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The Hershey Park Stadium is surrounded by tall buildings and bustling streets of Hershey, Pennsylvania. The stadium is located in Hershey Park. The best thing about Hershey Park Stadium is its diversity. This stadium has been used for different sports events, campaigns, and, most importantly, concerts. Music festivals like the Cavalcade of Bands are also often held here. If there is any place you should go to this summer, it’s the Hershey Park Stadium. The best part is that you can enhance your experience in this amphitheater with a Hershey Park Stadium VIP box.


Numerous artists have proved their mettle with sell-out events in this amphitheater. This summer, numerous more will perform in this amphitheater to prove their art. Some of the performers slated to perform here include Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Imagine Dragons, and Rod Stewart. With high-profile performances like these lined up, a large number of people are bound to show up. And with these people will come several different problems as well.


The first of which is over-crowdedness. Imagine about 30000 different people trying to attend a concert here. You'll have clogged entrances and a severe lack of parking space. However, you won't have to put up with either of these problems with a Hershey Park Stadium VIP box. You may get access to a separate VIP entrance and reserved VIP parking with a Hershey Park Stadium VIP box.


Also, Hershey Park Stadium's VIP boxes are more unique than the rest of the amphitheaters. Instead of going for quantity, the management of Hershey Park Stadium has gone for quality. There are only three different VIP boxes, named A, B, and C. However, we can assure you that all three of these VIP boxes have the absolute best perks to give you the comfort you desire.


You can even acquire access to in-seat attendants with your VIP box if you want. These attendants are angels in disguise because they will do whatever they can to make your life easy. If you need snacks, ask your attendant to get them. If you need directions, ask your attendant. If you want any other general information, ask your attendant. With all of these perks, a VIP box is an irresistible and indispensable method of making your concert memorable.


You can also get a Hershey Park Stadium club seat to switch things up a bit. These seats may give you access to the VIP club and other perks. The only problem is that these VIP boxes and seats are limited in quantity. The competition for the 3 VIP boxes will be tough, so you should visit our website right now to book a spot.

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A single ticket to a Hershey Park Stadium VIP box will cost $250 to $500. There are only three VIP boxes in the Hershey Park Stadium, so the prices won't fluctuate that much based on the box's location. Also, performers and the perks you get with your VIP box will significantly influence the price.





A Hershey Park Stadium VIP box can accommodate 2 to 12 people. However, the seating capacities can change under certain circumstances or during certain events. You have the option to get two tickets or to book the whole VIP box.

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