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If you want to sit in a comfortable seat while watching your favorite events with a closer look and a perfect seat along with some amenities to bring you a relaxing experience. Then these Lambeau Field VIP box seats are perfect for having a luxurious experience at the stadium. These come with comfort and might bring a private space that you can rent for all of your events. In addition, you do not have to worry about extra noise or any things that come with regular seats making your experience uncomfortable at the stadium.


You may be able to get VIP private parking,a private restroom, a VIP event entrance, and some in-seat attendants with some other VIP club perks at the Lambeau field club seats. You may get some other benefits with the amazingLambeau Field suites for the upcoming events.


Lambeau Field is situated in Green bay. Wisconsin, United States. It is an outdoor athletic stadium and the home ground of the National Football League team Green Bay Packers. This stadium opened in 1957 with a construction cost of US$960,000. It has a seating capacity of 81,441, and the surface of this stadium is Kentucky bluegrass reinforced with SIS grass. And it has various types of Lambeau Field VIP box seats. This stadium has hosted the LambeauLeap, Façade, stadium music, high school, college football, hockey, snowboarding, concerts, and fireworks.


The Lambeau Field stadium comes with 168 Lambeau Field suites. The level 400 suite is located east to west of the stadium. The middle tier of Lambeau Field has a level 5000 suite. On the second-highest level of the Lambeau Field, level 6000 is located from west to east sidelines. The highest levels of Suites available in this stadium are level 7000 suites situated only on the stadium's west side. The terrace suites are open-air balconies.


Do you love watching events at the stadium but find the regular seats uncomfortable? In that case, Lambeau Field VIP box seats are the best option for you as you can have your comfort while watching your favorite event so that you will be able to enjoy it freely. If you are a fan of the Green Bay Packers, then there is bad news that there are no ongoing events right now, but don't be sad because you will be able to get these amazing seats for the upcoming games of the Green Bay Packers this year.


Why are you still reading here? Grab your amazing Lambeau Field suites and claim the luxury experience for the next event.

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The suite prices vary from $9,990-$25,010 at Lambeau Field, depending on the type of event. Suite's value for an NFL game ranges from $17,000-$17,500. The suite prices can go higher or lower depending on event or performer popularity. The single tickets in a shared suite might be available depending on event type and cost from $115-$735 or more.





The majority of suites at Lambeau Field have a capacity of 16-24 guests on average. The 4000-level suites can occupy 16 guests. The 5000-level suites can hold 16 guests. The 6000 level suites also have a capacity of 16 people. The 7000-level suites can also fit 16 guests. The terrace suites hold around 10-12 guests.

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