Usana Amphitheatre VIP Box & Luxury Suite

Additional USANA Amphitheatre Info

Usana Amphitheatre is a beautiful theatre located in West Valley City, Utah. The theatre is surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains and the golden firm land of Utah. Performers like Phish and other contemporary rock and indie bands have been often found themselves in this welcoming amphitheatre. The music in this theatre wraps around the listener, like embraces from a friend long lost. You can experience the beauty and elegance of this amphitheatre first-hand from your Usana Amphitheatre VIP box. 

The VIP boxes are situated in an Arc configuration around the stage. All of the boxes are elevated and give you an obstruction-free view of the stage. You'll also have comfortable seats and the best auditory experience. You won't have to deal with any irritating noises from fellow audience members or the loud shrill, ear-piercing sound of ringtones.

Isn't it the worst when you have to leave a stellar performance to get snacks? Now you won't have to miss a single beat because your VIP box may come with in-seat attendants. These attendants will get your snacks and beverages for you as soon as you inform them of your needs. Think about it like this, you’re Batman, and your attendant is your trusty butler Alfred. Alfred will do whatever is in his power to make your life easier!

Another perk that you may acquire with your VIP box is access to separate restrooms. Access to a separate VIP restroom with a functioning toilet, rolls of toilet paper, and soap is one of the best luxuries that you can get. But the perks that you may obtain aren't limited to a good restroom. You may also acquire VIP parking and a separate entrance. You know who else got a VIP entrance into music theatres, Julius Caesar. You are as royal as Julius Caesar, and a Usana Amphitheatre VIP box will remind you of that fact throughout the concert.

You may avail some or all of these perks with your Usana Amphitheatre VIP box. However, these perks aren’t limited to a VIP box. You may also get these perks with a Usana Amphitheatre club seat. Some of the upcoming performances in this amphitheatre will be from Chris Stapleton, the ever-young Jack White, and Jason Aldean. Get your VIP boxes to these concerts and many more right now by heading onto our website. 



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A single ticket to a Usana Amphitheatre VIP box costs $180 to $600. The prices are influenced by the event, i.e., the performers and the box you are getting. Boxed in the middle of the row (Number 1 to 15) will cost more than boxes on the side. Head onto our website to find out more about pricing.





A Usana Amphitheatre VIP box can fit between 2 to 12 guests. There are more than 50 different VIP boxes of varying sizes in Usana Amphitheatre. The number of people allowed in each box can change based on the box you are getting and the event.

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