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Additional Jacobs Pavilion Info

Jacobs Pavilion is located in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a part of the Nautica Entertainment Complex and can hold up to 5000 people. To the back of this theatre are parts of the Cuyahoga River, and to the front are canopied seats and a beautiful view of The Flats. This amphitheater is known for the quality of its acoustics and good food. You can enjoy the best of this amphitheater from a Jacobs Pavilion VIP box.


These VIP boxes are located within 20 rows from the stage. They are directly behind floor seats and give you the best view of the stage. Most of these VIP boxes have movable chairs that you can arrange as you see fit. The box is spacious and gives you enough space to move around. The best part is that you can get exclusive access to these boxes if you don’t want to share them. So, you can enjoy as much as you want without any obstructions.


Normally, you must walk to the food section to quench your thirst or quell your hunger. You will most likely have to brave a long line to get your favorite snacks. However, if you purchase a Jacobs Pavilion VIP box, you may no longer need to do so; why? With a VIP box, you may get access to in-seat attendants. You may also get access to catering, which will give delectable options from an extensive menu.


However, these aren't the only benefits of having a VIP box. With some VIP boxes, you may even get access to reserved parking privileges. Reserved parking means that you won't have to toil around like the thousands of other concert-goers for an empty parking spot. It also means that you may leave the parking area at your will, without getting stuck in a stampede of cars. You may even get to use a separate VIP entrance with your Jacobs Pavilion VIP box during some events.


If you want, you may even acquire a Jacobs Pavilion club seat. Some of the concerts in Jacobs Pavilion this summer include Whiskey Myers, Flume, Modest Mouse, and Lord Huron. With outstanding performers like these, the demand for these boxes will remain high. Someone else will beat you to them if you aren't quick enough. So, head onto our website immediately to reserve your VIP box.

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A single ticket can range between $200 and $500 for a Jacobs Pavilion VIP box. The price changes significantly based on the event and the box you get. There are more than 12 different boxes in Jacobs Pavilion with varying perks; some of these will cost more than the others.





A Jacobs Pavilion VIP box can fit 4 to 8 people. Usually, people get two tickets and share the box with other people. You can do the same or book the whole box for exclusive access. Also, some of the boxes may have different seating capacities. Contact a representative to get more information about seating capacities.

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