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Choosing the perfect viewing experience at live events can often feel like navigating a sea of endless options. Yet, amidst this vast ocean, the Target Center Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes shine like a beacon of exclusivity and comfort.

These aren't just spots to watch an event; they're invitations to immerse yourself in an elevated experience that marries unparalleled views with a touch of culinary brilliance. Imagine sinking into plush seating while Minneapolis' own Chef David Fhima enchants your taste buds with locally-sourced organic delights—a true feast for all senses.

Our journey through the world of luxury event experiences has given us quite the insight into what sets certain venues apart. It’s almost like finding hidden treasures in places you’d least expect them.

The Target Center, with its array of premium seating options including those highly sought-after luxury suites presented by SuiteHop, shines as a prime example that effortlessly tops our list for delivering an unmatched day or evening out.

Let us share these gathered pearls of wisdom with you, guiding your step into a realm where opulence meets convenience right in the pulsating heart of Minneapolis. Prepare to elevate your concept of what attending an event can be—the Target Center awaits to transform it into reality.

Key Takeaways

  • Target Center offers various luxury suites and VIP boxes, including Classic Suites for groups, Club Suites for smaller gatherings, Executive Suites for big parties or business meetings, Party Suites for celebrations, and Courtside Suites for the ultimate fan experience close to the action.
  • Suite prices vary depending on the event but generally range from $4,000 to $8,000 for Minnesota Timberwolves games. Other events might have different prices.
  • VIP Boxes can host up to 6 guests with features like chef - driven cuisine, top amenities, VIP parking passes, access to exclusive bars and lounges. Prices also fluctuate based on game dates and opposing teams.
  • Exclusive benefits of booking a VIP box include dramatic views of events from TCL Theater Boxes, private suite amenities with all-inclusive seating options and catering services available directly in-suite.
  • The Target Center is not just about sports; it's a prime spot for concerts and other major events offering unique experiences with luxurious comforts that make every visit memorable.


Exploring Target Center Luxury Suites

Exploring Target Center Luxury Suites opens doors to unmatched comfort and style. Here, every event becomes a special occasion with exclusive views and services.

Variety of Luxury Suites Available

We know you want the best experience at Target Center. That's why we offer a range of luxury suites, each with top-notch amenities, VIP parking passes, and premium catering options. Here’s what you can choose from:


  1. Classic Suites – These are perfect for groups wanting to enjoy events in a private setting. With comfortable seating and great views of the action, Classic Suites can host parties of various sizes. Every suite comes with access to exclusive bars and lounges.
  2. Club Suites – A step up, Club Suites offer a more intimate experience. They're ideal for smaller gatherings, providing plush seating and an amazing view of the stage or court. Guests get special entry to private lounges and bars.
  3. Executive Suites – Designed for business gatherings or large parties, Executive Suites are spacious and luxurious. They come with all the amenities of smaller suites but have room for bigger groups. Plus, you get added perks like priority parking.
  4. Party Suites – When it’s time to celebrate big time, Party Suites are what you need. They’re built to accommodate large groups without sacrificing comfort or view. Whether it’s a birthday bash or corporate event, these suites make it memorable.
  5. Courtside Suites – For the ultimate fan experience, nothing beats Courtside Suites. You’re as close to the action as you can get, with all the luxury suite benefits—exclusive access, premium food and drinks, and more.


Each choice promises an unforgettable VIP experience at concerts and events held at Target Center. So whether you're here for fun or formal gatherings, we've got something that fits your needs perfectly.

Featured Events and Teams at Target Center

The Target Center is a prime spot for big events and home games of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves. Fans gather here to catch all the action live, where basketball thrills meet the excitement of being part of a cheering crowd.

It's not just sports; this venue also hosts concerts, family shows, and other major events that bring people together from all walks of life.


Experience unforgettable moments at Target Center – where entertainment meets passion.


Aside from Timberwolves games, the arena lights up with performances by top artists and entertainers from around the globe. Each event offers a unique vibe, making it a landmark in Minneapolis for fun times and great memories.

Watching an event from a Target Center VIP box elevates these experiences further, providing unmatched views and luxurious comfort.

Suite Pricing and Seating Capacity

We understand you're looking for the perfect blend of comfort, exclusivity, and entertainment. Our Target Center luxury suites and VIP boxes offer just that, with options to cater to any group size and preference. Below, find a quick summary of our suite pricing and seating capacities to help you make an informed decision for your next unforgettable experience at Target Center.


