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Wells Fargo Center Luxury Suite & VIP Box

Finding that perfect spot at Wells Fargo Center, where the event unfolds in front of your eyes like a well-scripted play, isn't just about snagging seats; it's about embracing an experience.

Many might not know this, but opting for luxury suites and VIP boxes elevates more than your view—it wraps you in exclusivity and comfort that’s hard to find elsewhere. Picture this: VIP parking waits to whisk you closer to the action, premium catering tempts with delectable delights, and access to Cap and Collar invites you into an exclusive shopping spree—all making each moment more memorable than the last.

In our quest to bring unparalleled event experiences, we've dived deep into what sets certain spots apart from the crowd. Our adventures have led us through myriad venues, yet few can rival the charm and sheer breadth of offerings found at Wells Fargo Center's luxury suites and VIP boxes.

Armed with insights gleaned from these escapades, we're here not just as guides but as companions on your journey towards selecting those impeccable seats for your next event—transforming it into an affair that’s truly extraordinary.

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Key Takeaways

  • Wells Fargo Center offers luxury suites with VIP parking, premium catering, and special touches like custom signage.
  • VIP boxes provide privacy, their own restrooms, and service right to your seat for a smooth experience.
  • Premium seating includes exclusive amenities like VIP entrance use, in - seat wait service, and access to private lounges.
  • The luxury options offer unparalleled views of games and concerts, making you feel part of the action.
  • These seating choices allow customizing your event experience for groups large or small in a private setting.


Premium Seating Options at Wells Fargo Center

At Wells Fargo Center, we're all about giving you a top-tier view and comfort. Our premium seating, including luxury suites and VIP boxes, takes your event experience to the next level.

Luxury Suites

Luxury suites at Wells Fargo Center come with top amenities that make every event special. We offer VIP parking passes, so you don't have to worry about finding a spot. Our premium catering options mean you and your guests enjoy delicious food without leaving the comfort of your suite.

With large TVs and inputs for presentations, these spaces are perfect for mixing business with pleasure or simply enjoying the game in style.

Each luxury suite provides an upscale experience with private entrances and dedicated suite staff ready to meet any need. You get more than just a great view; it's a customizable experience where privacy meets luxury.

Whether it's catching a Philadelphia 76ers game or attending a concert, our suites ensure an unparalleled experience complete with all the perks VIPs expect.

We take care of details like custom signage to make each visit unique. From start to finish, we're here to ensure your time in our Wells Fargo Center luxury suite is unforgettable.

Enjoy the game or show from the best seats in the house, knowing everything has been tailored for your comfort and enjoyment.

VIP Boxes

Moving from luxury suites, we find the VIP boxes at Wells Fargo Center offering a mix of privacy and upscale amenities. These exclusive spaces come with their own restrooms, meaning no waiting in line during events.

Guests enjoy service directly to their seats from attentive staff, ensuring a smooth experience.

VIP boxes elevate the Wells Fargo Center VIP Box experience by including upscale catering options. You can choose what you like to eat and drink in comfort. Plus, having a private space means conversations flow easily among your group—no need to shout over the crowd.


Enjoy unmatched views and comfort in our VIP boxes.


Privacy is key in these spaces. Customize your experience for special occasions or just a night out with friends. The blend of personal service and premier viewing spots make these boxes highly sought after.

Benefits of Choosing Premium Seating at Wells Fargo Center

Opting for premium seating at Wells Fargo Center lifts your event experience to a whole new level. You get top-notch amenities and views that make every moment unforgettable.

Exclusive amenities

We offer special perks for our guests with premium seating. You get to walk in through a VIP entrance, skipping the long lines. Imagine sitting back and enjoying your event while someone takes your order right from your seat.

That's right, we provide in-seat wait service just for you.

Our luxury suites come with free VIP parking - no more driving around looking for a spot! Want something tasty? We have premium catering options available too. For those who love to relax in style, our VIP lounge has a top-notch bar, cozy fireplaces, and places to sit together.

Plus, if you choose a VIP box, you'll also have access to private restrooms and an attendant who's there just for you.

Unparalleled views and experience

After enjoying the exclusive amenities, prepare to be amazed by the views and experiences that come with our premium seating. Our luxury suites and VIP boxes provide sights of events that are second to none.

Picture being front-row behind the glass at a hockey game or having an eye-level view of your favorite band. It's not just about seeing; it's about feeling part of the action.

The Club Level at Wells Fargo Center is designed for those who expect nothing but the best. Here, every seat feels like a VIP spot, offering clear and unobstructed views that make you feel immersed in the event.

The upscale dining options nearby mean you won't miss a moment — enjoy gourmet bites without taking your eyes off the action.

Choosing our premium seating puts you right where things happen. Whether it’s catching every play in detail or being so close to live performances you can see the setlist, this experience brings events to life in a way standard seats can't match.

With access to private lounges, enjoy moments of relaxation before heading back into thrilling entertainment vistas only we can offer.

Private and customizable experience

We know you're looking for a special way to enjoy events, something beyond the regular seats. That's where our private luxury suites and VIP boxes step in. They give you control over your environment, from choosing the food to setting up the space just how you like it.

Whether you're hosting a party of 12 or 32 guests, we make sure everything fits perfectly with your plans.

Our Club box seats add another layer of personal touch to your event experience. You get to decide on many aspects of your visit, creating an atmosphere that's uniquely yours. This flexibility makes every concert or game not just an outing but a memorable occasion crafted by you.

Privacy in these spaces means no interruptions and freedom to enjoy the event on your terms. We provide top-tier catering services and amenities right at your fingertips—everything aimed at ensuring your group has the time of their lives without stepping into crowded spaces.

This is premium seating redefined, with you at the helm making all the choices.


Choosing luxury seating at Wells Fargo Center—whether it's a suite or VIP box—elevates your event experience to new heights. Imagine the thrill of watching a game or concert with top-notch views, enjoying exclusive amenities, and not having to worry about crowds.

Plus, with access to premium catering and private restrooms, every moment feels special. This isn't just another seat; it's your pass to unforgettable experiences and memories that last long after the lights go down.


1. What's inside a Wells Fargo Center luxury suite?

A Wells Fargo Center luxury suite includes comfy seating, private restrooms, and food service options.

2. How many people can fit in a VIP box?

Up to 24 people can enjoy the space in a VIP box.

3. Can I buy tickets for just one event in a luxury suite?

Yes, you can buy single-event tickets for a luxury suite.

4. Are food and drinks included with the suite or VIP box rental?

Food and drinks are not automatically included but can be ordered separately.

5. Is there parking close to the suites and VIP boxes?

Yes, there's dedicated parking for guests using suites and VIP boxes.

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