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Additional Starlight Theatre - Kansas City Info

The Starlight Theatre is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The Starlight Theatre is one of the few amphitheaters in the US dedicated to Broadways shows and concerts. Over the years, artistic masterpieces like the Great Waltz, the Illusionists, and the Wizard of Oz have been orchestrated on its stage. The theatre generates a lot of hype every year, but only a few people manage to acquire tickets due to its limited capacity. You can be one of those lucky by enjoying an upcoming show of your choice in this amphitheater from your Starlight Theatre VIP box.

There are seven VIP boxes in this theatre. These boxes are sandwiched between the P sections and the Front section. All of the VIP boxes are less than 25 rows away from the stage. You get a guaranteed clear view and fantastic audio with each VIP box. These boxes have spacious seats and ample legroom. You get to view the stage and the beauty of the amphitheater. The Gothic-Victorian style stage and the equally majestic towers that stand like lonely sentinels are both viewable from these seats.

In addition to a good view, you may also acquire other perks and amenities with your Starlight Theatre VIP box. One perk that you may be blessed with is in-seat wait service. If you require a snack or a beverage, ask your attendant for assistance. They will be more than glad to help settle your cravings. You can get your favorite food right in your seat. Additionally, if you want an even better alternative, we present "Catering."

But good food isn't the only thing you can acquire with your VIP box. In addition, to these perks, you may also gain access to separate VIP restrooms and reserved parking. You may also get access to a separate VIP entrance. Walk into the theatre like you own the place. A Starlight Theatre club seat may pique your interest if you think a VIP box isn't your style.

Finally, you should know that only a limited number of VIP boxes are available. The demand for these boxes remains very high, and most of them get booked weeks in advance. If you don't want to miss out, visit our website now to secure your preferred Starlight Theatre VIP box or seat. Ten minutes of your day will be more than enough to transform your summer into an experience of a lifetime.



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A single Starlight Theatre VIP box ticket can cost $150 to $500. The prices change based on the event and the box you are getting. There are seven different boxes in Starlight Theatre, with varying perks. The more luxurious your choice is, the more it will cost you.





A Starlight Theatre VIP box can accommodate between 2 to 8 people based on the event and box you are getting. In some cases, the number of people allowed in a box can go up to 12 people. Visit our website to find more information about seating capacities for the VIP box you want.

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