Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP Box & Luxury Suite

Additional Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island Info

Located on the artificial peninsula named Northerly Island in Chicago, Illinois, Huntington Bank Pavilion is a peer-less music venue. It sits atop the ruins of Meigs Field Airport, which was demolished after Mayor Daley deemed it a hazard to the safety of Chicago. Instead of making an aviation museum on the 91-acre Island, the mayor decided to build a modern pavilion on par with the Ravinia Pavilion of Highland Park. You’ll understand the beauty and sophistication of this venue if you acquire access to its exclusive Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP boxes.  


Numerous bands have performed in this picturesque amphitheater. The Gorillaz and Phish have captivated thousands of people with their upbeat tunes here. In contrast, Big Time Rush, Third Eye Blind, and Deftones are ready to perform here this summer. Fans of music have flocked to this amphitheater in droves, and we expect them to attend with equal fervor this summer as well. Unfortunately, with the number of people that attend each concert, there are certain problems.


First of all, Huntington Bank Pavilion is located on a small island. The parking spots around it are very limited. If you end up being late, you might not even find a parking spot. The second problem is the seating arrangements of the Huntington Bank Pavilion. Some of the seats are too close to the stage, while others are too far away. The best way to rid yourself of both these problems is to get a Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP box.


All of the VIP boxes are located at a perfect distance from the stage to the left and right sides of the amphitheater. The sound that reaches these VIP boxes is crisp and doesn’t hurt your ears. The view from these boxes is also clear and expansive. With your Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP box, you may also get separate parking privileges. That's two birds down with one stone. However, there are some other perks as well that may come with your VIP box.


One of the additional perks that may come with your VIP box is in-seat attendants. With an attendant, you can get your favorite snacks without leaving your seat. You may also acquire catering with some VIP boxes. Another privilege you may get with your VIP box is access to VIP restrooms. Regular restrooms can get wild and unsanitary during concerts, so the need for a separate VIP restroom becomes even more apparent.


Apart from all of the above perks, you may also get a separate VIP entrance. If you don’t want to get a VIP box, then you also have the freedom to choose a Huntington Bank Pavilion club seat. It may give you access to the VIP club, along with some other perks. In short, you have perfect control over what you can get. We highly recommend getting in touch to have your preferred VIP box booked.

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A Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP box will usually cost $1500 to $2800. The price varies based on the number of tickets included in your VIP box, the perks attached, and the event specifications. A single ticket costs between $250 and $400. In extremely rare cases, the price for a single ticket may soar to $600.



A Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP box may accommodate between 4 to 8 people. There are around 34 different VIP boxes in Huntington Bank Pavilion. The number of people allowed in the different boxes will vary based on the event and the box that you have reserved. You have the option to book a whole box if you prefer not to share it with other people.

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