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Boston Celtics Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Finding the perfect spot to catch a Boston Celtics game can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, with choices running the gamut from standard seats to uber-luxurious suites.

Yet, opting for a luxury suite or VIP box at TD Garden is where the magic happens, turning an ordinary game into an extraordinary experience. These top-tier options aren't just about fabulous views; they come with amenities that truly elevate your visit—ranging in price from $3,400 to $8,900 per home game during the regular season.

Over the years, we've honed our expertise in navigating sports and entertainment venues to bring you tips and insights that promise to make your viewing experience significantly better.

Luxury suites at TD Garden offer more than just a space; they craft an atmosphere complete with VIP parking passes and premium catering that’s tough to top. Are you ready for an exceptional Celtics experience? It's all here waiting for you.

Key Takeaways

  • TD Garden offers luxury suites and VIP boxes for Boston Celtics games with prices ranging from $3,400 to $8,900. Each suite gives a great view and comes with VIP parking and premium catering.
  • There are different types of suites at TD Garden like Executive View, Garden View, and Rapid7 Rafters Studios. They can hold groups big or small, from 36 to 230 people. Some have food included and all offer a special way to watch the game.
  • Along with basketball games, you can also enjoy concerts and other events at TD Garden in these luxury spaces. Prices for these events vary but promise an exclusive experience no matter what you're there to see.


Suite Options at TD Garden

At TD Garden, we treat fans to luxury with several suite options. Each presents a unique view and experience for Boston Celtics games and more.

Executive View

The Executive View at TD Garden brings you right into the heart of the action, offering a stellar view that makes every Boston Celtics game or event feel like a VIP experience. Imagine watching the game from a spot where every slam dunk, three-pointer, and fast break looks even more thrilling.

Our luxury suites aren't just about the view—they come with comfortable seating that ensures you catch every moment in style.

With original Boston Garden parquet floors beneath your feet, each step takes you through history while providing a modern-day luxury experience. It's this blend of old and new that sets our Boston Celtics Giants Luxury Suite and VIP Box apart.

Guests love that they can enjoy today's games and events surrounded by reminders of past glories—it’s an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

Next up is exploring options beyond sports—our Garden View suite awaits...

Garden View

Garden View takes the Boston Celtics experience to a whole new level. Picture sitting in a luxury private suite that feels like an upscale sports lounge, complete with original Boston Garden parquet floors under your feet.

This place isn't just about watching the game; it's about feeling part of a much larger tradition.

With enough room for 50-60 guests, Garden View is perfect for corporate events or big gatherings of friends and family. Imagine hosting your own private party while cheering on the Giants or enjoying a Bruins game.

Plus, this space offers all the comfort and privacy you could ask for during these exciting events.

Renting out Garden View means you get more than seats at a game; you receive an unforgettable viewing experience. It combines exclusivity with a genuine atmosphere of camaraderie and sport spirit—ideal for making those big games even more special.

Rafters Studios

We offer something special at TD Garden with our Rapid7 Rafters Studios. Located on Level 9, these studios can hold groups from 36 to 230 people. They come with an exclusive entrance and food packages already included in the deal.

It's a fresh way to enjoy entertainment, especially if you're looking for a spot that feels above it all. Here, you get to sit among the legends, right where the Bruins and Celtics shine.

Choosing Rapid7 Rafters Studios means you're opting for a unique view and an elite experience. Whether watching Boston Celtics giants play or enjoying a concert, this VIP box offers comfort and style like no other area in TD Garden does.

With such features, your gathering will surely be memorable, mixing sports excitement or showbiz glamor with high-end hospitality.

Upcoming Events at TD Garden

TD Garden always has something exciting going on. From thrilling Boston Celtics games to live concerts and other sports, the action never stops.

Boston Celtics Games

We love watching the Boston Celtics at TD Garden, where action and excitement meet. With luxury suite rentals available for every game, fans can enjoy a VIP experience like no other.

Prices vary from $3,500 to $9,000 based on who they play and the day of the week. Each suite wraps around the playing area, giving us spectacular views and exclusive perks like VIP entrances and parking.

The Boston Garden Society kicks it up a notch with their hospitality package. Imagine catching all the on-court action in a comfy, private space with top-notch amenities. It's not just about watching; it's about experiencing the game in style.

Plus, with nearly 100 suites to choose from, there's always a perfect spot for us to cheer on our beloved Celtics.

What makes these games even better is knowing we're part of an elite crowd. Whether it’s dunking into an all-inclusive deal or picking out that special view, we get more than just seats—we get an unforgettable basketball experience.

And let's not forget: this isn't just any team; this is about supporting the giant warriors of basketball right here at TD Garden!

Concerts and Shows

Moving from the excitement of Boston Celtics games, TD Garden also sets the stage for top-notch concerts and shows. Famous artists and bands light up the venue, drawing crowds from far and wide.

With a capacity to host over 3.5 million people annually, it's a hub for entertainment that never seems to slow down.

Suite rentals at TD Garden open doors to an unbeatable view of these events. Imagine enjoying your favorite band or artist from the comfort of a luxury suite or VIP box! Prices vary, ranging between $2,000 and $15,000 depending on the event – but each offers an exclusive experience worth every penny.

For info on which concerts are coming up, one can always check out TD Garden's website. It lists all sorts of gigs – from rock bands to comedy shows. Planning ahead ensures you don't miss out on seeing big names in a setting as grand as this!

Other Sporting Events

TD Garden isn't just about basketball. We host family shows, wrestling, and ice shows too. These events offer a different kind of excitement. Catch your favorite wrestlers up close or enjoy magical ice performances from the comfort of our luxury suites.


"Experience the thrill beyond basketball in our VIP box – where every event feels special."



Watching a Boston Celtics game from a luxury suite or VIP box is the best way to enjoy the action. You get great views, comfy seats, and tasty food. Plus, special parking spots make it easy to come and go.

Whether it's for a big game or a concert, these suites offer an unmatched experience at TD Garden. Gather your friends or coworkers for an unforgettable night out!


1. What's in a Boston Celtics Luxury Suite?

In a Boston Celtics Luxury Suite, you get comfy seating, great views of the game, and exclusive access to food and drinks. It's like watching the game in style.

2. Can I book a VIP Box for a Celtics game?

Yes, you can book a VIP Box for a Celtics game. It offers private space for you and your friends or family to enjoy the match with special perks.

3. How many people fit in a luxury suite?

The number of people that fit in a luxury suite varies. Some can hold smaller groups, while others have room for larger parties. Always check before booking.

4. Are there any extra benefits to being in a VIP box?

Definitely! Being in a VIP box means priority entry, sometimes even parking benefits, and often personal service throughout the event.

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