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Finding the perfect spot to enjoy big events can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. You want that sweet spot where cost, comfort, and view all align perfectly.

Well, the search might just be over with Frost Bank Center's luxury suites and VIP boxes. These options don't just offer you a seat; they invite you into an exclusive world of unparalleled views that turn any event attendance from great to unforgettable.

Over the years, we've ventured through countless venues in pursuit of those elusive "best seats in the house." And time after time, our quest has led us back to one place: the luxury suites at Frost Bank Center.

With their top-notch catering services, private access points, and more, these suites stand out as a beacon of luxurious viewing experiences.

Are you ready to take your event experiences from ordinary to extraordinary? Let's dive into this insider’s guide together and start planning your ultimate event enjoyment journey at Frost Bank Center.

Key Takeaways

  • Frost Bank Center offers luxury suites and VIP boxes that can host up to 12 guests. These spots include courtside boxes and terrace suites with amazing views, HD TVs, and in-suite attendants.
  • Pricing for these premium seating options ranges from $3,000 to $9,000. Details like exclusive seating, access to private clubs, and VIP parking passes add value.
  • Guests have a variety of catering options to fit their budget. Planning ahead is key to picking the best food choices without overspending.
  • Access to exclusive clubs like the Frost & Dahill Saddles & Spurs Club on the Club Level and the SWBC Club comes with every luxury suite ticket. There are also special VIP entrances for easy entry.
  • Tips for choosing between a private or shared suite include considering your group size, budget, occasion type, and whether you want privacy or sociability during events at Frost Bank Center.


Frost Bank Center Luxury Suites & VIP Boxes

Frost Bank Center offers luxury suites and VIP boxes that take your event experience to new heights. Enjoy top-notch amenities, stunning views, and unparalleled comfort.

Types of premium seating and amenities available

Our luxury suites and VIP boxes at Frost Bank Center offer a range of seating choices that bring guests right into the heart of excitement. Courtside Boxes allow you to host up to 12 guests, offering an intimate yet thrilling experience close to the action.

For those seeking a bit more privacy with the same level of luxury, Terrace Suites are the perfect choice, equipped with large stadium-style seats and in-suite attendants ready to cater to your every need.

Each suite comes packed with features designed for comfort and convenience – from HDTV for catching replays to access to exclusive clubs like the Frost Club, ensuring every moment spent is a memorable one.

Plus, VIP parking passes take away any hassle of finding a spot, making sure your arrival is as smooth as your stay. Enjoy premium catering options too; whether it's snacks or full meals you're after, we've got you covered.

Now let's talk about how you can make one of these premium spaces yours for an event...

Pricing and details of suites and boxes

We understand your interest in premium seating options at Frost Bank Center, especially when considering a high-profile event. Here's a quick rundown of the pricing and details for luxury suites and VIP boxes, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.


Type Capacity Price Range Key Features
Luxury Suites Varies $3,000-$9,000 Exclusive seating, premium views, in-suite catering options, access to private clubs and entrances.
Courtside Boxes Up to 12 guests Custom pricing based on event Lower level location, intimate setting, perfect for hosting small groups.


Each option provides a unique experience tailored to your needs, whether you're looking to impress clients or enjoy an unforgettable night out with friends. With varying capacities and price ranges, there's something for every preference and budget. Next, we'll explore how to plan and book your ideal Frost Bank Center suite.

How to Plan and Book a Frost Bank Center Suite

Planning a Frost Bank Center suite starts with knowing your options and how much you want to spend. Reach out, and we'll guide you through picking the perfect suite and making it yours for an unforgettable event.

Catering options and budget considerations

We know you're looking for the best experience at Frost Bank Center with a VIP Box. Good food can make your event unforgettable. Here's a guide on catering options and how to plan your budget.


  1. Choose Based on Number of Guests - Catering costs depend on how many people are in your suite. More guests mean higher costs.
  2. Pick Your Food Wisely - From gourmet experiences to simple snacks, what you pick affects the price. Fancy foods cost more.
  3. Catering Isn't a Must - You don't have to order catering. The center has lots of concession items too.
  4. Plan Your Budget Ahead - Decide how much you want to spend before choosing your food.
  5. Consider Sharing a Suite - If you're worried about cost, think about sharing a suite with others. This can cut down on expenses.
  6. Use Exclusive Clubs Access - Your VIP Box might give you access to exclusive clubs where food might be different or cheaper.
  7. Look at All Options - Don't just look at one menu; check all available options to find the best for your budget.
  8. Ask About Special Deals - Sometimes, there are special offers that can save you money on food and drinks.


We hope this helps you plan an amazing time at Frost Bank Center with delicious food that fits your budget!

Access to exclusive clubs and private entrances

After sorting out your catering and budget, you'll enjoy the perks of Frost Bank Center luxury suites and VIP boxes even more. These come with special access to 2 VIP clubs—the Frost & Dahill Saddles & Spurs Club on the Club Level and the SWBC Club.

Both places offer a unique experience where you can relax or meet other guests in style before, during, or after events.

Holders of luxury suite tickets also get to use a VIP entrance for easier and quicker entry into the center. This means getting in early without the hassle of long lines. The Superbox option ramps up this experience by offering an all-inclusive Spurs deal, including early entry through one of three VIP entrances.

This makes sure your visit starts off smoothly and is packed with exclusive benefits right from the moment you step in.

Tips for selecting between private or shared suites.

After enjoying exclusive club access and private entrances at Frost Bank Center, you might wonder about the best seating for your next event. Choosing between a VIP box in a private or shared suite can make all the difference. Here are some tips to help you decide.


  1. Consider your group size. Private suites are ideal for corporate events or big gatherings. They offer space and privacy. Shared suites work well for smaller groups or couples looking to enjoy the vibe without renting an entire space.
  2. Think about your budget. Private suites cost more but provide an exclusive experience perfect for business entertainment. If you're watching expenses, a shared suite lets you enjoy premium amenities without the full price tag.
  3. Evaluate the occasion. For impressing clients or celebrating special moments, private suites set a luxurious tone. A shared suite might be better for casual outings with friends where the atmosphere is more important than exclusivity.
  4. Check availability early. Popular events at Frost Bank Center sell out fast, especially VIP boxes and luxury suites. Plan ahead to secure your preferred option.
  5. Review catering options in advance too, as both types of suites offer unique dining experiences that can enhance your visit.
  6. Assess your desire for privacy versus sociability; a private suite means mingling among your own guests, while a shared space offers the chance to meet new people.
  7. Decide based on extra perks like meeting players or getting autographs; these might sway your preference if available exclusively in certain suite types.
  8. Finally, think about repeat visits; trying both options over different events may help you find what suits best moving forward.



Enjoy the ultimate experience at Frost Bank Center. Choose between luxury suites and VIP boxes for a special day. Benefit from VIP parking, premium catering, and access to exclusive clubs.

It's all about comfort, style, and unforgettable memories here. Make your next visit extraordinary—plan ahead and select the perfect suite or box for you and your guests.


1. What is a Frost Bank Center Luxury Suite?

A Frost Bank Center Luxury Suite is a high-end space, offering top-notch amenities for guests looking for an exclusive experience at events.

2. How does the VIP Box differ from regular seating?

The VIP Box at Frost Bank Center provides a more private, upscale setting compared to standard seats—think better views, comfort, and service.

3. Can I book a Luxury Suite or VIP Box for any event?

Yes, you can reserve these premium spaces for most events held at Frost Bank Center—just check availability first.

4. Are food and drinks included in the suite or box package?

Often, yes—the luxury suites and VIP boxes come with catering options... but it's best to confirm specifics when booking.

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