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Spectrum Center Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Experience the thrill of live events, wrapped in an unparalleled layer of luxury and exclusivity at the Spectrum Center. Here, we don't just offer seats; we provide gateways to an elevated experience that melds the electrifying ambiance of live entertainment with the sumptuous comfort of premier hospitality.

Our range of premium seating options—from plush Luxury Suites to covetable VIP Boxes—caters to every nuance of sophistication and desire for comfort, ensuring your event experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

With years marked by unforgettable moments provided at Spectrum Center events, our knack for premium hospitality has been finely honed. This expertise serves as your bridge to enjoying stellar views, indulging in exquisite dining choices, and relishing private access that elevate a simple outing into a cherished memory.

Are you ready for something beyond ordinary? Let's embark on this journey together.

Key Takeaways

  • Spectrum Center offers luxury suites and VIP boxes for enjoying live events with perks like VIP parking and premium catering.
  • You can choose from different premium seating options, including cozy suites, Royal Boxes with fantastic views, and VIP Club Seats in the center sections for the best experience.
  • Each premium seat comes with special benefits such as private access to events, upscale dining options right at your spot, and the chance to watch exclusive shows or games in comfort.


Premium Seating Options at Spectrum Center

At Spectrum Center, we offer top-notch seating that makes any event feel extra special. From cozy suites to VIP boxes, we've got the perfect spot for you to enjoy the show.


We offer luxury suites at Spectrum Center for many exclusive sports and entertainment events. These private spaces provide a perfect view of the action, wrapped in comfort and style.

With each suite rental, guests get VIP parking passes, making arrival and departure smooth and easy.

SuiteHop gives access to these luxurious experiences, including premium catering options. Imagine enjoying your favorite game or show with top-notch food and drinks right at your fingertips.

It's all about bringing you the best moments without any hassle.


Experience unparalleled luxury and convenience with Spectrum Center Luxury Suites.


Royal Boxes

Royal Boxes at Spectrum Center set the stage for an unmatched experience. They rest above the lower level, on both north and south sides of the arena. This spot gives guests a fantastic view of events, making every moment memorable.

Each Royal Box is designed to spoil guests with luxury. They include VIP parking passes, so you can forget about parking troubles. Premium catering options turn each event into a feast.

Plus, dedicated hospitality staff are always there to handle any need. Whether it's a big game or a must-see concert, these boxes promise comfort and class.

These suites fit 16-22 people easily—perfect for gatherings big or small. Imagine sharing unforgettable moments here with friends, family, or colleagues. The blend of privacy, top-notch dining, and exclusive access makes every visit special.

At Spectrum Center's Royal Boxes, we ensure your experience is nothing short of luxurious.

VIP Club Seats

VIP Club Seats at Spectrum Center are a game-changer. These seats give you a private entrance to all the events, making your experience smooth and exclusive. Picture sitting in the center six sections of the Spectrum Center—these are the best spots for any event, highly sought after for their views and comfort.

Our VIP Club Seats come with perks that go beyond just great views. We're talking about enjoying events in style, with access to high-end dining options that make your night out even more special.

Next up, let's explore the luxury suite and VIP box options that elevate your experience further.

Benefits of Premium Seating at Spectrum Center

Choosing premium seating at Spectrum Center means stepping into a world of comfort and style. You get to enjoy the game or concert with perks like never before—think private entry and top-notch food, all while feeling like a VIP.

Private Access

We understand you want your visit to the Spectrum Center to feel special. That's why we offer private VIP entrances for every event, exclusively available to our premium seating ticket holders.

This means less time waiting and more time enjoying. Imagine walking past the long lines, straight through a door that leads directly into luxury—this is what we offer.

With every luxury suite rental, not only do you get an amazing view of the event but also VIP parking passes. These perks make arriving and leaving as smooth as possible. You drive up, park close by, and use a private entrance that takes you right where you need to be.

It’s all about making your experience seamless from start to finish.


Experience exclusivity with private access at Spectrum Center – Where every entry is a grand entrance.


Upscale Dining

Upscale dining at Spectrum Center sets the stage for an unmatched experience. Enjoy premium catering options with your Charlotte Hornets Suite Rentals. The luxury doesn't end there.

Guests in private box seats at the Grant Thornton Crown Club can savor meals right from their seats, blending comfort with luxury perfectly.

The Spectrum Center Luxury Suite offers access to top-notch catering for all events in the arena. This means guests always have delicious and exclusive meal options to choose from, making every visit memorable.

Whether it's a game day or a special event, upscale dining adds that extra layer of enjoyment.

Every bite is designed to elevate your experience beyond just watching the event. With this setup, Spectrum Center ensures you get more than just a seat but a complete premium package where every detail, including what you eat, feels special and carefully picked for you.

Exclusive Events

We offer more than just seats at Spectrum Center. Think of it as your pass to the best events, all year long. Our Charlotte Hornets luxury suites and VIP boxes give you access to sports and entertainment that others only wish for.

Imagine watching exclusive shows or games, surrounded by comfort and style. That's what we bring to the table - experiences you can't find anywhere else.

Every event feels special with us. You'll walk through a private VIP entrance, leaving crowds behind. Inside, our team takes care of everything. From setting up meetings in luxe spaces to ensuring you dine in elegance, we've got it covered.

These aren't just events; they're memories made in luxury at Spectrum Center.


Choosing a luxury suite or VIP box at the Spectrum Center guarantees a top-notch experience. With private access, upscale dining, and exclusive events, each moment feels special. Whether you're watching the Charlotte Hornets or enjoying a concert, these premium seats provide unmatched views and comfort.

The amenities—like VIP parking and premium catering—make every visit unforgettable. For those wanting the best in entertainment and elegance, Spectrum Center's options stand out.


1. What's in a Spectrum Center Luxury Suite?

Inside, you'll find comfy seating, private restrooms, and catering options. It’s a top-notch experience for enjoying events with that extra touch of comfort.

2. How does the VIP Box differ from the Luxury Suite?

The VIP Box offers an exclusive space with great views and special services but is typically smaller than a Luxury Suite. Both provide a unique way to watch events.

3. Can I book a Spectrum Center Luxury Suite for any event?

Yes, you can! Whether it's concerts or sports, these suites are available for all major events at the Spectrum Center.

4. Are food and drinks included in the suite or VIP box package?

Often, yes—but it depends on what you choose. Some packages come with catering included; others let you add food and drinks as you wish.

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