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Searching for that perfect concert experience can often feel like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. But the Xfinity Theatre VIP Box shines like a beacon of comfort, luxury, and unbeatable stage views in what sometimes feels like an endless sea of choices.

With pricing options ranging from $2000 to $5000 per box, it's clear this experience is designed for those who hold exclusivity and premium amenities close to their heart when it comes to live entertainment.

Our team, over the years, has turned every stone in our quest to explore and review exclusive concert venues from coast to coast. The stories we’ve collected are based on firsthand adventures and thorough investigations into what sets each venue apart—especially concerning those all-important VIP services.

Among these gems, the offerings at the Xfinity Theatre have left us more than just impressed; they've given us memories that stick with us long after the lights have dimmed. Let's take you through why opting for one of these boxes might just transform your next concert experience into something unforgettable.

Key Takeaways

  • Xfinity Theatre VIP boxes give you a fancy place to watch shows with friends or family. You can sit 4-8 people in each box, and everyone gets a clear view of the stage.
  • When you get a VIP Box, you also get cool extras like your own waitstaff right at your seat, special club access, and an easy way in without lines.
  • The cost for these boxes starts from $220 to $850 per ticket. This price helps you decide what matches best with what you're looking for in a concert night out.
  • Besides seeing the show well, being in a VIP Box means getting into an exclusive club. This club has tables and staff ready to bring you food or drinks so you don't miss any part of the concert.
  • Having this box also means less hassle with parking and getting into the theater since there's a spot just for VIPs to enter and relax before the show starts.


VIP Boxes at Xfinity Theatre

VIP boxes at Xfinity Theatre offer a top-notch seating and concert experience. They mix comfort with style, making every show special.

Premium seating and luxury concert experiences

At the Xfinity Theatre, we offer VIP Boxes that redefine the concert experience with premium seating. Guests enjoy clear, unobstructed views of the stage from their exclusive spot.

Each box can fit 4-8 friends or family members comfortably, thanks to moveable chairs that let everyone find their perfect viewing angle.


"Experience luxury and comfort with our VIP Boxes at Xfinity Theatre."


Our VIP Box seats come packed with perks like access to the VIP Club and in-seat wait don't have to miss a beat of the show. Plus, there's a private entrance and hospitality area exclusively for you and your guests.

Imagine parking effortlessly close to your venue entrance, skipping lines, and heading straight into an unforgettable concert night filled with top-tier amenities.

Pricing and seating options

We understand you're looking for the best experience at Xfinity Theatre. Here's a straightforward look at pricing and seating options for our VIP boxes, ensuring you find the perfect match for your concert experience.


Seating Capacity Price Range Features
4 guests $220 - $850 per ticket Moveable chairs, table-side wait service, access to VIP Club, VIP parking.
5-8 guests $220 - $850 per ticket Moveable chairs, table-side wait service, access to VIP Club, VIP parking. Accommodates larger parties.


Each VIP box ensures an exceptional view of the stage, complemented by the convenience of in-seat wait service for most shows. With access to the VIP Club and exclusive parking, your concert experience is elevated, blending premium comfort with unforgettable live performances. Let us take care of the details, so you can immerse yourself in the music and moments that matter.

Benefits and Features of Xfinity Theatre VIP Boxes

Xfinity Theatre VIP Boxes elevate your concert experience with premium perks. Think private access and service that makes you feel like a star.

VIP club access

We get access to the VIP Club with our VIP box seats. This means we enjoy luxury and convenience all in one spot. The club has table-side wait staff ready to serve us. We don't have to miss a beat of the show or get up from our comfy seats.

It's perfect for enjoying concerts without any hassle.

The VIP Club at Xfinity Theatre isn't just about great views of the stage, though those are fantastic. It offers an intimate setting ideal for private dinners or small gatherings with friends.

Here, every event becomes more special because of the exclusive touches and attention to detail provided by the club experience.

In-seat wait service

Enjoy your favorite concerts without missing a beat, thanks to our VIP Box in-seat wait service. Imagine sitting in the best seats and having everything you need brought right to you.

No more standing in long lines or missing part of the show just to grab a drink. Our table-side wait staff is ready at most shows to keep the snacks, meals, and premium beverages coming all concert long.

We understand how important it is not to miss a moment of your favorite songs. That's why with just a wave, our friendly staff will be there to take your order and ensure you're well taken care of throughout the event.

This service adds an extra layer of comfort and luxury, making sure your concert experience is as enjoyable as possible.

After enjoying such convenience at your seat, step into another level of exclusivity with access to our private entrance and hospitality area for an even smoother experience.

Private entrance and hospitality area.

We offer a VIP box at Xfinity Theatre that comes with special perks, like a private entrance and hospitality area. This means you get to skip the long lines and enjoy faster, more personal access to your seating.

Plus, this exclusive area gives you a place to relax away from the crowds, making your concert experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Our hospitality center is not just about convenience; it's about providing an elite experience. Here, you can grab drinks or snacks without missing a beat of the show. It's all part of making sure your time with us is as unforgettable as the performance on stage.


Choosing the Xfinity Theatre VIP Box means picking a prime spot for concerts. You get not just seats, but an experience—luxury, space, and top views. Think about it: personal wait service, access to the VIP Club, and your own entrance.

Prices vary, sure, but what you're getting is worth every penny for a special night out. Ready to make memories? The Xfinity Theatre VIP Box awaits.


1. What is an Xfinity Theatre VIP Box?

It's a private seating area at the Xfinity Theatre, offering a great view and extra perks.

2. How many people can fit in one VIP Box?

Typically, a VIP box can hold about 4-6 guests, depending on the specific box size.

3. What special benefits come with booking a VIP Box?

You get comfy seats, private restrooms, and sometimes food and drink service right to your seat.

4. Can I book a VIP Box for any show at the Xfinity Theatre?

Yes, you can book them for most events but remember, they're popular so they might sell out fast.

5. Is parking included with my VIP Box ticket?

Often times yes,, there's reserved parking for VIP ticket holders - making your experience even smoother.

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