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Additional Gorge Amphitheatre Info

No matter where you build an amphitheatre, no matter how beautiful it is, nothing compares to the Gorge Amphitheatre. This amphitheatre is located in Grant County. You can view the distant hills and the snaking Columbia River while seated in this amphitheatre. The sunsets look like upgraded, life-sized, cosmic versions of Claude Monet's paintings. The best part is that you can enrich your experience in this amphitheatre even more by getting a Gorge Amphitheatre VIP box.


These VIP boxes are located behind the tier-100 seats. The 52 VIP boxes span from the left side of the amphitheatre to the right side of the amphitheatre. All of the VIP boxes allow you to see the stage clearly and give you the best audio. The VIP boxes have more space than the regular seats, so you can kickback or dance away. Another notable improvement that the VIP boxes get is comfier, well-padded seats.


Apart from a guaranteed good view and auditory experience, you may also get in-seat attendants with your VIP box. The food area is way too far away from the seating area. Also, why even leave your seats to get food when someone else can do it for you. With some VIP boxes, you may even get catering at a small additional cost. Imagine getting the tastiest and healthiest food while it's still warm inside your box. It sounds like heaven, doesn't it? You won't get that with your regular seats.


Do you know what else you won't get with your regular seats? Reserved parking spots. Most people underestimate the parking problem and waste their valuable time on the event day. You shouldn't fall prey to this rookie mistake. Get a Gorge Amphitheatre VIP box because it may give you access to VIP parking privileges. Another perk you may get with your VIP box is access to the VIP restrooms. What more does one need? 


And that isn't where the fun ends because you may also include a Gorge Amphitheatre club pass. These are separate from the VIP boxes and may give you a separate selection of amenities. You can enjoy upcoming concerts from artists like Illenium, Chris Stapleton, and The Lumineers. However, you should know that these artists have a massive fan base, and their concerts sell out quickly. If you don't book a VIP box, someone else definitely will. So, head onto our website and get your Gorge AmphitheatreVIP box reserved right now!

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A single Gorge Amphitheatre VIP box ticket can cost $200 to $500. The prices reflect the demand for the event and the box you have booked. Naturally, the more perks you get with your VIP box, the more it will cost you. Also, boxes closer to the centre of the row cost more compared to the boxes on the side.





A Gorge Amphitheatre VIP box can seat 2 to 15 people. There are 52 different VIP boxes in Gorge Amphitheatre, some of which are larger than the others. Therefore, the number of people allowed in each box varies depending on the event and the box you get. You can get two tickets to either box or book the whole thing.

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