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Opting for a VIP Box at PNC Music Pavilion isn’t just about upgrading your concert experience—it’s about transforming an ordinary night out into something truly special. While some might think that premium seating is a luxury they can skip, they often don’t realize the world of difference it makes: from the comfort and privacy to the exclusive services and views you won’t get anywhere else in the venue.

With 28 boxes that offer both unparalleled sights and lavishness, choosing a VIP box means not just watching the show but indulging in it with sophistication.

Our team, seasoned by years of bringing clients the very best in entertainment experiences, has a soft spot for what makes each event unique. Especially when it comes to venues like PNC Music Pavilion—there's something magical about how its VIP boxes make a concert feel like more than just another item on your calendar; they turn it into highlights of your year.

So, if you're ready to make memories that last long after the final encore, let's chat about elevating your next concert experience together.

Key Takeaways

  • VIP boxes at PNC Music Pavilion provide a top - tier music experience with comfortable seating for 2 to 12 people, and prices range from $300 to $600 per ticket.
  • These premium seats come with several perks like access to private restrooms, a cash bar exclusive for VIPs, fast entry into the venue, parking benefits, and personal wait service during the show.
  • Boxes numbered 11 - 18 offer the best views of the stage for an unforgettable concert experience.


VIP Box Seats at PNC Music Pavilion

At PNC Music Pavilion, our VIP Box Seats offer an exclusive, top-tier music experience. You get comfort and style, all while enjoying your favorite concerts.

Amenities and features of VIP box seats

VIP box seats at PNC Music Pavilion are a top choice for fans looking for comfort and style. Each VIP box is fully covered, protecting you from rain or shine. With 4 to 6 padded seats in each box, you can enjoy the show in complete comfort.

These semi-private boxes let you watch performances without anything blocking your view.

The perks don't stop there. With a VIP ticket, you get access to private restrooms--no more long lines! There's also a special area just for VIPs with a full cash bar that has drinks not found anywhere else in the venue.

Plus, getting into and out of the concert is a breeze with VIP parking access.

For those who want the best views, boxes 11-18 are where it's at. They're positioned perfectly for head-on views of the stage, making your experience unforgettable. Overall, choosing a VIP box seat means enjoying great amenities that make every concert special.

Pricing and capacity of VIP box seats

We understand your anticipation for a truly unforgettable experience at PNC Music Pavilion, especially when considering the VIP Box seats. Our VIP boxes, tailored to offer both exclusivity and a premium viewing experience, cater to varying group sizes and budgets. Below is a concise summary of the pricing and capacity details for our VIP box seats, aimed at helping you make an informed decision:


VIP Box Capacity Price Range Per Ticket
2 People $300 - $600
4 People $300 - $600
6 People $300 - $600
8-12 People $300 - $600


We offer 28 VIP boxes, with options ranging from intimate settings for two, ideal for couples, to larger spaces accommodating up to 12 guests, perfect for groups of friends or corporate outings. Importantly, you have the flexibility to buy the whole box or at least two tickets for access, ensuring your experience is exactly as you wish. Boxes numbered 11-18 are particularly sought after for their head-on stage views, promising an exceptional visual and auditory experience. Whether you're planning a special night out or aiming to impress clients, our VIP boxes provide an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and exclusivity.

The VIP Experience at PNC Music Pavilion

Stepping into a VIP box at PNC Music Pavilion elevates your concert game to new heights. Expect luxury, comfort, and a night you won't forget.

What to expect when booking a VIP box

Booking a PNC Music Pavilion VIP box means getting ready for comfort and style. You'll kick back in seats that offer fantastic views, with some having service right to your seat. Prices vary from $300 to $1800, but every ticket brings the promise of an unbeatable view—especially from boxes 11-18.

These spots face the stage head-on, making sure you catch every moment up close.

With room for larger groups, a VIP box is perfect for making memories or celebrating special moments before the show starts. Fast entry and access to private areas add to the ease and exclusivity of your night out.

