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Walmart AMP VIP Box Seats & Luxury Suites


The outdoor amphitheater in Rogers, Arkansas, with its outstanding surroundings and architectural wonder, will give you an experience that will make you forget about home. This magnificent creation by Suzie Stephens and Brian Crowne makes your stay beyond satisfactory. Grab your favorite drinks, spread a blanket on the soft grass, relax, and have your favorite bands play to you as you surrender yourself to the touch of the summer breeze.


Owned by the Walton Arts Center, the venue initially opened in June 2005, holding only 3000 spectators until its official opening in 2014, welcoming over 9500 crowds, making it the most significant outdoor concert stage in Arkansas. Bringing your family to the Walmart AMP is always a smart choice as such a unique experience is worth sharing with loved ones.


Ever since its grand opening with performances from country icons, Black Shelton and Hunter Hayes in 2014, the $ 12.6 million amphitheater plays host to some of the biggest music and comedy events today. If you like movie nights, fresh outdoor concert experience, and summer adventure, well, the Walmart AMP will never disappoint.


To give you the best possible VIP experience, the Walmart AMP VIP Box Seats and Luxury Suites with its premium seating options grants you some of the most exclusive access to all your desires. Selecting the Walmart AMP VIP Box and Luxury Suites may contain perks and amenities such as VIP Parking, Private restrooms, Separate Bathrooms, Private attendant, and many luxurious offers.


Accessing our full inventory at for tickets, seats and prices is the best because it is reliable and provides real time updates.


To better enhance your experience and to outstand from the crowd, always try out the Walmart AMP VIP Box Seats and Luxury Suites. With raised VIP seating located at the front and in-seat waiting services, Walmart VIP Box Seats and Luxury Suites is a priceless luxury indeed.



Private vs. Shared VIP Boxes & Luxury Suite at Walmart AMP


The Walmart AMP VIP Boxes usually provides a box holding up to 4-15 persons (for smaller groups). Still, larger exclusive Boxes that accommodate 18 seats may also be available depending on your requirements.


For a hassle-free VIP Box selection, helps you out in making the right choice every time. Here, you can order tickets for VIP Boxes without worrying about the size of your group. You can always own an entire VIP Box and have an intimate time or share a box with others and get to meet new faces and even make friends.


It is essential to know that the amenities and perks included are prone to change depending on the type of events and sizes of boxes and suites you select though most of the time, it contains all the following benefits and exclusive offers:


·      VIP Parking

·      VIP Event Entrance

·      Access to VIP Lounges & Clubs

·      VIP Server/Seat Attendant

·      Food & Beverage Options

·      VIP Restroom

·      Covered To Protect You From Rain & Sun

·      The Best Event Views in the Venue!

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