pledge Arena, guests can enjoy all-inclusive food and beverages during Kraken games.

This means you don't have to worry about extra costs for meals or drinks while watching the game.

The American Express Hall is a modern spot inside the arena where premium seating areas get their delicious food catered. From snacks to full meals, we make sure your experience is topped with tasty options.

Whether you're craving something light or a hearty meal, our menu has it all covered.

Choose from an array of dishes that satisfy every taste bud. Our team makes sure everyone finds something they love. With these catering services, your time with us becomes more enjoyable, turning game days into memorable experiences filled with good food and great action on the ice.

Inclusive food and beverage for Kraken games

At Seattle Kraken games, everyone in our luxury suites and VIP boxes gets to enjoy amazing food and drinks. The whole experience comes with all-inclusive food and beverage options.

This means you can eat and drink as much as you like without worrying about extra costs. Climate Pledge Arena takes pride in offering the best variety of foods and drinks in the NHL.

Our goal is to make sure guests have a top-notch dining experience while they watch the game.

Our team makes sure that everything from classic snacks to gourmet meals is available right at your seat. The convenience of having food and drinks included turns watching a game into a luxurious outing.

You won't miss any action on the ice because we bring everything to you. This hassle-free service lets you focus on enjoying the excitement of the game with friends, family, or business partners.

How to Rent a Suite or VIP Box

Renting a Seattle Kraken luxury suite or VIP box is easy. Just reach out to us for info on available spots, costs, and special perks like VIP parking and catering choices.

Contact for available suites

We want to make sure you get the best experience at a Seattle Kraken game. That's why we suggest reaching out directly to the venue for details about available luxury suites and VIP boxes.

They can tell you what's open and how much it will cost.

The team at the venue is ready to help with any questions you might have—whether it’s about the size of the suites, the view of the ice, or anything else. Don't hesitate to ask them for all the info on amenities, pricing, or special perks like VIP parking.

They're there to ensure you have everything you need for an unforgettable time.

Finding out more about our Seattle Kraken luxury suite or VIP box options is easy. Just give us a call or send a message, and we'll guide you through every step. From picking your perfect spot to understanding all your catering choices, we've got you covered.

Amenities and pricing information

Seattle Kraken luxury suites and VIP boxes come with top-notch amenities. Guests get VIP parking passes—no more driving in circles looking for a spot. Inside, there's premium catering that takes your game or concert experience to another level.

Imagine enjoying upscale culinary delights while watching the game from the best seats in the house.

Prices for these luxurious spots start around $10,000 on the Pitchbook Suite-Level during Kraken games. Depending on what you're attending—the performer, whether it's an NHL game or a concert—and when, prices can go up to $20,100.

It's all about where you want to be and what you want to see.

Now let’s talk about how easy it is to rent one of these spaces for an unforgettable experience.

VIP parking and catering options

We offer VIP parking passes with every luxury suite rental for Seattle Kraken games. This perk means you get to skip searching for a spot and enjoy exclusive parking rights close to the Climate Pledge Arena.

It's all about making your experience stress-free from start to finish.

For those looking to elevate their game night, our premium catering options are a must-try. Food and drinks in luxury suites include various delicious choices that cater to everyone's tastes.

Starting at $150 per person, packages come with game tickets, VIP parking, and a catering credit—combining convenience with top-notch hospitality for an unforgettable event.


Watching the Seattle Kraken from a luxury suite or VIP box changes the game. You get comfort, style, and exclusivity—all in one place. Imagine enjoying live hockey with top-notch amenities and food options at your fingertips.

It's an unmatched experience for fans and guests alike. Perfect for special occasions or impressing clients, these spaces offer a unique way to experience the thrill of the game. Ready to elevate your viewing? Contact us to book your spot in Climate Pledge Arena’s best seats.


1. What's in a Seattle Kraken Luxury Suite?

A Seattle Kraken Luxury Suite packs comfort and style, offering plush seating, private restrooms, and an unmatched view of the game. You'll get exclusive access to VIP events too.

2. How many people fit in a VIP Box?

The Seattle Kraken VIP Box can host groups of varying sizes—perfect for friends or business outings. Each box is designed to ensure everyone gets a great view of the action.

3. Can I order food and drinks in the suite?

Yes, you can! The luxury suites come with personalized catering options, allowing you to enjoy gourmet meals and beverages right at your seat.

4. Are there any extra perks with these suites?

Absolutely—the perks include priority parking, private entry to the venue, and access to exclusive lounge areas where you might just bump into fellow fans or even celebrities.

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