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Discover the perfect way to enjoy an event at TD Garden, where options span from the cozy corner seats to those premium spots that come with a touch more exclusivity. Among these, the TD Garden Luxury Suite and VIP Box rentals shine as beacons for anyone looking to sprinkle a little extra magic on their night out.

They offer not just stellar views, but also amenities and privacy that turn any ordinary game or concert into something truly memorable. Our guide is your passport into this luxurious world at TD Garden — making every moment feel like it was crafted just for you.

With countless events checked off our list in all sorts of tickets - from being right there among the cheering crowd to savoring the sophisticated atmosphere of luxury suites - we've gathered a treasure trove of insights.

It's these experiences that give us a special edge in guiding you through what feels like an entirely new level of enjoyment. Picture nearly 100 luxury suites framing the heart-pounding excitement on the floor below, each offering its own unique take on making your visit something far beyond simply being there.

Let's dive together into optimizing your next event experience with elegance and flair.

Key Takeaways

  • TD Garden has nearly 100 luxury suites and VIP boxes that offer private viewing of games and concerts with special features like exclusive restaurants, premium catering, and VIP parking.
  • Suites can fit 12 to 21 people, making them perfect for group events like birthdays or corporate meetings. Prices vary depending on the event but start at $1,900 for sports events and go up to $15,000 for concerts.
  • Booking a suite is easy by contacting TD Garden directly. Prices include food and drinks for some packages. Early booking is recommended as popular events fill up fast.
  • Suites come with access to private restrooms, entry to a VIP club, in - seat attendants, and sometimes unique features like original Boston Garden parquet floors in Celtics suites.
  • To enhance your experience, consider customizing your food and beverage options ahead of time, using the dedicated suite entrance for an easier arrival, dressing comfortably or in team colors for the game or concert.


Overview of TD Garden Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes

At TD Garden, our luxury suites and VIP boxes take watching events to a whole new level. They offer privacy, comfort, and a unique view that makes any game or show unforgettable.

Features and Amenities of TD Garden Suites

TD Garden Suites offer a private and upscale experience for guests. They come with great views of the game or concert, making every moment special. Our suites can fit 50-60 people, perfect for big parties or corporate events.

Guests get to enjoy VIP parking passes. This means less time looking for parking and more time enjoying the event.

Our suites aren't just about watching the game or concert. They also have access to three private restaurants – Harbor View, Legends, and TD Garden's very own award-winning eatery.

Imagine enjoying top-notch food while you're at your event. Plus, each suite has premium catering options available upon request.

For those looking for an even more exclusive experience, our Bruin’s suite rentals provide a cozy atmosphere with prime on-ice action views. Celtics fans can relish in amenities like original Boston Garden parquet floors in some suites – a real treat! And let’s not forget - all our VIP boxes include private restrooms, entry to a VIP club, in-seat attendants at your service throughout the event, ensuring every need is met without missing any action.

Events Suitable for Luxury Suite and VIP Box Rentals

Knowing what you can experience in our TD Garden luxury suites and VIP boxes is key. From Boston Bruins and Celtics games to concerts, these spaces offer a private setting for any event.

They're perfect for making memories with family, friends, or coworkers. Imagine watching your favorite team or artist from the comfort of a suite that feels like home but with the added excitement of being at TD Garden.

Our suites fit groups from 12 to 21 people, which means there's room for everyone. They come with VIP parking passes—no need to worry about where to park. Plus, premium catering options turn any gathering into a feast.

Whether it's a corporate meeting, birthday party, or bachelor bash, renting a suite elevates the occasion.


Elevate your game day or concert experience in style.


Booking Your TD Garden Suite or VIP Box

Booking your TD Garden suite or VIP box is a breeze. Just reach out with your details, and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Contact Details for Suite and VIP Box Reservations

For TD Garden VIP Box or suite reservations, we have all the details you need. Call us at 617-624-2000 for general questions or dial 617-624-XXXX to directly book your luxury suite or VIP box.

We're here to help make your experience unforgettable.

