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Additional Xfinity Center - MA Info

Xfinity Center is located in Mansfield, Bristol County, Boston, Massachusetts (Long address, we know!). The venue happens to be one of the first recreational venues in Mansfield dedicated solely to the cause of music. It was opened in 1986, with inaugural performances from Yo-Yo Ma (The legendary cellist) and the spectacular Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The venue continues to lure music lovers from all over Boston. You, too, can have the time of your life here by getting an Xfinity Center VIP box.


With regular seats, you are bound to hear a few annoying sounds like irritating ringtones, murmuring people, the flash of mobile phone cameras, or the insufferable chatter of people who aren't even focused on the music. If you get a seat at the back of the center, you might fare even worse. Imagine not having a view of the stage and hearing vague muffled noises instead of the lyrics. To avoid and evade these dreadful scenarios, you need a VIP box.


These VIP boxes allow you to enjoy your favorite performers without any disruptions. VIP boxes are designed for music lovers dedicated to the pursuit of good music. All of the VIP boxes are located behind Tier-100 seats, at an optimal location from the stage. You get luxurious seats, a clear view of the centre stage, and perfect audio. But these aren't the only boons you'll be blessed with when you get an Xfinity Center VIP box.


With your VIP box, you may get an in-seat attendant. If you want a snack or beverage, you can ask your trusty attendant to arrange some. You won't even have to leave the soft embrace of your seat. If you are lucky enough, you may even get access to catering. With catering, you can chow down some delicious warm food on the spot. However, catering is a perk limited to some VIP boxes, so to avoid disappointment, contact a representative and inquire about their availability beforehand.


One of the most practical and time-saving perks that you may get with your Xfinity Center VIP box is VIP parking. The search for an empty parking spot on a concert day is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack (Maybe even worse). However, with reserved parking, you can roll up to the venue in your ride and park in a spot meant just for you. You just can't say no to a VIP box with all of these perks. You may also get these perks and some more amenities with an Xfinity Center club seat.


However, it would be wise to remember that these boxes and seats are sold-out at least a few weeks before the event. With performers like Halsey, Brooks and Dunn, Train, and Sammy Hagar slated to perform here this season, we expect the boxes to be sold out even earlier. You'll have to take the initiative and contact a representative as soon as possible if you don't want to miss out on a luxury experience.

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A single ticket to an Xfinity Center VIP box can cost between $220 and $850. The prices are subject to change based on the box you are getting your ticket in and the performer. Also, the more luxurious your VIP box is, the more it will cost. You can inquire more about costs by contacting a representative.



An Xfinity Center VIP box can accommodate between 2 to 12 people. The VIP boxes in section 2 are larger than those in sections 1 and 3 and therefore have more seating capacity. You can get two tickets to most VIP boxes and share them or book the whole box.

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