Verizon Theatre At Grand Prairie VIP Box & Luxury Suite

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Verizon Theatre VIP Box Seats & Luxury Suites


The Verizon Theatre is a huge concert hall that has gone through a lot of identity changes. It was opened in the year 2002, located in Grand Prairie, by the name of NextStage Performance Theatre. In between, it was known as the Nokia Live, and it was then renamed to the Verizon Theatre when Verizon Wireless bought it. In the year 2018, the Theatre was finally renamed to the Theatre At Grand Prairie. 


The Verizon Theatre might have changed its name more than once, but that doesn’t mean its standard ever deteriorated. The Theatre has a total capacity of about 6300 people and is one of the biggest theatres in Texas. The Theatre is one of the hotspots for famous artists like Demo Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Janet Jackson, and many more. It is known to host some of the most popular and renowned artists from Broadway and hosts several family shows as well. 


The Verizon Theatre has a total construction cost of around 96 million dollars keeping inflation into count. It has one of the most significant and most modern constructions for a theatre. This is one of the reasons that the Theatre is a hotspot for exciting events and waves of crowds. 


The Verizon Theatre VIP Box Seats and Luxury Suites are an incentive that is surely going to make you fall in love with both the Theatre and our website With the VIP Boxes, you are entitled to facilities such as Premium seating arrangements, luxury dining options, VIP parking, VIP gateways, and much more. 


All the information on our website is updated in real-time. This means that you will not be facing any problem while booking your preferred seats. You will also be notified of any last moment chances from the venue’s end. Using our website is your best bet if you want to get the best experience from The Verizon Theatre VIP Box Seats and Luxury Suites. 


Treat yourself with the best experience by booking the Verizon Theatre VIP Box Seats and Luxury Suites. It has several VIP Boxes to accommodate all the guests without any problem.



Private vs. Shared VIP Boxes & Luxury Suite at the Verizon Theatre


The VIP Boxes situated within the Verizon Theatre are large enough to fit up to 20 people. There are also small VIP boxes as well that can hold up to 4 to 12 people at once.  


Furthermore, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have enough people to fill an entire VIP box. gives you a choice to club a VIP box with another group; this is one of the more economical ways of enjoying and experiencing the VIP Box. 


The included amenities change alongside the event, place, and the venue, but the common ones include:


·      VIP Parking

·      VIP Event Entrance

·      Access to VIP Lounges & Clubs

·      VIP Server/Seat Attendant

·      Food & Beverage Options

·      VIP Restroom

·      Covered To Protect You From Rain & Sun

·      The Best Event Views in the Venue!


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