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Attending a concert or event at Hersheypark Stadium already has its magic, but when you take it up a notch by choosing VIP Box seating, the experience becomes absolutely unforgettable.

Many fans might not even realize these premium options are available and end up missing out on the ultimate in comfort and exclusive perks that truly elevate your day at the event.

It's not just about getting superior views; it's also about enjoying amenities designed with the discerning guest in mind—the VIP Boxes labeled A-C totally redefine what it means to enjoy live entertainment.

Through years of attending various events across countless venues, there’s something unmistakably special about Hersheypark Stadium’s VIP Boxes. From their prime location approximately thirty rows from the stage to offering privileged parking and a dedicated entrance, there's this rare blend of proximity, privacy, and privilege that comes together to create an unmatched spectator experience like no other.

If you’re ready for an upgrade to how you enjoy your favorite bands or performers live, then look no further.

Key Takeaways

  • A VIP Box at Hersheypark Stadium offers great views, comfortable seating for groups of 2 to 12, and lots of perks like a private entrance and special parking.
  • Perks of a VIP Box include access to the VIP Club, guaranteed top spots for all shows in the concert season, and benefits at The Official Resorts of Hersheypark like early park entry.
  • To buy VIP Box tickets, call the Box Office team or plan early due to limited availability. Enjoying these exclusive boxes makes events unforgettable with premium views and added comfort.


What is a VIP Box at Hersheypark Stadium?

A VIP Box at Hersheypark Stadium offers a unique way to watch concerts and events. You get great seats, awesome views, and lots of special treats.

Seating and views

We know you're looking for the best views at Hersheypark Stadium. Good news—VIP Box tickets offer excellent sight lines and desirable stage views. Especially Box B, which sits in the center of it all, giving you an unbeatable viewpoint.

Each VIP Box can hold 2 to 12 fans. This means whether it's a date night or a big group celebration, there's room for everyone. Want to see what you're getting into? Check out seating view photos from VIP Box A as a sneak peek.

Next up, let's talk about the extra goodies that come with these seats...

Amenities and perks

After talking about the great seats and views, let's chat about the extras that make the VIP Box at Hersheypark Stadium so special. These perks are why folks love these seats.


  1. VIP Entrance - Skip the long lines with your own VIP entrance. It makes getting into the stadium fast and easy.
  2. Parking Perks - You get premium parking spots close to the venue. No more walking from far away lots.
  3. Access to VIP Club - Enjoy private club access for a more relaxed experience. This means nice places to sit, eat, and drink away from the crowds.
  4. Concert Season Seats - With these, you're guaranteed the best spots for every show plus all these VIP benefits throughout the concert season.
  5. Benefits at The Official Resorts of Hersheypark - Staying at one of these resorts? Enjoy early park access and shuttle service right to the front gate.


These features turn a good night out into an unforgettable one, making every visit something truly special.

How to Purchase VIP Box Tickets

To get VIP Box tickets at Hersheypark Stadium, you’ll need to check the latest prices and see if any are available. A good tip is to plan early and keep an eye on special deals for the best experience.

Pricing and availability

Keeping a keen eye on pricing and availability is key for securing your spot in a VIP Box at Hersheypark Stadium. Here’s a quick guide:


Aspect Details
Pricing Varies by event. Includes special perks and amenities.
Availability Limited. Advance purchase recommended.
Purchase Method Call the Box Office team at 717-534-3911, Mon-Fri, 9 AM - 5 PM.
Convenience Multiple venue tickets can be bought together for ease.


Pricing fluctuates, depending on the event and the inclusive package. Given the limited nature of VIP Box seats, we always suggest booking early. You can dial the Box Office team directly for a smooth transaction. For added convenience, think about grabbing tickets to multiple events in one go.

Tips for maximizing your experience

Now that you've seen the pricing and availability for Hersheypark Stadium VIP Box tickets, let's move on to how you can make the most out of your VIP experience. We want you to enjoy every moment, from the seat comfort to the exclusive perks. Here are some tips:


  1. Buy tickets early – This ensures you get the best seats available. The view from a VIP box is unmatched, but some spots offer an even better vantage point than others.
  2. Check amenities – Before purchasing, read the seller notes carefully. This will confirm what extras come with your ticket for that day or night.
  3. Plan parking – Remember, your concert ticket lets you park without extra cost. Knowing this ahead helps avoid stress about where to leave your car.
  4. Call for help – Got questions? The Box Office team is ready on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. They can assist with any doubts or needs about your visit.
  5. Purchase for multiple venues together – If you're attending more than one event, buy all your tickets at once. It's easier and keeps plans smooth.
  6. Arrive early – Coming in before the crowd gives you time to settle in and enjoy the VIP box atmosphere fully.


Following these steps will surely enhance your Hersheypark Stadium VIP box experience, making it memorable and hassle-free!


Wrapping things up, choosing a VIP Box at Hersheypark Stadium means more than just seeing a show. You get the best seats, easy parking, and fast entrances and exits. Enjoy special club access and the chance to grab more tickets for friends.

Sure, some parties might not hit the mark, but with benefits like early park access for resort guests—these boxes offer a unique experience. Ready for top-notch entertainment? The VIP experience at Hersheypark Stadium awaits!


1. What makes Hersheypark Stadium VIP boxes special?

They offer a private space, with great views of the stage or field, away from the crowd.

2. Can I buy food and drinks in the VIP box?

Yes, you have access to exclusive food and drink options not available to general ticket holders.

3. How many people can fit in a VIP box at Hersheypark Stadium?

It varies, but most can comfortably accommodate groups of 10-20 people.

4. Do VIP box tickets come with parking benefits?

Indeed, they often include preferred parking spots closer to the venue entrance.

5. Is there a separate entrance for VIP box ticket holders at Hersheypark Stadium?

Yes, you get to use a dedicated entrance, skipping the main lines.

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