Plus, being part of a limited group with access to the VIP club means enjoying amenities that turn a concert into an unforgettable experience.


"Experience luxury at its best with our PNC Music Pavilion VIP Box."


Next up—let's talk about benefits and perks that come with this premium choice.

Benefits and perks of the VIP experience

We always look for ways to make concert nights unforgettable. VIP tickets at PNC Music Pavilion do just that, offering a mix of comfort and exclusivity. Here's why upgrading to a VIP box should be on your radar:


  1. Comfortable Seating and In-Seat Service - Forget standing in crowded spots. Our VIP box seats give you the best head-on views of the stage from a spacious, semi-private area. Plus, you won't have to miss a beat of the show when you order food or drinks right from your seat.
  2. Fast Entry - Skip the long lines with faster entry access. This means more time enjoying the concert atmosphere and less time waiting.
  3. Access to Private Areas - With VIP tickets, gain entry to exclusive areas where you can relax away from the crowd. These areas often come with full cash bar services, making your experience smoother.
  4. Parking Benefits - Say goodbye to parking woes. VIP Nation and LN Premium packages include parking perks, ensuring you have a hassle-free start and end to your evening.
  5. Club Access - Enjoy access to premium clubs within PNC Music Pavilion. It's not just about watching; it's about experiencing luxury and comfort while you're at it.
  6. Wait Service Throughout the Show - Want another drink but don't want to miss your favorite song? No problem! Our attentive wait service takes care of your needs directly at your seat.
  7. Amazing Amenities All Season Long - If you love concerts, think about grabbing a Series Package through LN Premium for season-long enjoyment with luxurious perks included in every show.


We offer these benefits because we know that little extras can turn a good night into an amazing experience—one that you'll talk about long after the final encore.

Tips for making the most of your VIP box experience

Getting the VIP box at PNC Music Pavilion means you're in for an exclusive treat. Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy every moment.


  1. Arrive early – Take advantage of the VIP entry to avoid the long lines. This gives you more time to enjoy the amenities.
  2. Plan your parking – Use the reserved parking that comes with your VIP package. It saves time and stress.
  3. Explore all perks – Your VIP box isn't just a seat; it’s access to private restrooms, a cocktail bar, and more. Make sure to use them.
  4. Pre - order drinks and snacks – With wait service available, you can have your food and drinks delivered right to you. Don’t miss this convenience.
  5. Dress comfortably yet stylishly – You want to be comfortable but also match the exclusive feel of your VIP box.
  6. Invite friends or family – Share this amazing experience with loved ones. The boxes have enough space for a small group.
  7. Capture moments – Bring a camera or use your phone to take pictures of this unique experience.
  8. Check for special requests – If celebrating an occasion, see if any additional perks or decorations can be added to your box.
  9. Stay late – After the show, linger a bit longer while the regular crowds leave first, making for an easier exit.


Following these tips ensures that your VIP box experience at PNC Music Pavilion is unforgettable and fully enjoyed, from start to finish.


Choosing a VIP Box at PNC Music Pavilion means enjoying the best seats with great perks. You get cover from rain, awesome views, and comfy seats. Plus, exclusive access to clubs and special parking makes it all feel first-class.

Whether you're celebrating or just want to treat yourself, these boxes offer a unique way to see a show. Getting there early lets you enjoy every minute of your VIP experience.


1. What is a VIP box at PNC Music Pavilion?

A VIP box is a private seating area that offers a premium view of the stage, with extra perks.

2. How many people can fit in one VIP box?

Typically, a VIP box can hold between 4 to 8 guests, depending on the size.

3. Are there any special benefits that come with booking a VIP box?

Yes, you get access to exclusive amenities like private restrooms, VIP parking, and in-seat wait service.

4. Can I buy food and drinks from my VIP box seat?

Absolutely — you have the luxury of ordering food and drinks right to your seat.

5. Is it more expensive to book a VIP box than regular seats?

Yes, due to the added comforts and privacy, booking a VIP box costs more than standard seating options.

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