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Many people think the pinnacle of luxury at a sports event stops at snagging a prime seat and gaining entry to the VIP lounge. But, they're barely scratching the surface. AT&T Stadium's Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes take watching live events to an entirely new level, expertly blending unparalleled comfort with exclusive perks that make every moment unforgettable.

Whether you're hosting 12 or as many as 68 guests, these spaces offer unmatched experiences, from edge-of-your-seat NFL games to electrifying concerts.

Our team knows what truly sets AT&T Stadium apart after years immersing in the world of luxury sports entertainment. We've explored numerous high-profile venues and their offerings, gathering valuable insights along the way—insights we’re eager to share with you.

We understand it’s not just about where you are, but how those moments feel—ensuring your event days here become memories cherished by everyone involved. Keep reading for inside tips; believe me, this is something you won’t want to miss out on.

Key Takeaways

  • AT&T Stadium offers luxury suites and VIP boxes with perks like private restrooms, multiple TVs, WiFi, VIP parking, and premium catering. These spaces are perfect for a luxurious experience at NFL games or concerts.
  • Suite levels vary from Field Level to Tower Terrace, each providing different views and amenities. Prices differ by level and event but can reach up to $110,000 for certain options.
  • Choosing a suite gives you benefits like exclusive food options from Legends catering, the best seats for events including the NFL Super Bowl and big-name concerts, along with access to club levels for extra comfort.


AT&T Stadium's Luxury Suites & VIP Box

AT&T Stadium's Luxury Suites & VIP Boxes are where comfort meets style. Here, every detail adds to the thrill of game day or concert night, providing a view and experience like no other.

Details and amenities of the luxury suites

Luxury suites at AT&T Stadium come packed with comforts. Guests get private restrooms, not one, but multiple TVs to catch every angle of the action, and WiFi—to stay connected. Plus, the chance to hold meetings right there adds a professional edge for those mixing business with pleasure.

Every suite includes VIP parking passes—no more long walks or waiting. The premium catering options elevate the experience further; it's like having a top-notch restaurant at your fingertips.

Best part? These spaces are decked out with high-end decor and amenities that make you feel special from the moment you step in.


Suite life at AT&T Stadium blends luxury with exclusive access, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences.


Entries A, E, F, and K open their doors just for club and suite guests, making entry and exit sleek and hassle-free. Whether opting for an executive suite that offers garden views or fancying an executive view higher up, each comes with early admission perks—more time to enjoy! Plus, all guests in these luxurious spots get access to exclusive VIP amenities no matter if they're in a private suite or sharing—it's all about feeling valued.

Different suite levels and pricing options

Transitioning from the unparalleled amenities our suites offer, we now explore the variety of suite levels and pricing options available at AT&T Stadium. Our goal? To match every preference and budget, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all our guests.


Suite Level Description Typical Pricing
Field Level Closest to the action, offering an immersive experience. Contact for pricing
Star Level An elevated view with exclusive club access. Contact for pricing
Hall of Fame Premium positioning for optimal viewing. Contact for pricing
Tower Terrace Spacious with spectacular overhead views. $110,000 per three-event season, three-year lease


Each suite level at AT&T Stadium guarantees a distinctive experience. Whether craving the palpable energy of field level or preferring the panoramic sights from the Tower Terrace, our suites cater to every desire. With more than 300 luxury suites including field level and touchdown suites, options abound. Prospective guests are encouraged to contact us for detailed pricing and availability, ensuring a tailored visit to one of the world's premier venues.

Benefits of Choosing an AT&T Stadium Suite

Choosing an AT&T Stadium Suite means you're in for a treat. You get a private, luxury spot with perks only VIPs can dream of—think exclusive food and the best seats at big games and concerts.

Private and luxurious experience

We make sure your time in an AT&T Stadium luxury suite is unforgettable. You get a space just for you and your guests, away from the crowds. Think of it as your private spot to enjoy big games or concerts.

With our luxury suites, you step into a world where everything is about making you feel special and valued.

From the moment you park with VIP passes to when you find yourself enjoying premium catering inside your suite, we take care of every detail. You won't have to worry about anything—just sit back in larger cushioned seats, enjoy the best sights from club level views, and let us handle the rest.

Next up, let's talk about those exclusive VIP amenities waiting for you.

Exclusive VIP amenities and catering

Our AT&T Stadium luxury suites come with top-notch VIP amenities and catering to make your experience unforgettable. With in-suite catering provided by Legends, you enjoy delicious meals without missing any action.

Think gourmet options right at your fingertips—imagine enjoying a high-end meal as you watch the game or concert from the best seats in the house.

Each suite offers not just amazing views but also exclusive access to Club level perks. This means more comfort, style, and services designed just for you. From VIP parking passes that take away the hassle of finding a good spot to private restrooms so you can skip the long lines, everything is set up for your ease.

Next, let's talk about how this luxurious setup gives you direct access to premium seating for events like NFL Super Bowl and big-name concerts...

Access to premium seating for events such as NFL Super Bowl and other popular concerts and games

We offer access to premium seating at AT&T Stadium. This means you get the best spot for big events like the NFL Super Bowl and top concerts. Here’s what we provide:


  1. Front - row seats to the action – You sit close enough to feel part of the game or concert.
  2. VIP treatment – Enjoy special services that make your experience better.
  3. Exclusive entry – Skip the long lines with our special entrance.
  4. Best views – Our seats give you a clear, unblocked view of everything.
  5. Catering options – Order your favorite foods and drinks without leaving your seat.
  6. Parking perks – Get parking spots that are close and easy to access.


Choose our luxury suites or VIP box at AT&T Stadium for an unmatched experience at events you love.


Choosing an AT&T Stadium luxury suite or VIP box means stepping up your game day or concert experience. Imagine watching the Dallas Cowboys or your favorite artist with all the perks—VIP parking, premium catering, and a view that beats any regular seat.

It’s about more than just watching; it's living the event in style and comfort. With options for small and large groups, everyone can find their perfect fit. So why wait? Make those unforgettable moments happen at AT&T Stadium.


1. What is an AT&T Stadium VIP Box?

An AT&T Stadium VIP Box is a premium seating area, offering top-notch views and exclusive perks at the stadium.

2. Can I get food and drinks in the VIP Box?

Yes, you can enjoy great food and drinks right in your VIP Box... no need to miss any action!

3. How many people fit in a luxury suite?

A luxury suite can host different group sizes, perfect for friends or business outings.

4. Are there special entrances for VIP Box holders?

Absolutely! You get your own entrance, skipping the regular lines, making you feel like a true VIP.

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