Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP Box & Luxury Suite

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Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is one of the largest music venues located in Chicago. It is surrounded by the suburbs of Chicago and rightfully attracts a large number of people during active concert seasons. This amphitheatre has been equipped with food stalls, a state-of-the-art stage, brilliant acoustics, and luxurious VIP boxes. A Hollywood Casino Amphitheater VIP box is the definition of luxury, and you can enjoy your concerts from these VIP boxes this summer.


Some of the most renowned bands like Rush, Disturbed, and Fall Out Boys have performed in this amphitheatre over the past decade. Continuing that legacy, bands like Wild N Out, the Chicks, and Styx will perform here this summer. Besides the usual bands, musicians like Halsey, Steely Dan, and Josh Groban are also slated to perform here. You might even catch a glimpse of a music festival or exclusive tour concert within the firm walls of Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.


The number of people that attend these concerts is usually more than 22000. In high-profile shows, the maximum number of people can even reach 28000. If you want to attend your concert in peace, the best way to do it is through a Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP box. These boxes are located behind the 100-tier seats and are spread from left to right. Each box gives you a clear view of the centre stage and clear audio.


But the view and audio aren't the only things that make these boxes so special. Each VIP box may allow you to get VIP parking. Why is that so important? Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is located in a dense area of Chicago. During a concert, you will have difficulty finding an empty parking spot. With VIP parking, you won't have to worry about parking issues. You can kick back and enjoy your concert in your VIP box while people waste their time looking for parking.


While you lose yourself in the sweet voices of the performers, you can ask your in-seat attendant to get you a snack. Yes, you read that right; your VIP box may come with in-seat attendants. If you are dedicated enough to the pursuit of luxury, you might even get catering. But the list of possible perks doesn’t end here. You may even get access to separate VIP restrooms with your Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP box. If you don’t want the whole box, then a Hollywood Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre club seat may pique your interest.

Both the VIP boxes and club seats are limited and sell out quickly. If you don't want to be deprived of your luxury experience, then contact us as soon as possible. Our representatives would be more than glad to help you find the right box for you.


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A Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP box can cost $1500 to $4000. The price varies based on the number of tickets included in your VIP box and the perks. An individual ticket can cost between $200 and $600. The prices will also vary based on the event, i.e., the performer.



A Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP box can accommodate between 4 to 12 people. There are more than 40 different VIP boxes in Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. Some of the boxes can even accommodate up to 16 people. You’ll have to contact a representative to find out more about the seat capacities of the various VIP boxes.

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