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Experience the pinnacle of live sports and entertainment at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. With luxury suites and VIP boxes that set a standard for comfort and exclusivity, guests are treated to an unmatched viewing experience.

These premium options aren't just about watching the game; they're about immersing in an atmosphere rich with unparalleled service and luxury amenities.

Our team has devoted years to exploring and evaluating premium seating across various venues, honing our focus on the exceptional offerings at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. It's through these firsthand journeys that we've captured insights into what catapults these suites and boxes above the rest – insights we’re now thrilled to share with you.

Prepare to elevate your event day experience, surrounded by all the little touches that make it not only memorable but truly personal.

From enjoying a perfectly chilled beverage as you take in panoramic views of the action, to feeling like royalty thanks to attentive service staff who anticipate every need—your time spent here promises more than just a seat at the game.

It's a gateway to moments that stay with you long after the final whistle blows.

Key Takeaways

  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum offers luxury suites and VIP boxes with cool features like VIP parking, premium catering, and private restrooms. These spots give the best view and comfort for any event.
  • Prices for these premium spaces vary with events. Renting a suite might cost between $15,000 to $30,000 for an LA Rams game. Single tickets can also range from $120 to $680 based on the event.
  • The Coliseum has 42 luxury suites that can host 499 guests in total. This means there's plenty of room whether you are a small group or planning a big gathering.
  • There are many food options in the luxury suites and VIP boxes. From gourmet snacks to full - course meals and special drinks, they have everything to make your experience special.
  • For USC events, there are different seating choices like Luxury Suite, Loge Boxes, and Club Seats that come with their own set of perks such as exclusive menus and special service staff attention.


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Suites and VIP Boxes

We offer the best spots at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with our Suites and VIP Boxes. They come packed with cool features to make your experience unforgettable.

Amenities and perks

We take pride in offering a luxury experience at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Luxury Suite and VIP Box. Every moment spent with us is about first-class service, unmatched comfort, and making memories that last. Here's what guests can look forward to:


  1. VIP parking passes – No need to worry about finding a spot. Drive straight to your reserved area.
  2. Premium catering options – Enjoy exclusive menus full of delicious choices right at your seat.
  3. Separate VIP entrances – Skip the lines and enter with ease, making your arrival smooth.
  4. Private restrooms for VIPs – Avoid the crowds with access to cleaner, private facilities.
  5. In - seat attendants – Get personalized service without leaving your seat; let us take care of you.
  6. Exclusive event access – Gain entry to events that are not available to the general public.
  7. Personal service touch – Our team is here to ensure every aspect of your visit is perfect.


These amenities guarantee an unforgettable experience at every event, blending luxury with the thrill of live entertainment in ways only we can provide.

Pricing and details

Focusing on pricing and details for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum's luxury suite and VIP box experiences, let's get straight to the facts. The cost of indulging in these exclusive areas varies, reflecting the range of events hosted, from thrilling sports matches to electrifying concerts. Renting a single-game suite for LA Rams home games, as an example, can set you back between $15,000 and $30,000. Those opting for a single suite ticket might find prices ranging from $120 to $680 per ticket, depending on the event's demand and prestige. Here's a quick breakdown in table format for clarity:


Service Cost
Single-game suite rental (LA Rams) $15,000-$30,000
Single suite ticket $120-$680
Los Angeles Rams suites at SoFi Stadium $15,000-$40,000 per game
SoFi Stadium suite prices (varied events) $8,000-$100,000


These figures provide a clear view of the investment involved in upgrading your event day experience. Remember, the variation in prices reflects the suite's location within the venue, the nature of the event, and the specific amenities included. Whether you're aiming for a premium seating option for a USC event or a concert, these suites and VIP boxes offer unparalleled views and exclusive perks—elevating your experience to memorable heights.

Maximum capacity

After exploring pricing and details, it's crucial to understand the crowd these spaces can hold. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum brings a grand scale of accommodation with its luxury suites and VIP boxes designed for comfort and exclusivity.

