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Securing an unforgettable event experience often hinges on the little details that many overlook, especially when it comes to picking the perfect venue setting. At Nationwide Arena, our luxury suites and VIP boxes take event enjoyment to the next level, blending comfort with a sense of exclusivity — all starting at $120 per ticket.

This detail alone promises affordability without skimping on luxury. After all, transitioning from an average spectator to a privileged guest isn't just about where you sit; it's about how those moments are crafted into something truly remarkable.

Our team has spent years building expertise in premium hospitality services across major arenas countrywide. This wealth of experience gifts us with unique insights into what really turns a good event into an extraordinary celebration.

From exclusive behind-the-scenes tours to gourmet catering options that tantalize your taste buds, we've witnessed how these elements can elevate your experience from great to unforgettable.

This blog is your guide to making the most out of your visit to Nationwide Arena... Let’s not just attend an event together; let’s create memories that last a lifetime!

Key Takeaways

  • Nationwide Arena offers luxury suites and VIP boxes starting at $120 per ticket. This makes enjoying events in comfort and style affordable.
  • Booking a suite or VIP box is simple through the Nationwide Arena website or Ticketmaster, with steps to choose your event, select the type of suite or box, and secure tickets online.
  • Guests in these premium spaces get special benefits like VIP parking passes, exclusive food options, and private entrances. Plus, you can customize your experience with different seating arrangements and catering choices.


Exploring Nationwide Arena Suites and VIP Boxes

At Nationwide Arena, our luxury suites and VIP boxes offer a unique view of the action. Get ready to experience comfort and style like never before.

Types of Suites and VIP Boxes at Nationwide Arena

Exploring the different types of suites and VIP boxes at Nationwide Arena is like opening a door to a world of luxury. We get to choose how we want to experience the thrilling events with options that match our style and comfort.


  1. Columbus Blue Jackets Suite Rentals: These suites offer 16-24 seats, perfect for groups. The view is outstanding, thanks to an open area for standing-room guests. Plus, we enjoy the service of a dedicated suite attendant and exclusive Wi-Fi access. Think about watching your favorite team in such comfort!
  2. Luxury Suites: With VIP parking passes included, these boxes redefine ease and convenience. They come with premium catering options too, making it easier to enjoy the game or concert without worrying about food and drinks.
  3. VIP Boxes: For those looking for something unique, these provide an unmatched experience compared to standard seating. The blend of luxury seating and climate-controlled comfort makes any event unforgettable.


Each option offers access to a private VIP entrance, ensuring we skip the typical entrance lines. Inside, we find ourselves in a climate-controlled space with luxury seating—the perfect way to enjoy premium amenities during an event.

Moving on from the types of spaces available for an elevated experience at Nationwide Arena, let's delve into how one can book these luxurious accommodations...

Booking Process for Nationwide Arena Suites

Getting your hands on a Nationwide Arena luxury suite or VIP box isn't as tough as it sounds. We've got you covered with an easy step-by-step guide.


  1. Start by visiting the official Nationwide Arena website or Ticketmaster. Both places offer secure ways to find what you’re looking for.
  2. Check the event calendar to see what’s happening at Nationwide Arena. Pick an event you don’t want to miss.
  3. Once you’ve chosen an event, look for the “Suites & VIP Boxes” option. Click it to see all the available luxury suites and VIP boxes.
  4. Details matter—each listing shows the price range, from $120 to $670 per ticket, and what’s included. This makes picking the right one easier.
  5. After choosing, select how many tickets you need. Remember, each suite has a limit on how many can join in on the fun.
  6. Time to pay—add your picks to the cart and check out securely using a credit card or other offered payment method.
  7. You’ll get your tickets as a SafeTix code sent straight to your phone. No paper, no hassle—just show up and enjoy.


And there you go! With these steps, securing that luxurious experience at Nationwide Arena is straightforward and stress-free. Get ready for some unforgettable memories with premium seating, private entrances, and top-notch food and drink service right at your seat—all set for your next big event outing!

Nationwide Arena VIP Amenities and Options

At Nationwide Arena, our VIP amenities and options set us apart. Guests enjoy unique benefits and can pick from a variety of custom touches to make their experience unforgettable.

Exclusive Benefits of Nationwide Arena Suites and VIP Boxes

We get VIP parking passes and great food options with Nationwide Arena VIP Box. Think less hassle, more fun. Our guests love the special treatment. It feels like a big deal because it is.

Columbus Blue Jackets VIP Boxes aren't just seats; they're top-notch experiences.


Every luxury box brings the game or concert to life in an unforgettable way.


We entertain clients or treat our team in style here. The view? Unmatched. The vibe? Exclusive. Prices vary, but the memories? Always priceless. Whether it's a weekday game or a weekend concert, we pick what works best for us.

Customizable Options for Nationwide Arena Suite Guests

Moving from the exclusive benefits, guests at Nationwide Arena suites have a world of options to customize their experience. You can choose different seating layouts that fit your group's size and style.

Want a cozy setting for a small party or more spacious arrangements for a big gathering? We've got you covered.

The arena also lets guests pick from various catering choices. Whether you're craving light snacks or full meals, we ensure your taste buds are satisfied. Plus, with access to a private VIP entrance, you'll feel like true VIPs from the moment you arrive.

We make sure every guest has what they need to enjoy the event in comfort and style. From picking your own seats to deciding on your food, it's all about making your visit unforgettable.


Experience the best at Nationwide Arena with our luxury suites and VIP boxes. Enjoy top-notch amenities, from private entrances to premium catering, making every event unforgettable.

Perfect for groups of all sizes, our suites offer a unique way to experience excitement. Contact us for availability and pricing—step up your game day or concert night with unparalleled style and comfort in Nationwide Arena's exclusive spaces.


1. What can I see from a Nationwide Arena Luxury Suite?

From a luxury suite, you get a clear, elevated view of the action, whether it's a concert or game.

2. How many people can fit in one suite?

A typical suite holds 12 to 25 guests, perfect for groups.

3. Are food and drinks included with the suite?

Yes, suites often come with catering options—food and drinks are part of the deal.

4. Can I book a VIP box for just one event?

Absolutely, you can book a VIP box for single events or choose packages for multiple dates.

5. Is there parking included with my suite ticket?

Yes, most suites offer VIP parking passes—making your arrival smooth and easy.

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