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Attending an event at the Prudential Center transforms from memorable to unforgettable when you treat yourself to a Luxury Suite or VIP Box. Imagine indulging in upscale, all-inclusive dining options that redefine luxury and comfort for spectators.

This insight is your gateway to discovering why opting for such premium accommodations can take your experience from standard to extraordinary.

Having explored premier event spaces far and wide, we've seen how venues like the Prudential Center go the extra mile for those seeking that exclusive touch. Our journey through various elite lounges and suites has not only deepened our appreciation for these special moments but also equipped us with the insights to guide you towards making your next outing truly special.

Ready for an elevated viewing experience? Let's dive in together.

Key Takeaways

  • Prudential Center offers luxury suites and VIP boxes with amenities like gourmet food, plush seating, and private space for a wide range of events including concerts, NJ Devils games, and family shows.
  • Prices for luxury experiences at the venue vary depending on the event but generally range from $1,650 to $5,600. Each suite includes special perks such as VIP parking passes and an exclusive entrance.
  • Guests in these premium spaces get access to clubs within Prudential Center and enjoy benefits like premium catering options and package deals that might include meet-and-greets or special merchandise.


Prudential Center Luxury Suites

Prudential Center Luxury Suites take your event experience to the next level. They offer a mix of privacy, comfort, and exclusive perks that you can't find anywhere else.

Featured events and artists

We get thrilled about bringing you close to the action at Prudential Center Luxury Suite. Whether it's a heart-pounding NJ Devils game or a live concert that has everyone talking, our luxury suites offer an unmatched experience. Here's a peek at what you can expect:


  1. Concerts That Sell Out Fast - From pop icons to rock legends, our suites give you a front-row feel without the crowd. Enjoy the likes of Taylor Swift and U2 with food and drinks just for you.
  2. NJ Devils Games - Imagine watching your favorite team up close while sitting in plush seats. Gourmet food rounds out a perfect game day.
  3. Family Shows Like Disney on Ice - Treat the kids to a magical experience with characters they adore, all from the comfort of our suites.
  4. Special Events - Wrestling championships, UFC fights, you name it. Our luxury suite ensures you catch every moment in style.


Every ticket holder gets more than just a seat. Think VIP events, like meeting artists or athletes, plus behind-the-scenes access not found anywhere else. Our staff trained by Disney makes sure your visit is nothing short of spectacular.

So, whether it’s cheering for the home team or singing along with your favorite artist, Prudential Center Luxury Suites turn good nights into unforgettable memories.

Amenities and benefits

After enjoying top-notch performances, the real luxury kicks in with the amenities and benefits our suites and VIP boxes offer.


  1. Gourmet food options elevate the experience—think fine dining while watching your favorite event.
  2. Plush seating means you watch in comfort; no more hard chairs.
  3. Private spaces in each suite provide an exclusive atmosphere for your group.
  4. VIP parking passes remove the hassle of finding a spot, making arrival and departure smoother.
  5. Premium catering options bring delicious meals right to you, no need to stand in long lines.
  6. Exclusive access to clubs within Prudential Center adds an extra layer of luxury.
  7. A private entrance ensures you avoid crowds and get into the venue easily.
  8. Package deals often include perks that regular tickets don’t offer, like meet-and-greets or special merchandise.


Enjoying events at Prudential Center isn't just about the show; it's about doing it in style and comfort, with every need taken care of.

Prudential Center VIP Boxes

Prudential Center VIP Boxes offer an exclusive experience for every guest. They bring you close to the action with comfort and style, setting the stage for unforgettable memories.

Private suites for concerts, shows, and NJ Devils games

We offer private luxury suites for a variety of events, including concerts, shows, and NJ Devils games. These suites come with gourmet food options, comfortable plush seating, and a personal space just for your group.

It's the perfect way to watch a game or enjoy a show.


Enjoy the game or concert in style with our Prudential Center VIP Box.


Prices for these fabulous spaces range between $1,650-$4,150 on average. Each suite has enough room to bring friends or colleagues along for an unforgettable experience. Plus, you get all the great perks like delicious food right in your own space.

Price and capacity

Understanding the dynamics of luxury and exclusivity at the Prudential Center comes down to two critical aspects: price and capacity. Here’s a breakdown, presented in a straightforward table for your convenience:


Event Type Price Range Capacity
New Jersey Devils Games $3,000 - $5,000 Varies
Concerts/Shows $1,500 - $5,500 Varies
Other Family Events $1,600 - $5,600 Varies


Prices flex with factors like team performance, opponent, day, and suite specifics—location and size. Regardless of the type of event, our luxury suites ensure an exceptional viewing experience. Next, we delve into the amenities and benefits included...

Included amenities and benefits

We offer luxury and comfort through our Prudential Center Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes. They come with top-notch amenities and benefits that make every event special. Here's what guests can look forward to:


  1. Gourmet food options bring a taste of luxury right to your seat, letting you enjoy delicious meals without missing any action.
  2. Plush seating ensures comfort throughout the event. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show or game in total comfort.
  3. Private space is guaranteed in our VIP Boxes, giving you and your guests an exclusive experience away from the crowds.
  4. VIP parking passes remove the hassle of finding a good parking spot, making your arrival and departure smooth and stress-free.
  5. Premium catering options are available for when you want something extra special to eat or drink during the event.
  6. Exclusive access to the VIP entrance means you get to skip the long lines and get into the venue faster.
  7. Club access allows you to enjoy additional luxuries within the Prudential Center, enhancing your overall experience.


Each of these amenities is designed to make your visit memorable, offering both comfort and convenience from start to finish.


Enjoying events at the Prudential Center becomes unforgettable with luxury suites and VIP boxes. These spaces offer gourmet food, comfy seating, and a great view. Whether for concerts or NJ Devils games, guests get VIP parking and special entries.

Choosing between various suite options adds to the excitement of event days. For an exclusive experience in Newark, these suites turn good nights into great ones.


1. What can I see from a Prudential Center Luxury Suite?

You get a fantastic view of the event, with clear sightlines that make you feel part of the action.

2. How many people can fit in a VIP Box at Prudential Center?

A VIP Box can comfortably hold groups of varying sizes, typically around 10-24 guests.

3. Are food and drinks included with Luxury Suites or VIP Boxes?

Yes, most options come with catering services — think snacks, meals, and beverages right to your seat.

4. Can I book a Luxury Suite for any event at the Prudential Center?

Absolutely! Whether it's a concert or sports game, there’s likely a suite available for your chosen event.

5. Is parking included when I rent a suite or box?

Often, yes — suites and boxes usually offer some parking passes as part of the package.

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