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Camden Yards is known for its affiliation with the MLB team Baltimore Orioles. To clear any confusion, some people refer to Oriole park as Camden Yards because there used to be a railyard there named Camden. It was restructured and reconstructed into the beautiful Camden Yards we know today. If you want to experience the magic of this stadium, then you need to get yourself a Camden Yards VIP Box, and we'll tell you why?


Camden Yards is the home field of the Baltimore Orioles. Over the years, numerous teams like the Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, and Boston Red Sox have tried their skill against the Baltimore Orioles in Camden Yards. Despite its beauty, Camden Yards hasn't been a popular concert venue. Billy Joel is the only person to have held a concert in Camden Yards. Perhaps, we'll witness more performers coming to Camden Yards this year.


Camden Yards is a big stadium that can hold around 44000 people. It has expansive upper decks and a luxurious restaurant above the batter's eye. However, during games, Camden Yards can become quite congested. You have a hard time seeing the players and an even harder time appreciating the surroundings. You can't see the shining B and O warehouse or the glass buildings surrounding the stadium.


When you get a Camden Yards VIP Box, you get a wholesome view of the surroundings. Since most of the suites are right behind home base, you can view all of the fiery action. If you have a hard time watching the game, a giant screen in the far side corner displays every ball pitched in HD. If you want to go even a step beyond, then get a Camden Yards suite that has a TV. Not all suites have a TV, but some of them have that luxury. The same goes for catering and snacks. In-seat attendants in most suites can get you whatever you want. However, if you want catering, that is an additional cost. Not all Camden Yards suites come with catering or snacks. You will have to pay extra for snacks, beverages, and catering in most suites. You can contact a representative for more information about additional perks and their availability.


What you get guaranteed with your Camden Yards VIP box is a luxurious view while seated on soft and comfortable Camden Yards VIP club seats. You also get a separate entrance and separate VIP restrooms. With a Camden Yards suite, you can also acquire VIP parking spaces. You won't have to drift around in your car searching for parking spaces. However, VIP parking is limited to some suites, so please inquire beforehand.


Contact our representatives if you want to book a suite or get more information about which suite you should book. Our representatives are always ready to answer your queries and help you choose the best suite.

Grab Camden Yards parking after you've bought tickets and it will make it easier to get to the event.



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Camden Yards suites cost between $5500 and $8000. The price varies because of the numerous perks and options available with each suite. The more perks you have, the higher the prices become. Also, the cost depends on whether you’re getting a whole suite or a single ticket.



The seating capacity of each Camden Yards suite varies. If you get a Club Level Suite, it can accommodate between 14 and 55 people. The Party Suites are more spacious and can accommodate between 50 and 75 people. If you want a suite for an official meeting while enjoying a game, get a Club Level Suite.

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