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Navigating the VIP experiences at Red Rocks Amphitheatre goes beyond just snagging a good view — it's about immersing yourself in the music enveloped by luxury and style. As we take you through our guide to choosing from VIP boxes that range in price from $3,240 to $16,200 for an entire suite, let us be your compass to making every moment of your visit truly unparalleled.

Having delved deep into Colorado’s vibrant live music scene over the years, with a special affinity for iconic spots like Red Rocks, has given us unique insights. These are the kind of insider tips that can help you unlock those elusive VIP spots which aren't only about securing a fantastic view but also enjoying exclusive perks such as private parking and club access.

So, let's embark on this musical journey together - one where each note is set against a backdrop of sheer unforgettable luxury!

Key Takeaways

  • VIP boxes and suites at Red Rocks Amphitheatre cost between $125 to $800 per person. This price changes based on the event, how many people want tickets, and what special things come with the ticket.
  • These VIP spots can hold groups of 16 - 20 guests in comfort. For more details on suite sizes, it's best to ask directly. Both options offer great views of the stage.
  • Choosing a VIP experience means getting lots of cool perks like your own parking spot close to the entrance, access to private lounges for relaxing away from crowds, service right to your seat so you don't miss any part of the concert, and private spaces for enjoying the show with friends or family.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP Box & Suite Information

Upgrading to a Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP box or suite lets you enjoy concerts in style. You get the best views and comforts, making every show unforgettable.

Cost of VIP boxes & suites

We understand you're considering the VIP experience at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Here's a straightforward look at the cost associated with our VIP boxes and suites:


VIP Option Cost Per Person
VIP Boxes $125 - $800
Suites $125 - $800


Prices range from $125 to $800 per person. Factors influencing cost include the event, demand, and amenities included. Each VIP experience promises exclusivity and comfort.

Capacity of VIP boxes & suites

Exploring the VIP experience at Red Rocks Amphitheatre reveals a premium seating option perfect for groups seeking exclusivity and comfort. Let us delve into the details regarding the capacity of VIP boxes and suites, ensuring you're well-informed about what to expect.


VIP Option Capacity
VIP Boxes Groups of 16-20 guests
Suites Varies, contact for details


Red Rocks Amphitheatre offers VIP boxes that comfortably accommodate groups of 16-20 guests, ensuring a cozy yet spacious environment for everyone. For suites, capacity can vary, so reaching out directly for specific details is recommended. Both options promise a center stage view, amplifying your concert experience.

Moving on, let's highlight the benefits of opting for the VIP experience at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Benefits of Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP Experience

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP Experience takes your concert game to a whole new level. Think private seating and special parking—just the beginning of what you'll get.

Premium amenities

We offer amazing premium amenities with our Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP Box. These perks make every concert unforgettable.


  1. Reserved Parking - No more long walks from far lots. You get a spot close to the action.
  2. Subaru VIP Lounge Access - A private place to relax away from the crowd, with comfortable seating and a calm atmosphere.
  3. Wait Service - Stay in your seat; we bring drinks and snacks directly to you.
  4. Private Boxes - Enjoy the show from your own space, fitting 4-10 friends or family members comfortably.
  5. Club Access - Exclusive entry into VIP areas that not everyone can visit.
  6. Elevated Views - See the stage better than ever from your VIP spot.
  7. Luxury Suites Option - For an even more private experience, choose a suite with extra comfort and style.


Each feature ensures your visit is stress-free and filled with special moments only available to VIP guests.

Private seating and parking

After talking about premium amenities, let's move to private seating and parking at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP Box.

Getting a VIP box or suite means more than just great views. It's about enjoying the concert with comfort and ease. Here’s what you get:


  1. Your Own Space - In a VIP box, you have your own area. This means no bumping elbows with strangers. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show from your private spot.
  2. Parking Perks - Forget about long walks from far-away parking spots. With VIP status, you get access to closer parking areas. This makes getting to and from your car quick and easy.
  3. Avoid the Crowds - One of the best parts? Skipping past the crowds. With a VIP box or suite, you often get a separate entrance to come in and out of Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
  4. Excellent Views - These seats are not just comfortable; they offer some of the best views in the house. You won’t miss a beat of the action on stage.
  5. VIP Service - Expect top-notch service in these boxes and suites—think wait service for drinks and food so you can stay focused on enjoying the event.


Choosing a VIP experience at Red Rocks means taking your concert experience to another level—more comfort, better views, and less hassle.

Access to exclusive VIP lounges

We know you're looking for a top-tier experience at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Our VIP Box offers just that, with access to exclusive lounges that elevate your concert experience. Here's what sets our VIP lounges apart:


  1. Fast entry - Enjoy a special VIP entrance that gets you into the venue quickly.
  2. Subaru VIP Lounge access - Step into luxury with full bar services, comfortable table seating, and private restrooms.
  3. Premium menu - Savor exclusive food and beverage options not available to the general public.
  4. In-box service - Sit back and let us bring your orders right to you, without missing a beat of the show.
  5. Private setting - These lounges are away from the crowd, offering a quiet space to relax.
  6. Amazing views - Catch unique angles of the stage and scenery from these secluded spots.


In our Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP Box, every detail is about making your time unforgettable—from swift entry through our VIP entrance to enjoying perks in comfort at the Subaru VIP Lounge.


Enjoying a show at Red Rocks means more with a VIP box. Imagine sitting in comfort, away from crowds, with perks like parking and wait service. Prices vary but the experience always shines.

Booking a VIP spot turns any event into something special. So, treat yourself to unforgettable views and luxury at Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP boxes.


1. What is a Red Rocks Amphitheatre VIP Box?

It's a special area at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, giving guests top-notch views and amenities. Think of it as your private spot to enjoy concerts.

2. What perks come with the VIP Box?

Expect comfy seating, better sightlines, maybe even service right to your seat - making your experience extra special.

3. Can anyone book a VIP Box at Red Rocks?

Yes, if you're quick! These boxes are popular and sell out fast. So, plan ahead and grab one when they're available.

4. Why choose a VIP Box over regular seats?

For the ultimate experience! You get comfort, great views, and some extras—making your visit unforgettable.

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