Suite Type Seating Capacity Price Range
Minnesota Timberwolves Games 15-20 guests $4,000 - $8,000
Theater Box Up to 6 guests Varies based on event
Other Events 15-20 guests Price varies by event


Our luxury suites cater to groups of 15-20 guests, ensuring enough space for everyone to enjoy the game or event in unparalleled comfort. For a more intimate gathering, our Theater Box accommodates up to 6 guests, with oversized chairs and tall stools that redefine premium experiences. Keep in mind, prices fluctuate based on the day, opponent, and type of event, guaranteeing we have something just right for your needs and budget. Whether it's catching a Minnesota Timberwolves game or attending a concert, we've got you covered with a range of options to elevate your Target Center visit.

Inside Target Center VIP Boxes

Inside Target Center VIP Boxes, guests get a top-notch experience. Here, comfort meets luxury, making every event memorable.

VIP Box Features

We know you want the best experience at Target Center. That's why we're excited to tell you about our VIP Box features. These boxes are perfect for enjoying events with friends, family, or business associates. Here's what you get:


  1. Space for up to 6 guests—ideal for small groups wanting a mix of privacy and luxury.
  2. Chef-driven, 5-star cuisine from locally-renowned chefs makes every bite an experience.
  3. The finest amenities included with each luxury box mean you're always treated like a VIP.
  4. VIP parking passes come with your rental, so no need to worry about finding a spot.
  5. Premium catering options are available, letting you customize your dining experience.
  6. Exclusive access to bars and lounges where you can relax away from the crowd.
  7. Some suites offer all - inclusive food and drinks—less time ordering means more time enjoying.
  8. Free parking in Ramp A is connected via skyway for select events, adding convenience.
  9. Private entrances get you in and out easily, without the hassle of lines.
  10. Extra tickets and access to additional events make sure there’s always something new to see.


Enjoy these features next time at Target Center—it's all about making your visit unforgettable!

VIP Box Pricing and Capacity

Exploring the deluxe offerings at Target Center, we delve into the specifics of VIP box pricing and capacity. Our VIP boxes set the stage for an unforgettable experience, combining exclusivity with breathtaking views of the action. Here's a quick snapshot:


VIP Box Type Price Range Capacity
TCL Theater Boxes $4,000 - $8,000 Up to 6 guests


Prices fluctuate based on game dates and opposing teams, ensuring a range of options to fit various needs and occasions. With seating designed to accommodate groups of up to 6, these VIP boxes offer a cozier, more intimate setting for fans and guests. Whether it's for a night out with friends or making that business deal in a memorable setting, our VIP boxes cater to all.

Exclusive VIP Box Amenities and Benefits

We know you're looking for the best experience at Target Center. That's why we offer exclusive VIP box amenities and benefits that set the bar high. Here’s what makes our VIP boxes stand out:


  1. Dramatic Views - Our TCL Theater Boxes provide unmatched views of the event. You won't miss a moment of the action.
  2. Chef-Driven, 5-Star Cuisine - Expect nothing less than top-notch dining from our elevated premium menu, designed for a luxurious experience.
  3. Private Suite Amenities - Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own space with all-inclusive club seating.
  4. VIP Parking Passes - Skip the hassle of finding parking. Our VIP boxes come with passes for easy access.
  5. Premium Catering Options Available In-Suite - Customize your experience with our variety of catering choices right at your seat.
  6. Exclusive Bars and Lounges Access - Take advantage of our exclusive areas to relax or mingle before, during, and after events.
  7. Trustworthy Booking Assistance - SuiteHop is here to help you book seamlessly, ensuring a stress-free process from start to finish.
  8. All-Inclusive Experience - From premium location seating to private amenities, everything you need for an unforgettable night is included.


Now, let’s move on to discussing how these features contribute to creating an unparalleled entertainment environment at Target Center.


Exploring Target Center's luxury suites and VIP boxes gives fans a top-notch experience. These spaces offer great views, delicious food by Chef David Fhima, and premium drinks. Guests get VIP parking and can enjoy events in style.

With various options from SuiteHop to the TCL Theater Boxes, there’s something for everyone. Enjoying games or concerts here means soaking in luxury with every perk you could want—making it an unforgettable way to watch the Minnesota Timberwolves or any other event at Target Center.


1. What's inside a Target Center Luxury Suite?

A Target Center Luxury Suite includes comfy seating, private restrooms, and access to exclusive food and drinks.

2. Can I buy tickets for just one event in a VIP Box?

Yes, you can buy tickets for individual events in a VIP Box.

3. How many people can fit in a luxury suite?

Up to 18 people can enjoy the space in most luxury suites.

4. Do I get a special entrance with my Luxury Suite ticket?

Yes, there's a special entrance for those with Luxury Suite tickets—no long lines!

5. Are food and drinks included with the suite or VIP box?

Food and drinks are often included but it depends on the package you choose.

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