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PNC Music Pavilion is one of the few specialized outdoor amphitheatres in Charlotte, North Carolina. This amphitheatre can accommodate up to 19500 people. It has a sprawling lawn usually filled with people during active concert seasons. The amphitheatre also has a fixed seating area that can accommodate around 9000 people. If you really want to enjoy a concert in PNC Music Pavilion, then the only place where you should be is in a PNC Music Pavilion VIP box, in the fixed seating area.

All of the VIP boxes are located behind 100-tier seats. These boxes guarantee a fantastic view of the center stage and the surrounding area. Apart from an expansive view, you also get the most comfortable seats. The seats may look the same, but they give you way more breathing space. You can walk around, kick back, dance, and practically do whatever you want. The sound quality remains exquisite in all of these boxes because of their location.

A VIP box will also give you way more options for luxury. For example, one of the perks you may get with your VIP box is the in-seat wait service. Don't you just hate waiting in lines for snacks? Well, with the in-seat wait service, you won't have to do that anymore because your attendant will do it for you. If you need a snack, just tell them to get you your snacks. Apart from in-seat attendants, you may also get access to catering. Getting access to catering is like getting a portable 5-star restaurant in your VIP box.

But all of these are perks for the inside of the VIP box; what about more practical perks, like parking or restrooms? The purpose of a PNC Music Pavilion VIP box is to give you luxury wrapped in convenience. So, we are more than glad to inform you that your PNC Music Pavilion VIP box may give you reserved parking privileges. You may also get to use the lavish VIP restrooms. Also, you can get a PNC Music Pavilion club seat to get possible access to even more perks.

Some of the high-profile concerts that will happen here this summer are from Morgan Wallen, Foo Fighters, Tim McGraw, the Dave Matthews Band, and Halsey. Most of the VIP boxes to these concerts will be reserved weeks before the event. If you don't want to miss out on the experience of a VIP box, visit our website right now. You can check the availability of your favorite VIP box, and have it booked in less than 10 minutes.


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A single PNC Music Pavilion VIP box ticket can cost between $300 and $1800. The price is highly dependent on the event and the demand. During high-profile concerts, the price increases exponentially. Also, the more perks you get with a box, the more it will cost you.




The number of people that can fit in a PNC Music Pavilion VIP box varies between 2 to 16. Some of the boxes are larger than the others like the boxes numbered 16 and 17. These boxes can naturally accommodate more people. You can get two tickets to a box and share it, or get the whole box.

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