Need more info? Our team is ready to assist with any questions about booking a luxury suite or VIP Box at TD Garden. Whether it's for a Bruins game, a Celtics showdown, or any concert, reach out—we've got you covered.

The Booking Process and Pricing Information

Getting your TD Garden luxury suite or VIP box is easier than you think. We're here to guide you through every step, from the first call to enjoying the game or show.


  1. Choose your event - Whether it's a Bruins or Celtics game, concert, or family show, decide what you want to see.
  2. Contact us for reservations - You can find our contact details on the TD Garden website. Reach out, and we'll get back to you quickly.
  3. Discuss your options - We'll talk about available dates, suite locations, and how many tickets you'll need. For Bruins games, suites start at $12,600 for 18 tickets with food and drinks included. Celtics games start at $6,300 for 18 tickets, and you can add up to three more if needed.
  4. Review pricing - Prices vary based on the event and location within TD Garden. Concerts range from $2,000 to $15,000; sports events can be anywhere from $1,900 to $14,000.
  5. Confirm your choice - Once we've found the perfect suite for you, we'll lock it in. Premium options start at $5,000 but remember—the view and experience are worth every penny.
  6. Payment details - We accept various payment methods for your convenience. We'll discuss this during our call.
  7. Receive your tickets - After everything's set up and paid for, we'll send over your tickets digitally or via mail—your choice.
  8. Prepare for the day - As the event approaches, we'll reach out with all the information you need to enjoy your luxury suite experience without any stress.


Following these steps assures a smooth booking process so that all that’s left is looking forward to an unforgettable experience at TD Garden!

Tips to Enhance Your TD Garden Suite Experience

To make your TD Garden suite experience unforgettable, we've put together some essential tips. These will ensure you and your guests have the best time, whether you're watching the Bruins, Celtics, or attending a corporate event.


  1. Book Early - Secure your luxury suite or VIP box as soon as possible. Popular games and events fill up fast.
  2. Customize Your Food and Beverage Options - You can choose what food and drinks you want in your suite. Think about what your guests might like and order ahead of time.
  3. Dress for Comfort and Team Spirit - Whether it's a sports game or a concert, wear comfortable clothes. Don't forget to sport team colors if you're there for the Bruins or Celtics!
  4. Plan Your Arrival Time - Get there early to avoid the rush and enjoy everything your suite has to offer before the event starts.
  5. Learn About Suite Amenities - Familiarize yourself with all the features of your suite. This includes how to adjust the climate controls, what services are available at the touch of a button, and more.
  6. Use the Dedicated Suite Entrance - Take advantage of this perk for an easier and faster way to get into TD Garden.
  7. Download the TD Garden App - It's a handy tool for event updates, ordering food to your suite, and more.
  8. Ask for Help When Needed - Staff are there to make your experience better. If you need anything or have questions, just ask.
  9. Capture the Moments - Bring a camera or use your phone to take photos of your group enjoying the suite. These memories are worth keeping!
  10. Explore The Garden View if You Have More Guests - For parties of 40-60 people, consider The Garden View space for an equally fantastic experience with more room.


With these tips in mind, booking your TD Garden suite or VIP box is just around the corner!


TD Garden Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes offer unforgettable experiences. With top-notch views of Bruins and Celtics games, concerts, and events—each moment feels exclusive. Enjoy premium catering, VIP parking, and the comfort of your private space.

It's all about luxury meets action here at TD Garden. Perfect for hosting that special event or just a night out with friends in style.


1. What can I see from a TD Garden Luxury Suite?

You get an amazing view of the event, with clear sights and sounds from the comfort of your suite.

2. How many people can fit in a VIP Box at TD Garden?

A VIP Box can comfortably hold groups, typically around 4-6 guests.

3. Are food and drinks included in the suite package?

Yes, most luxury suites offer catering options for an additional cost, so you can enjoy snacks and drinks right in your suite.

4. Can I book a luxury suite for any event at TD Garden?

Absolutely, whether it's sports or concerts, you have the option to experience them all from the luxury of a private suite.

5. Is parking included with my Luxury Suite or VIP Box reservation?

Parking isn't always included but often available for purchase separately, ensuring you have a hassle-free arrival and departure.

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