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Finding the perfect spot at a high-profile event often feels akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, where comfort and luxury are frequently sacrificed just to say you were "there." Yet, Moda Center's Luxury Suites and VIP Boxes transcend this all-too-common compromise, offering an unparalleled fusion of privacy, indulgence, and prestige.

These exclusive enclaves do more than merely augment your viewing experience; they come packed with perks like VIP parking passes and premium catering options — serving as the golden ticket for those seeking to elevate their time spent at gatherings.

Through years dedicated to exploring and critiquing premier event spaces across our great nation, my insights into what truly enriches an attendee’s experience have sharpened. The Moda Center emerges not only as Portland's crown jewel among sports arenas but also as a venue that reimagines what it means to be a spectator through its meticulously designed luxury suites and VIP boxes intended for the most discerning guests.

Ready for an insider look into how these elite experiences can transform your next outing? Let’s dive deeper together.

Key Takeaways

  • Moda Center offers luxury suites and VIP boxes that come with comfort, privacy, and premium amenities like VIP parking passes and top-notch catering options.
  • Suites provide a private space for you and your group, featuring plush seating, wet bars, private restrooms, and TVs for an exclusive entertainment experience.
  • Booking is easy: contact the suite sales team and choose your event from sports to concerts, with prices ranging from $3,000 to $10,000+ depending on the event.


The Benefits of Booking a Luxury Suite or VIP Box at Moda Center

Booking a luxury suite or VIP box at Moda Center puts you right in the lap of comfort and class. You get to enjoy top-notch entertainment with perks that make every event feel like a special occasion.

Elevate your entertainment experience

At Moda Center, we make sure your entertainment is top-notch. Our luxury suites and VIP boxes are not just seats; they give you a view and an experience like no other. Imagine watching your favorite show or game with the best amenities at your fingertips—comfortable seating, VIP parking passes, and premium catering options all included.

This way, every moment is memorable, from the start to the finish.

Our private spaces ensure you enjoy events away from crowds, offering an exclusive feel. With access to first-class services on the Umpqua Bank Suite Level, entertaining guests becomes a breeze.

And after elevating your entertainment experience....

Private and comfortable space

We offer Moda Center luxury suites because we know you value privacy and comfort during events. Each suite is a private space just for you and your group. This means you can watch the game or show without anyone else getting in your way.

It's like having your own special room where only you and your friends or family get to hang out.

Our suites aren't just about privacy, though. They're super comfortable too, making sure everyone in your group feels right at home from start to finish. Think of plush seating where you can relax and enjoy every moment of the event.

Plus, with our premium amenities including top-notch catering options, it's all about giving you a VIP experience unlike any other. Feeling good and having everything taken care of makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Premium amenities and services

Moving from the comfort and privacy of Moda Center's luxury spaces, guests are met with a blend of premium amenities and services that elevate the experience further. The Umpqua Bank Suite Level introduces first-class amenities along with personal service, creating an unmatched luxurious atmosphere.

Every Moda Center VIP Box comes equipped not just for comfort but for indulgence—think VIP parking passes and top-notch catering options to make every moment inside memorable.

Courtside seats bring you close to action; larger padded seats, in-seat wait service, and access to all-inclusive dining make it more than just a game or concert. With over 70 suites featuring wet bars, private restrooms, and multiple TVs, we ensure each guest finds their perfect spot for entertainment.

Whether it’s the thrill of an NBA game or the allure of live music, our goal is to provide an exclusive experience that caters seamlessly to your needs.

How to Book a Luxury Suite or VIP Box at Moda Center

Booking a luxury suite or VIP box at Moda Center is simple. Just reach out to the suite sales team and pick the event you want to see.

Contact the suite sales team

To book a luxury suite or VIP box at Moda Center, simply give the suite sales team a call. They're ready to help you pick the perfect spot for watching your favorite event in style.

With a direct phone line, setting up your luxury experience is quick and easy. They'll guide you through available options, helping you find the best match for hosting clients, staff, or enjoying time with friends and family.

After talking with the sales team, you’ll choose the event you want to see next.

Choose your desired event

Looking at the Moda Center calendar is exciting! We find events we love, from Portland Trail Blazers games to big concerts. Prices for luxury suites vary, $3,000-$10,000+, depending on what we pick.

Deciding on an event means thinking about who's coming with us and what we all like. It's all about matching our choice with a great suite experience.

Once we choose, we get ready for fun in style. VIP parking passes make getting there easy. Premium catering options await us in our suite. Every detail adds up to create unforgettable memories with friends or family—whether it's cheering for the Blazers or enjoying a live concert together.

Finalize details and enjoy your luxury experience

After picking your event at the Moda Center, it's time to wrap up the details. We'll work closely with you to choose a luxury suite or VIP box that fits perfectly. You get VIP parking passes and can opt for premium catering—imagine enjoying your favorite dishes while watching the game or concert in comfort.


Experience ultimate comfort and exclusivity with our luxury suites and VIP boxes.


Our team makes everything easy, from selecting your suite to arranging food and making sure you have those all-important parking passes. Now, just look forward to an unforgettable experience at Moda Center, where every moment feels special and tailored just for you.


Booking a luxury suite or VIP box at Moda Center truly changes the game. You get to enjoy top-notch amenities, comfort, and style—all while catching your favorite event. It's easy to set up; just reach out, pick your event, and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

Whether it's impressing clients or having a great time with loved ones, these exclusive spaces offer something special everyone will talk about long after the lights go down. Give it a try—luxury awaits at Moda Center!


1. What can I see from a Moda Center luxury suite?

You get an amazing view of the game or concert, way better than regular seats.

2. How many people can fit in a VIP box at Moda Center?

A VIP box can hold up to 22 guests, perfect for parties or big groups.

3. Are food and drinks included with the suite?

Yes, you usually get exclusive access to catering services, but it's extra.

4. Can I book a luxury suite for just one event?

Absolutely, you can book a suite for a single game or show if you want.

5. Is there parking included with my luxury suite or VIP box ticket?

Yes, most of the time, priority parking comes with your booking—super convenient.

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