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Freedom Mortgage Pavilion VIP Box & Luxury Suite

As the name implies, the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion is a beautiful amphitheater located on the eternally pleasant Delaware River. This amphitheater is one of the largest outdoor music venues in Camden, New Jersey. During concert seasons, nearly 25000 people attend concerts in this amphitheater. From good food to music and the luxury of a Freedom Mortgage Pavilion VIP box, you can have a taste of it all.

You can hear the best music from talented musicians like Josh Groban, The Who, Steely Dan, and numerous others. The acoustics of this amphitheater combined with a fresh view of the Delaware river is enough to heal hearts and reignite the love of music in people’s hearts. When you get a VIP box, you can enjoy this symphony of beauty with music from a comfortable spot. Not only do you hear everything clearly, but you also get to see the center stage.

These seats have so much legroom that you can even lay back. If you want, you can swirl around, rock your head, and move your body like a ballerina in a rock concert. Apart from a good view, spacious seats, what else may you get with a Freedom Mortgage Pavilion VIP box? Access to reserved parking is one of the perks that you may get. You must understand that parking around Freedom Mortgage Pavilion can get crazy on event days. Finding a parking spot becomes more challenging than landing an airplane on an active volcano.

A Freedom Mortgage Pavilion VIP box saves you from this torment. Additionally, you may get access to a separate VIP entrance. You won’t have to wait in stuffy lines to enter the theatre anymore. Inside your VIP box, you may also get an in-seat attendant. The attendant or attendants will give you whatever you want without any of the wait times. If you want to go a step forward, you may even get catering with your VIP box.

Another perk that you may gain is access to VIP restrooms. These restrooms are cleaner and more peaceful than your regular restrooms. If you want a different experience or different perks, you should try acquiring a Freedom Mortgage Pavilion club seat. Now you know about the luxuries you may gain with your VIP box. The only thing you have to understand now is that these boxes are scarce. If you aren't quick enough, someone else will beat you to them. So, visit our website right now for more information and get your favorite VIP box booked.



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A single Freedom Mortgage Pavilion VIP box ticket can cost between $180 and $400. You can get two tickets or book the whole box. The price of the box will change based on the perks you get with your box, the event date, and the location of your box.




There are around 62 different boxes of varying sizes and seating capacities. On average, the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion VIP boxes will usually accommodate 2 to 12 people. The most spacious box is the Rock Box, located beside boxes 22-24 and behind the 103-seat section. You can find out more about seating capacities by heading onto our website.

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