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T-Mobile Arena Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Choosing the right venue for an unforgettable experience often feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Yet, at T-Mobile Arena, it’s as if the luxury suites and VIP boxes were designed to be that shining needle—offering exclusivity and amenities that truly set the gold standard in premium seating.

Think of it: 50 luxury suites and more than two dozen private loge boxes, each blending world-class Las Vegas flair with comfort and service so exceptional, you'd think they had you in mind when designing them.

Over the years, our team has traversed North America's landscape of venues with a fine-tooth comb, aiming to bring insight into where your time—and indeed, your investment—reap the most memorable rewards.

This journey has equipped us with a knack for identifying what elevates an event space from just another spot on the map to a remarkable setting worthy of your most cherished moments.

T-Mobile Arena's offerings are no mere coincidence; they're a testament to thoughtful design aimed at ensuring guests receive nothing short of an extraordinary encounter. So let us guide you through what makes these accommodations not just luxe but genuinely inviting—a place where every detail seems personally curated for an unmatched experience that lingers long after the lights dim.

Prepare yourself; something special awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • T-Mobile Arena has 50 luxury suites and over two dozen VIP boxes that offer amazing views, comfort, and top-level service. Guests get special perks like VIP parking and premium catering.
  • Luxury suites can host up to 16 guests, making them perfect for big events or parties. They come with private bars, climate control, comfortable seating, and even private restrooms.
  • The price of enjoying a luxury suite or VIP box at T - Mobile Arena changes depending on the event. But each option always promises a unique experience with lots of exclusive benefits.
  • From the best spots to watch games or shows to enjoying Las Vegas-style design and amenities, T-Mobile Arena's luxury suites and VIP boxes provide an unmatched experience.
  • Guests using these premium seating options have access through dedicated VIP entrances, avoiding the regular lines and getting straight into enjoying their event in style.


T-Mobile Arena Luxury Suites

T-Mobile Arena Luxury Suites bring the best view and comfort. They pack perks and style for an unmatched experience.

Suite Levels at T-Mobile Arena

We offer 50 luxury suites at T-Mobile Arena, each providing a unique and exclusive experience. These private spaces stand out with their comfort, style, and high-end amenities. Guests enjoy comfortable seating, a wet bar, refrigerator, ice maker—all in a climate-controlled environment.

Restrooms are either private or top-notch shared facilities. With these suites spread across the arena, every seat offers an unbeatable view of the event.

Our guests appreciate the VIP treatment that starts right at the door—two dedicated VIP entrances just for them. They don't have to worry about parking; we provide VIP parking passes too.

Planning an event? Our luxury suites can fit up to 16 guests, perfect for hosting corporate events or special occasions in style. And yes—premium catering is available because no event is complete without great food and drinks.

Every moment spent in our luxury suites at T-Mobile Arena is designed for convenience and pleasure—from easy access through VIP entrances to enjoying events from the best views in comfort like never before.

We make sure every guest leaves with memories they'll always cherish.

Benefits, amenities and pricing of luxury suites

Experience unmatched luxury and exclusive benefits with T-Mobile Arena luxury suites. These world-class venues offer a Las Vegas-style design, combining unrivaled premium seating options with top-tier amenities. From VIP parking passes to premium catering options, every detail caters to an exquisite experience. Below is a concise overview of the benefits, amenities, and pricing you can expect when indulging in a luxury suite at T-Mobile Arena.


Benefits & Amenities Description Pricing
VIP Parking Passes Direct access to the arena with less hassle. Included in suite rental
Premium Catering Options Exclusive menus and personalized service. Varies by event
Comfortable Seating Luxurious and spacious seating arrangements. Included in suite rental
Wet Bar, Refrigerator, Ice Maker Private bar facilities within your suite. Included in suite rental
Climate Control Adjust the suite's temperature to your comfort. Included in suite rental
Private Restrooms Exclusive restroom access for VIP guests. Included in suite rental
Dedicated VIP Entrances Avoid lines with special entry points. Included in suite rental


Luxury suites at T-Mobile Arena not only provide an exceptional view and access to major events like the NFL Super Bowl and games of the Vegas Golden Knights but also offer a premium, unforgettable experience that is synonymous with Las Vegas glamour and exclusivity. Explore these options for your next event to enjoy unparalleled luxury and comfort.

T-Mobile Arena VIP Boxes

T-Mobile Arena VIP Boxes offer a top-notch view and exclusive perks. Get ready for an unforgettable experience with premium seating options and flexible pricing.

What to expect from VIP boxes

Expect the best with T-Mobile Arena VIP boxes. With over two dozen private loge boxes available, each one is a ticket to luxury. You'll get premium amenities, VIP parking passes, and options for top-notch catering.

The vibe? Pure Las Vegas-style—think world-class comfort and style.


Step up your game night with unmatched luxury in our VIP Boxes.


And there's more than just comfort. These spaces offer an exclusive view of the action, making every moment feel special. From concerts to sports, you're right where you want to be—enjoying the event in style and ease.

Premium seating options and pricing

Transitioning from the elite offerings of VIP boxes, we now delve into the varied landscape of premium seating options and their pricing at T-Mobile Arena. Our goal is to ensure you have all the essential details at your fingertips.


Seating Option Description Starting Price
Luxury Suites Exclusive suite for 16-24 guests, with premium amenities and catering options. Varies by event
Private Loge Boxes Intimate box seating for smaller groups, offering a unique vantage point. Varies by event
Club Seats Access to private clubs and all-inclusive options, enhancing the event experience. Varies by event


Our array of seating ensures there's a perfect match for every desire and budget, from the intimate to the expansive. With over 50 luxury suites and more than two dozen loge boxes, each offering unparalleled views and service, the versatility in our offerings caters to a wide range of preferences and group sizes. Remember, prices fluctuate based on the specifics of the event, promising an option for everyone who seeks the premium side of entertainment.


T-Mobile Arena outdoes itself with its luxury suites and VIP boxes. Offering more than just a spot to watch events, it gives you an experience wrapped in opulence. With exclusive entrances, plush seating, and top-tier amenities—it's all about living the high life.

Imagine enjoying your favorite show or game while indulging in premium services that cater to every whim. Truly, T-Mobile Arena sets the bar for an unforgettable luxurious outing.


1. What's in a T-Mobile Arena Luxury Suite?

A T-Mobile Arena Luxury Suite offers top-notch comfort, private seating, and an unbeatable view of the event. Think plush seats, personal service, and exclusive access areas... all making for a memorable experience.

2. How is a VIP Box different from other seats?

The VIP Box at T-Mobile Arena stands out because it gives you privacy with your group, alongside special perks like dedicated wait service and premium views of the stage or field. It's about getting the best without blending into the crowd.

3. Can I book a luxury suite or VIP box for any event?

Yes! Whether it’s a concert or sports game, you can book these premium options to elevate your experience. Just check availability for your specific event date.

4. Why choose a luxury suite or VIP box?

Choosing either means treating yourself to comfort and style—perfect for impressing clients or enjoying an outing with friends and family. Plus, you skip long lines and get access to exclusive food and drink options... making every moment count.

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