With 42 luxury suites that have a total capacity for 499 guests, options vary widely. Whether you're looking to host a small group of 8 in one of the cozy Los Angeles Rams luxury boxes or planning something more grand, there’s room for everyone.

This space not only reflects elegance but also ensures every guest experiences the thrill of the game in an unparalleled setting.


Experience unmatched views and comfort, no matter the size of your party.


Catering options

We offer a range of catering options in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Luxury Suite and VIP Box. These choices include premium food and drinks, making every event special. Let's explore what we have for you:


  1. Premium Catering Options - Enjoy top-notch meals and beverages tailored to your taste. From gourmet snacks to full-course dinners, we serve it all.
  2. VIP Parking Passes Included - Forget the hassle of finding a parking spot. Each luxury suite comes with VIP parking passes, making your arrival and departure smooth.
  3. Personalized Cakes - Celebrate big moments with a personalized cake. Just give us 3 business days' notice before your event.
  4. Event-Specific Menus - Whether it's an NFL Super Bowl or a Los Angeles Sparks game, our menus match the spirit of the event.
  5. Flexible Catering Packages - Choose from our wide range of catering packages designed to fit every budget and preference.
  6. Exclusive Beverage Selections - Sip on fine wines, craft beers, and premium spirits available only in our suites and VIP boxes.
  7. Healthy Options Available - We cater to all dietary needs with a selection of healthy and delicious options.
  8. Attentive Service Staff - Our professional staff is always on hand to ensure your catering experience is enjoyable and seamless.


With these options, we promise every visit to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Luxury Suite or VIP Box will be unforgettable.

Premium seating options for USC events

After exploring the diverse catering options, let’s shift our focus to premium seating options for USC events at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. These seats are not just a place to sit; they’re your key to experiencing USC games like never before.


  • Luxury Suite: Enjoy the game from the best spot in the house. Our luxury suites offer a private space for you and your group, complete with comfortable seating and an unbeatable view of the action. Each suite includes VIP parking passes, making your arrival and departure as smooth as possible. Inside, find premium catering options to keep everyone satisfied throughout the event.
  • Loge Boxes: Perfect for smaller groups seeking intimacy without sacrificing the view. Loge boxes provide an exclusive area with outdoor seating that guarantees you won’t miss a moment of excitement on the field. Guests also enjoy access to special menu items and dedicated service, ensuring a memorable experience.
  • Club Seats: For fans wanting comfort and convenience, club seats are the way to go. Situated in prime locations around the Coliseum, these seats offer excellent sightlines of USC games. Club seat ticket holders get access to private lounges where they can grab food and drinks away from the crowd.


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum stands as a beacon for sports enthusiasts, offering an array of premium seating options designed to enhance every moment spent at USC Trojans athletic events. Whether you prefer the exclusivity of luxury suites or loge boxes or choose comfort with club seats, each option promises an unforgettable experience at this historic venue — making it clear why it's such a prime location for USC events.


Experience the best of Los Angeles sports and events with a luxury suite or VIP box at the Memorial Coliseum. Enjoy top amenities, VIP parking, and premium catering. With SuiteHop, you can find the perfect spot for any event.

Whether it's a game or a concert, these suites are sure to impress. Get ready for an unforgettable experience at one of LA's most iconic venues!


1. What makes the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Luxury Suite special?

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Luxury Suite offers a top-notch experience, with exclusive seating, great views, and access to premium amenities. It's the perfect spot for enjoying events in comfort and style.

2. Can I get food and drinks in the VIP Box?

Yes, you can! The VIP Box at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum comes with options for catering—meaning you can enjoy delicious food and drinks without missing any of the action.

3. How many people can fit in a Luxury Suite?

Sizes vary, but most Luxury Suites are designed to comfortably accommodate groups. Whether it’s a small gathering or a larger party, there’s enough space to enjoy the event together.

4. Is parking included with my suite or VIP box ticket?

Often, yes—parking benefits are usually part of the package for guests in these premium areas. Check your specific ticket details to be sure; it makes getting to and from the venue easier than ever.

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