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Finding the perfect blend of luxury and excitement at a major sports venue is no small feat. Yet, Soldier Field, with its Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes, manages to hit that sweet spot beautifully.

These suites do more than offer a bird's-eye view of heart-pounding action; they wrap you in premium service and amenities catering to every whim or desire during an event.

Our team has explored stadium experiences across the nation, but it’s Soldier Field that truly captures our hearts. With exclusive access to some of the most coveted seating options around, we’ve delved deep into what makes these suites standout must-haves for those aiming to elevate their game day experience.

Discovering why indulging in a luxury suite or VIP box is about more than just watching the game—it's about soaking in an atmosphere ripe for enjoyment and networking alike has been quite the revelation.

Keep this insight close; it might just transform how you experience events from here on out.

Key Takeaways

  • Soldier Field offers luxury suites and VIP boxes with many services like personal attention, amazing food, and VIP parking.
  • You can book a suite for special events like the NFL Super Bowl, where prices range from $180,000 to $1.8 million.
  • Suite holders get invites to exclusive parties and early access to tickets for games and concerts at Soldier Field.


Soldier Field Luxury Suite Details & Amenities

In our Soldier Field Luxury Suites, you get more than just a seat. Expect top-notch services and an atmosphere that can't be beaten—think personal attention, VIP parking, and amazing food options right at your fingertips.

Personal service in an exclusive and relaxed environment

We offer personal service in our Soldier Field Luxury Suite that makes every guest feel special. Our team focuses on your needs, giving you a unique and stress-free experience. Imagine sitting back, enjoying the game or concert with everything taken care of for you.

That's what we provide – a relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind and have fun.

Our exclusive environment guarantees privacy and comfort. You're not just another face in the crowd; you're our VIP guest from start to finish. With seating options ranging from 1-163 tickets, we cater to groups of all sizes, ensuring everyone enjoys their time comfortably.

Next up are VIP parking passes – making your arrival as smooth as your stay...

VIP parking passes

VIP parking passes come with our Soldier Field luxury suite packages. This means easy and quick access to the stadium on game days or concert nights. You won't have to worry about finding a spot or walking too far.

With VIP parking, you get closer to the action faster. Every home match offers this perk, making your experience stress-free and more enjoyable. We make sure you feel special from the moment you arrive.

Enjoying Soldier Field events starts with hassle-free parking. Our VIP Box guests always appreciate this exclusive benefit, adding to a memorable visit every time.

Premium catering options

We offer top-notch catering in our Soldier Field luxury suites. You get to pick from a wide menu, full of delicious choices. Your own suite attendant can help bring these options right to your seat.

This means more time enjoying the game and less time worrying about food.

Contact us for more on these premium options. We're here to make sure every bite is as exciting as the game itself. From snacks to full meals, we've got your cravings covered inside a Soldier Field VIP Box.

This experience is all about you—enjoy it your way.

How to Book and Access Soldier Field VIP Box

Want a VIP box at Soldier Field? Just reach out to us about luxury suites for the NFL Super Bowl. We offer personal invites to VIP parties and early access to tickets for games and concerts.

Contact us about luxury suites at the NFL Super Bowl

We offer luxury suites for the NFL Super Bowl, and they are something special. Prices range from $180,000 for four tickets to a cool $1.8 million for 20 tickets. These aren't just seats; they're your gateway to an unforgettable experience with top-notch services.

For details or to book one of these exclusive spaces, reach out to us during regular business hours. Our team is ready at (847) 615-BEAR (2327). We provide all the info you need on pricing and what's available—no guesswork required.

Don't miss out on this chance for a once-in-a-lifetime game day filled with luxury and excitement. Contacting us is your first step towards securing a spot where every play feels personal, surrounded by comfort and premium amenities that go beyond the game itself.

Personal invitations to exclusive VIP parties

After you contact us about luxury suites for the NFL Super Bowl, get ready for more excitement. We send out personal invitations to exclusive VIP parties. These aren't just any parties.

They're top-notch events where suite holders can meet and enjoy great moments together before the big game or concert at Soldier Field.

These invitations mean you're part of a special group. You get to experience fun and exclusive gatherings that not everyone can access. It's our way of saying thanks and making your experience even better.

At these parties, you'll feel like a true VIP – with amazing food, entertainment, and the chance to make new friends who love sports and music as much as you do. This is all about giving you memorable times beyond just watching the event.

Get access to suite and ticket presales for Soldier Field events and concerts

We make sure you're first in line for Soldier Field events and concerts. With our luxury suites, get early access to suite and ticket presales. This means you can secure your spot before anyone else does.

It's your golden ticket to the best seats and views at Chicago's top events.


Enjoy exclusive presales access for an unforgettable experience at Soldier Field.


This privilege is part of the package when you book with us. Not only do you enjoy premium seating, but also the chance to get tickets ahead of the public sale. Plan ahead for those must-see games and shows without hassle or worry about missing out.


Experience Soldier Field like never before with our Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes. Perfect for any occasion, these spaces offer unmatched views, premium catering, and exclusive access to presales and VIP events.

Whether for business or pleasure, elevate your event day with unparalleled luxury and service. Make every moment unforgettable at Soldier Field – where every event becomes a VIP experience.

Start planning your ultimate outing today!


1. What can I see from a Soldier Field luxury suite?

You'll get an amazing view of the game or concert, right from the comfort of your luxury suite.

2. How many people can fit in a VIP box at Soldier Field?

A VIP box can comfortably hold between 10 to 20 guests, depending on the size you choose.

3. Are food and drinks included with my luxury suite or VIP box ticket?

Yes, most packages come with catering options — so you and your guests won't go hungry or thirsty during the event.

4. Can I book a Soldier Field luxury suite for any event happening there?

Absolutely! Whether it's for a football game, concert, or special event, you can book a suite for an unforgettable experience.

5. Is parking included when I rent a luxury suite or VIP box at Soldier Field?

Yes, parking passes are usually part of the deal when you rent out these spaces — making your visit even smoother.

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