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Choosing the perfect venue for an unforgettable experience can sometimes feel like a daunting task. However, with its 21 luxury suites catering to groups ranging from 12 to 36 guests, Lucas Oil Stadium truly shines as a standout option.

It's not merely about catching the game or enjoying a concert; it's about experiencing those moments in a premium setting that offers unparalleled amenities.

Our team, leveraging years of expertise in exploring and recommending top-tier entertainment experiences, is especially impressed by the exclusive offerings at Lucas Oil Stadium. Having explored numerous stadium luxuries across the country, we've come to appreciate how Lucas Oil’s suites and VIP boxes elevate comfort, convenience, and exclusivity to new heights.

Let us guide you through insights into making your next event beyond extraordinary.

Blending this professional insight with our personal touch brings out the essence of what makes an event at Lucas Oil Stadium not just memorable but genuinely transformative. Join us as we delve deeper into creating remarkable moments wrapped in luxury and exclusivity.

Key Takeaways

  • Lucas Oil Stadium has 21 luxury suites for groups of 12 to 36 people. It's a top choice for watching sports, concerts, and more in comfort.
  • These suites include VIP parking passes, custom catering options, and exclusive access to club lounges. You get great views and can avoid the crowds.
  • Guests can use special VIP entrances and receive up to 5 parking passes along with their suite. This makes getting into the stadium faster and easier.
  • The stadium offers private spaces for enjoying events with friends or business partners. This includes perks like pregame sideline passes for certain events.
  • Choosing a luxury suite or VIP box at Lucas Oil Stadium means you also enjoy advantages like direct elevator access, plush seating, premium food service, and easy links to nearby hotels.


Exploring Lucas Oil Stadium Luxury Suites & VIP Boxes

Exploring Lucas Oil Stadium Luxury Suites & VIP Boxes opens up a world of luxury. Here, every detail aims to offer an unforgettable experience.

Features of Lucas Oil Stadium Premium Seating

Lucas Oil Stadium Luxury Suite and VIP Box offer top-class seating for football games, basketball events, and concerts. With a capacity of up to 70,000 fans, the experience is unmatched.

The premium seats come with padded stadium-style seating that provides comfort beyond regular stadium chairs. These spots give you an incredible view of the action from a prime location.

Each luxury suite at Lucas Oil Stadium includes VIP parking passes -- no need to worry about parking far away or long walks. Guests also enjoy premium catering options, bringing delicious foods right to your private space.

Imagine enjoying your favorite game or concert with exclusive access to club lounges where you can relax away from the crowd.


Experience luxury and comfort like never before in Lucas Oil Stadium's Premium Seating.


Custom Catering Menu and In-Suite Amenities Overview

Moving from the premium seating, let's talk about how Lucas Oil Stadium takes dining to another level. Our luxury suites offer custom catering menus that cater to all tastes and events.

Whether you're hosting a reception or feeding your team, we've got options. We work hard to make sure our food is a big hit at every event.

Inside each VIP box, guests find more than just great views; they enjoy top-notch amenities too. Luxury seating makes watching the game or concert super comfortable. Plus, with VIP parking passes included in luxury box rentals, arriving and leaving are easy as pie.

We pride ourselves on creating unique experiences through our catering service. From casual snacks to full-course meals, tell us what you need for your event. Our goal? To make sure everyone leaves happy and full!

Exclusive VIP Entrance and Parking Benefits

We offer exclusive VIP entrances and parking benefits at Lucas Oil Stadium. Our premium seat ticket holders get to use special entrances around the stadium. There are seven of these VIP spots, each clearly marked for easy access.

This means you can skip the regular lines and get into the action faster.

For those choosing Colts Field Suites, we include up to 5 VIP parking passes. That's right – no more long walks from distant lots. You'll park closer to your entrance, making your arrival and departure smoother and quicker.

Plus, with a luxury box at Lucas Oil Stadium, these parking perks come standard along with top-notch catering options. It all adds up to a hassle-free experience that lets you focus on enjoying the event.

Advantages of Lucas Oil Stadium Luxury Suites and VIP Experiences

Lucas Oil Stadium luxury suites and VIP experiences lift game day to new heights with unmatched comfort and style. They offer a unique way to watch sports or concerts, combining luxury with the thrill of the event.

Upscale Privacy for Sports and Music Events

We know you want privacy and comfort at big events. Our Lucas Oil Stadium VIP box offers just that. Enjoy sports and music with only your group. This means no crowds to deal with. You get to watch everything from a great spot, without anyone blocking your view.

Our suites are perfect for enjoying Monster Jam, Supercross, or Big Ten Football away from the public eye. Imagine having your own space to cheer and relax. Plus, these luxury boxes aren't just about the view—they come with VIP parking passes and premium food options too.

Planning something special? Full season suite rentals let you get even closer to the action with pregame sideline passes and chartered trips for certain events like the NFL Super Bowl and concerts.

It's all about making those big moments more personal and memorable for you.

Benefits of Exclusive Access and Amenities

Enjoying events at Lucas Oil Stadium perks up with luxury suites and VIP boxes. These premium options come packed with advantages, making every visit memorable. Here's why opting for these exclusive access points and amenities sets you apart:


  1. VIP parking passes simplify your arrival. You get to park close, saving time and avoiding the crowds.
  2. With VIP entrances, you dodge the long lines. This means faster, smoother entry into the stadium.
  3. Direct elevator access takes you straight to your suite. No need to navigate through crowds or stairs.
  4. Club seating offers padded seats and extra legroom—comfort like never before in prime viewing spots.
  5. Premium catering in your suite elevates the experience. Enjoy top - notch meals without missing any action.
  6. Accommodations for guests with disabilities are thoughtful here—ensuring everyone has a great time.
  7. Linked to luxury hotels via skywalks makes extending the excitement effortless with nearby stays.
  8. Suite holders enjoy a level of privacy rare in large events, perfect for enjoying with friends or networking.


Choosing luxury suites and VIP boxes at Lucas Oil Stadium not only enhances your event day but surrounds you with comfort, convenience, and care from start to finish.


Lucas Oil Stadium luxury suites and VIP boxes offer more than just seats at a game or concert. They bring an unmatched experience, combining privacy, comfort, and exclusive perks. With plush seating for groups small to large and access to top-notch amenities, these spaces are the best way to enjoy events in style.

Next time you plan an outing in Indianapolis, think about the luxury suites at Lucas Oil Stadium for a memorable experience. It's where excitement meets elegance.


1. How do I book a luxury suite at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Call the stadium's hospitality team, or visit their website for booking details.

2. What perks come with a luxury suite?

You get comfy seating, amazing views, private restrooms, and food and drink options.

3. Can I buy tickets for just one event in a suite?

Yes, single-event rentals are available — perfect for special occasions!

4. How many people can fit in a VIP box?

It varies, but most can comfortably accommodate groups of 10 to 20 guests.

5. Is parking included with my luxury suite or VIP box rental?

Often, yes — suites usually come with VIP parking passes.

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