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Oak Mountain Amphitheatre VIP Box Seats & Luxury Suites

Oak Mountain Amphitheatre is an amazing outdoor-based amphitheatre that is located back in Pelham, Alabama, in the US. It is situated a few miles south based in Birmingham. It is a well-established outdoor concert venue owned under the ownership of Live Nation. It has an impressive seating capacity of 10, 500 seats.

The laid-back neighborhood of Pelham that is best known for its Open-air Oak Mountain Amphitheatre is a treat for the people that come here. The unending chains of stores, quaint cafes, and restaurants, along with other shops, will catch the eye of the audience. What we love about the arena is the size, which is very convenient. Musicians such as John Mayer has performed and also recorded his show in this arena.

The arena was originally known as Verizon Wireless Music Centre back in the day. It is popular and well-recognized as it is the biggest outdoor music venue or arena based in Alabama. The venue is known for hosting live performances from numerous artists and continues to bring fresh artists to the stage.

Oak Mountain Amphitheatre VIP Box consists of excellent premium seating options for a rare experience. It features about three different tiers of seating for reserved purposes and does not involve any general admission of the seating area. The Oak Mountain Amphitheatre VIP Box often comes with amenities such as an entire tier that spans the whole width of the section of seating. 

Top artists appear at Oak Mountain often. Make sure to buy Rise Against tickets, Kip Moore meet and greet, NEEDTOBREATHE presale tickets or catch the Enrique Iglesias tour.

Now with VIPBoxSeats.com, you can explore the entire collection to score the best shows at the best prices with luxurious seating.

Now is the chance to reap the most benefits out of the concert through the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre VIP Box. You can easily make use of the 42 VIP Boxes and suites that are available through the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre VIP Box now.


Private vs. Shared VIP Boxes & Luxury Suite at Oak Mountain Amphitheatre

The Oak Mountain Amphitheatre VIP Boxes Seat covers up to 4-12 people, and they are usually the most convenient ones for smaller groups of people. VIP Boxes that are bigger, as well as luxury suites, can be found in limited quantities on our page. They usually go up to 18 people and more.

VIPBoxSeats.com is versatile to the point that it also provides seats within a VIP Box that is shared. You can always sit with other couples in a box that supports four people at once. This will allow you to experience a luxurious stay by spending a lesser amount of money while enjoying the top-notch treatment.

The amenities change according to the type of event that is being held as well as the size of the VIP Box and luxury suite. However, most of the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre VIP Box Seats, as well as the luxurious seats, include benefits such as:

·      VIP Parking

·      VIP Event Entrance

·      Access to VIP Lounges & Clubs

·      VIP Server/Seat Attendant

·      Food & Beverage Options

·      VIP Restroom

·      Covered To Protect You From Rain & Sun

·      The Best Event Views in the Venue!


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