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Finding the perfect way to dive into an event at Xcel Energy Center can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. With so many options from standard seating to those with a hint more exclusivity, it's essential to figure out what each brings to your experience.

Today, we're zeroing in on the cream of the crop: Xcel Energy Center’s luxury suites and VIP boxes. These aren't just seats; they’re your personal havens of comfort, offering unparalleled views and service that make every moment feel special.

Ideal for anyone looking to elevate their event day beyond the ordinary, these premium choices are about making memories in style.

Having spent countless evenings enjoying events in various venues, our insights come from genuine experiences. We’ve explored what sets Xcel Energy Center's Bremer Bank Suite Level apart from similar offerings elsewhere – it truly is in a league of its own.

Knowing that suite prices for NHL games float between $3,100 and $5,100 depending on where you find yourself adds to the allure; it confirms this isn’t just any seat in the house but a premium experience worthy of attention.

Let’s delve into why opting for these luxurious spots might just be your next unforgettable adventure at an event.

Key Takeaways

  • Xcel Energy Center offers luxury suites with comforts like spacious seats, private restrooms, and a wet bar. VIP parking and concierge services add to the premium experience.
  • Suite prices vary depending on the event. NHL games can range from $5,000 to $8,000. Planning ahead helps find the best deals.
  • VIP boxes provide close views of events with perks like exclusive club access, premium catering, and easy parking. This ensures a memorable and hassle-free visit for every guest.


Exploring Xcel Energy Center Luxury Suites

Xcel Energy Center Luxury Suites take your event experience to the next level. With top-notch amenities and easy booking, they're a game-changer for any outing.

Suite Amenities and Features

Each luxury suite at Xcel Energy Center offers top-notch comforts. Guests enjoy spacious, double-wide seats that feel like premium theater spots. The suites feature a wet bar, high-definition flat screen TVs, private restrooms, and a fridge stocked for your needs.

It's all about comfort and convenience here.

Beyond the basics, each suite comes with its own VIP parking passes—say goodbye to parking hassles! Plus, there's in-suite concierge service to cater to every need. Whether it's food or something else you require, assistance is just a request away.

These amenities ensure your time is focused on enjoying the event without any stress.

Next up: learn more about suite pricing and booking information for these luxurious experiences.

Suite Pricing and Booking Information

Understanding suite pricing and booking at Xcel Energy Center simplifies your event planning. Here's a quick guide:


Event Type Price Range Key Factors
Lower Demand Concerts and Family Events Starting at $1,500 Depends on event popularity
Minnesota Wild Games $5,000 to $8,000 Varies by day, opponent, suite location
Popular Games/Events Starts around $6,000 Subject to demand and exclusivity


Prices fluctuate based on several factors - event type, popularity, and specifics of the suite location. Planning ahead ensures you get the best deal for your luxury experience. Let's move on to VIP boxes and their unique offerings.

Discovering Xcel Energy Center VIP Boxes

Exploring Xcel Energy Center VIP boxes takes comfort and style to a whole new level. With top-notch seating and exclusive services, these spots offer an unmatched experience for enjoying events.

VIP Box Premium Seating

We offer a variety of seating options in our Xcel Energy Center VIP Box. You can choose from On-the-Glass seats to private suites, perfect for both business meet-ups and fun times with friends or family.

Our VIP Boxes are not just about watching the game or show; they're about experiencing it in high style and comfort. With these premium seats, you get close to the action—closer than ever before—and also enjoy membership perks like access to the exclusive Custom One Club.

Our spaces provide everything needed for an unforgettable event night. Along with top views, each box comes equipped with VIP parking passes and premium catering services. This means guests can skip large crowds, relax in their own area, and dine on fine foods without missing a moment of the event.

We ensure your experience at Xcel Energy Center is nothing short of luxurious, making every visit memorable.

Next up: Let's talk about what makes our catering and parking services stand out.

VIP Box Catering and Parking Services

After settling into your VIP box, you'll find that the perks don't stop at the outstanding view. Our catering and parking services are here to make your experience even more unforgettable.


  1. Each VIP box comes with access to premium catering options. You can enjoy delicious meals and snacks without leaving your seat.
  2. We include VIP parking passes for all our guests in VIP boxes. This means no hassle when it comes to finding a good parking spot.
  3. Our menus offer a wide range of options to satisfy all tastes. Whether you're craving something light or a full meal, we've got you covered.
  4. We have teams dedicated to assisting you with any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  5. Ordering food and drinks is a breeze, thanks to our attentive service staff available throughout the event.
  6. Not only do we provide top - notch food and beverages, but we also ensure fast and courteous service so you won't miss any action.
  7. The VIP entrance gives you quick access to the venue, making it easier to get to your box and settle in before the event starts.


With these services, your visit will be hassle-free, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the event from the comfort of your VIP box at Xcel Energy Center.


Exploring the Xcel Energy Center, with its luxury suites and VIP boxes, promises an unforgettable experience. The amenities, pricing, and dedicated services guarantee comfort and exclusivity for all guests.

Whether it's enjoying a game or a concert in style, these premium options cater to every need. With access to private entrances and superior catering services, visitors are sure to enjoy their event with ease and class.

Choosing the Xcel Energy Center for your next outing means opting for one of the finest experiences in entertainment venues today.


1. What's included in an Xcel Energy Center Luxury Suite?

You get comfy seats, a great view of the event, private restrooms, and food and drink service.

2. How many people can fit in a VIP Box at Xcel Energy Center?

A VIP Box can hold up to 8-12 guests, perfect for a small group.

3. Can I order food and drinks to my suite or box?

Yes, you can order both food and drinks directly to your spot.

4. Is parking included with Luxury Suite or VIP Box tickets?

Some packages do come with parking spots; it's best to check when you book.

5. How do I book a Luxury Suite or VIP Box at Xcel Energy Center?

Just contact the venue directly—they'll help you pick the perfect spot.

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