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Many people might think that the best spot at a concert is right up front, close enough to catch the drummer's sweat. However, those who truly understand the art of luxury entertainment know there's a spot even more coveted—the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP Box Seats.

These seats don't just offer a view; they provide an elevated experience, transforming a night out into something extraordinary.

Over my years zigzagging across the country for concerts and events, I've nestled into what many venues call their "premium" spots. Yet, none hold a candle to the exclusivity and comforts waiting within the VIP boxes tucked behind sections 101-103 at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.

Join me as we delve into why these boxes are not merely about catching your favorite song live but about crafting memories that linger long after the final encore fades away. Are you ready to discover what true concert luxury feels like?

Key Takeaways

  • Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP Box Seats are behind sections 101 - 103, offering a clear view of the stage with moveable chairs for comfort.
  • VIP perks include special parking, a private entrance, access to an exclusive club, and in - box wait service for food and drinks.
  • The venue can host up to 19,000 guests, featuring spaces like a spacious lawn for outdoor concerts and intimate clubs for private events.


What are the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP Box Seats?

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP Box Seats are your ticket to a top-notch experience. They give you not just a place to sit, but access to special perks that make concert nights unforgettable.

Located behind sections 101-103


"Experience elite comfort and exclusivity with Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre VIP Box seats."


Located behind sections 101-103, our VIP Box Seats offer an unbeatable view of the stage. This prime spot puts you right behind the floor and pit area, ensuring no obstructions come between you and your favorite performances.

It's all about enjoying the show without a hitch.

Each private box features comfortable, moveable chairs allowing you to adjust your seating as needed. Imagine sitting back in luxury while watching the stars perform live. Plus, we provide access to exclusive VIP amenities—think priority parking, entry to a classy VIP club, and top-notch wait service right at your seat.

With these perks included in your experience, attending concerts becomes effortless and more enjoyable than ever. You get to bypass long lines, settle comfortably into premium seats quickly, and receive personalized service throughout the event.

Private box with comfortable, moveable chairs

We offer VIP Box Seats at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre with comfortable, moveable chairs. This means you get your own space to enjoy the show. The chairs let you relax just how you like.

You can scoot closer to friends or make more room if needed.

These private boxes are not just about comfort; they're about experiencing a concert in style. Plus, having tables makes it easy to eat or place your things. It's all designed to make sure you have the best time without any hassles.

Access to VIP amenities, such as parking, VIP club, and wait service

After settling into your private box with those comfy, moveable chairs, you're ready to explore the VIP perks we offer at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. These amenities elevate your concert experience, making it truly unforgettable.


  1. VIP Parking: Right off the bat, you dodge the biggest concert hassle - parking. Our VIP parking gets you close to the entrance. No more long walks or waiting in big crowds.
  2. Private Entrance: We provide a separate entrance for our VIP guests. This means less time in line and more time enjoying the show.
  3. VIP Club Access: Once inside, you can head straight to our exclusive VIP Club. It's a space where comfort meets luxury — perfect for relaxing before, during, or after the concert.
  4. In-Box Wait Service: Don't miss a beat of the show standing in line for food and drinks. Our wait service brings everything right to your box. Just sit back and place your order.


Each of these amenities is designed to ensure that your concert experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. From easy parking to personalized service right at your seat, we've got it all covered for you.

Benefits of VIP Box Seats at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

VIP Box Seats at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre give you an amazing view and comfy seats. You get special parking, club access, and wait service too.

Great views of the stage

We all want a clear view at concerts, and the VIP Box Seats deliver just that. These seats are perfectly placed behind sections 101-103, ensuring you won't miss any action on stage.

The setup is ideal, allowing you to see every performance up close. You'll feel like the show is just for you.


"With VIP Box Seats, every moment feels exclusive and personal."


Our seats aren't just about the view; they bring comfort too. Imagine sitting in moveable chairs that let you find your perfect spot. Plus, with access to special amenities like parking close by and our intimate VIP club, your experience goes beyond just watching a show—it becomes a night to remember.

Spacious lawn and intimate VIP club for private events

Our VIP Lawn/Comfort Lounge is the perfect spot for outdoor concert experiences. It's big and cozy at the same time, giving guests a unique way to enjoy shows under the stars. This space also works great for those looking to host a special event or a corporate picnic with a twist.

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre doesn't stop there. We offer an exclusive South Plaza & VIP Lounge that's ideal for intimate gatherings or private dinners. These spaces are designed with comfort and exclusivity in mind, ensuring your event is memorable.

Next, let’s talk about how we make sure every guest feels like a star from start to finish.

Accommodates up to 19,000 guests

From the spacious lawn and private VIP club, we step into an experience that welcomes up to 19,000 guests. Yes, you read that right. Our Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre isn't just any venue; it's a grand space capable of hosting thousands.

This means more fun, more energy, and unforgettable memories for everyone involved.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional hospitality and service to all our guests. Whether it’s a large concert or a special event, our venue ensures every visitor feels valued and part of something truly special.

With enough room for up to 19,000 people, your VIP experience is not just guaranteed – it’s elevated beyond imagination.


Enjoying a show from the VIP Boxes at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre means stepping up your concert game. You get comfy seats, amazing views, and all the VIP perks—like special parking and wait service.

It's all about luxury and making memories in style. Next time you're planning to catch a show, think about treating yourself to this exclusive experience. Trust us, it's worth it for that extra special touch!


1. What is a VIP box at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre?

A VIP box gives you a private space to watch shows with extra perks, like better views and service.

2. How many people can fit in one VIP box?

Typically, a VIP box can hold about 4 to 6 guests, but it varies by location.

3. Are food and drinks included with the VIP box?

Nope, they're not usually included – you'll likely have to order and pay separately.

4. Can I get parking benefits with my VIP box ticket?

Yes! You often get preferred parking spots closer to the venue entrance.

5. Is there a special entrance for VIP box holders?

Indeed, there's typically a separate entrance for an easier and faster way into the venue.

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