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Truist Park is a gorgeous, picturesque baseball stadium situated deep in the heart of Atlanta's metropolitan area. It is a marvel of modern architecture and design. Truist Park has witnessed numerous concerts and games despite its recent construction, and it also happens to be the home field of the Atlanta Braves. Thousands of people can bear witness to their luxurious experiences of Truist Park, and so can you if you get a Truist Park VIP Box!


A Truist Park VIP box gives you a view and experience that goes beyond human comprehension. You get a complete view of the home base because the Infiniti suites and Champion suites are right behind the home base, albeit at different elevations. You have a view of the field to the front of your Truist Park VIP box and a view of the glistening buildings of Battery Atlanta to the left and right.


The capacity for Truist Park happens to be around 41000 people, but during active seasons and concerts, there have been up to 43000 people in attendance. The Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer concert in 2021 witnessed a turnout of around 32000 people, despite Covid measures. With approximately 40000+ people attending a game, there are bound to be traffic and seating problems. With the right Truist Park suite, you won't have to worry about these things because some Truist Park suites may include VIP parking and separate VIP entrances.


These suites allow you to enjoy your game without being shoved, pushed, or heckled. Combine this perk with some of the others, and you'll have the game of your lifetime. If you don’t want a whole suite, try getting a Truist Park VIP Club Seats. These seats might be your private space for the game, away from the noise and sweaty bodies. You will be able to focus on the game away from the crowd in comfortable seats. You will be able to enjoy the game peacefully.


 You can get quite a few privileges and amenities. The best thing about Truist park suites is the option of food and catering. You have to pay extra for it, but it is worth it, especially if you want to make a good impression on guests. You can change your viewing experience by getting whatever you want.


With a Truist Park suite, the sky really is the limit to how much fun and enjoyment you can get from your game. The booking process and confirmation process aren't complex either. You can get a suite based on your preferences with a single click of your mouse!

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Truist Park VIP Box and suite have prices that range between $2300 and $15000. The prices vary significantly based on the event, suite and perks involved. Infiniti suites will cost more than the standard suites, and suites for concerts cost more than suites for baseball games. Additionally, if you want more perks, you will have to pay more, so it all boils down to your needs.



In Truist Park, suites can be divided into Infiniti, Party, and Champions. The number of guests that can fit into each suit is different and limited. An Infiniti club suite has a primary space for 12 people, but you can have more seats arranged and push the limit to 20 people. A champions suite can hold more than 24 people. Like the Infiniti suite, the number of seats can change at an additional price.

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