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Embarking on the quest for that ideal concert or event locale can feel like a bit of a puzzle, especially when set against the backdrop of sought-after venues. Yet, amidst these options, the Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP Box emerges as a beacon of luxury and stellar views.

This isn’t just about sitting in comfort—it’s about immersing yourself in an array of amenities that amplify every moment of your experience. For those who yearn to elevate their event from mere attendance to a cherished memory, this VIP option shines brightly as the go-to choice.

Through countless evenings spent soaking up live performances and dynamic events, we’ve honed our sense for what elevates an evening from good to truly magical. The VIP Boxes at Huntington Bank Pavilion do just that—offering premium seating accompanied by perks that transform any ordinary night into one you’ll reminisce about with a smile.

Curious for more? Stay tuned because you’re in for quite the treat.

Key Takeaways

  • Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP Boxes give you a great view of the stage with comfy seats that are not too close or far. You also get awesome sound quality.
  • When you get a VIP Box, you enjoy special perks like parking benefits, access to a private club and restrooms, wait service for food and drinks, and more.
  • Ticket prices for the VIP Box range from $1500 - $2800. This price gets you premium amenities and exclusive areas meant just for VIP guests.
  • In the VIP area, there's no waiting in long lines for bathrooms or drinks. You have your own bar and air-conditioned restrooms.
  • VIP guests can hang out in an exclusive club or patio with amazing views. This makes sure they have a luxury experience without missing any part of the event.


Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP Box Overview

The Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP Box offers a top-notch view and location. You get amazing features, from comfy seating to great stage sightlines—let's keep exploring.

Location and view of stage

Our VIP boxes at Huntington Bank Pavilion sit at a perfect spot. They're on the left and right sides of the amphitheater, not too close or too far from the stage. This means you get a great view without straining your neck or squinting to see the performers.

You'll be seated in folding-style chairs that are comfy and give you enough space to enjoy the show. Plus, these seats are angled just right for both viewing and hearing performances — ensuring you catch every note.

We've made sure sound quality is top-notch in our VIP areas. Music flows smoothly towards you, allowing you to experience each song as if it were performed just for you. It's this balance of visual and audio enjoyment that sets our VIP seating apart from standard options.


"Experience unparalleled views and sounds from our perfectly positioned VIP Boxes."


Next up, let's talk about features and amenities that take your concert experience to another level.

Features and amenities

We understand the importance of luxury and comfort at live events. That's why the Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP Box offers top-notch features and amenities. Here’s what you can expect:


  1. Prime Location with a View - Enjoy an unobstructed view of the stage from above sections 301 through 305. Perfect for experiencing live performances without any interruptions.
  2. Parking Perks - No need to worry about finding a spot. VIP tickets come with parking benefits, making your arrival and departure smooth.
  3. VIP Club Access - Get exclusive entry to the VIP club where you'll find a private bar, air-conditioned restrooms, and shorter lines. Everything's set up to make your experience as comfortable as possible.
  4. Wait Service - Keep your focus on the show, not on queues for food or drinks. With our wait service, everything you want comes right to you in the VIP Box.
  5. Outdoor Patio Viewing - Not just any view, but one from our outdoor patio that guarantees a perfect sightline to the stage below.
  6. Private Restrooms - Forget waiting in long lines during intermissions; our private restrooms are here to provide convenience and comfort.
  7. Club Cambria Hospitality Room - Dive deeper into luxury with access to this exclusive area, designed for those who crave an elevated event experience.
  8. Private VIP Entrance - Skip the masses with a special entrance just for VIPs, ensuring you get in and out of the venue with ease.


Each feature is thoughtfully designed to elevate your concert-going experience, making every moment at Huntington Bank Pavilion unforgettable.

Pricing and ticket options

Now, transitioning from the exclusive features and amenities that set the VIP Boxes apart, let's explore the pricing and ticket options available for those looking to elevate their experience at the Huntington Bank Pavilion.


Ticket Type Price Range Perks Included
VIP Box Seat $1500 - $2800 Premium Amenities, Private Bar and Restrooms, Exclusive Access to VIP Club and Patio
Additional VIP Options Varies Depends on Event and Specific Request


Prices vary based on the event, and the number of tickets in a VIP Box. Each purchase comes with a promise of an unforgettable experience, thanks to the premium amenities, shorter lines, and exclusive access areas designed to offer comfort and luxury.

Benefits of Huntington Bank Pavilion VIP Box

Enjoying a concert in a VIP box at Huntington Bank Pavilion comes with perks. You get your own space, away from crowds, and access to exclusive features that make the experience special.

Private bar and restrooms

At Huntington Bank Pavilion, our VIP boxes come with access to a private bar and restrooms. This means you won't have to wait in long lines or walk far. Everything is close and just for VIP guests.

You'll enjoy drinks without the rush, in peace.


"Experience luxury with our climate-controlled, indoor restrooms - exclusive to VIPs."


The best part? Our restrooms are air-conditioned and separate from general admission areas. No more dealing with crowded spaces or discomfort. These amenities ensure your concert experience is top-notch, every time.

Short lines

We know long lines can be a hassle, especially if you're eager to get back to enjoying the show. That's why our VIP Box at Huntington Bank Pavilion makes a big difference. With private bars and restrooms just for VIP guests, waiting time is cut down significantly.

This means more time for you to relax and enjoy your favorite songs.

No one likes missing part of the concert because they're stuck in line for the restroom or a drink refill. Our setup ensures that won't happen to you. Quick access is part of what makes the VIP experience truly special.

Next up, let's talk about another perk: exclusive access to the VIP Club and patio.

Exclusive access to VIP Club and patio

At Huntington Bank Pavilion, VIP Box holders get exclusive access to the VIP Club and patio. This means they can enjoy a private bar and air-conditioned restrooms that are not available to general ticket holders.

The club lounge, covered and two stories tall, is perfect for relaxing away from the crowd. Outside, the patio offers unbeatable views of the stage, making sure guests don't miss any of the action.

The comfort doesn't end there. With this exclusive access, waiting in long lines becomes a thing of the past – whether it's grabbing a drink or using the restroom. Everything about our VIP experience is designed for convenience and enjoyment, ensuring every concert at Huntington Bank Pavilion remains memorable for all right reasons.


Choosing the VIP Box at Huntington Bank Pavilion makes any event special. With private bars, short lines, and exclusive access areas, it's luxury at its best. Every seat gives a perfect view of the stage—making sure you miss nothing.

Whether for a small group or a big gathering, these boxes offer an unmatched experience. So next time you plan to see a show here, think about treating yourself to something extra with the VIP experience.


1. What is a VIP box at Huntington Bank Pavilion?

A VIP box is a private seating area that offers premium views and exclusive amenities for an enhanced concert experience.

2. How many people can fit in one VIP box?

Typically, a VIP box can accommodate groups of 4 to 8 people, depending on the specific layout and availability.

3. Are food and drinks included with a VIP box ticket?

Yes, most VIP boxes come with access to exclusive food and drink options -- some packages might even include them in the price.

4. Can I buy tickets for just one seat in a VIP box if I'm going alone?

No, usually you have to book the whole box or join a group since single seats are not sold individually.

5. Is there special parking for VIP box ticket holders?

Yes, buying a ticket for a VIP box often comes with access to preferred parking spots closer to the venue entrance.

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