Glen Helen Amphitheater VIP Box & Luxury Suite

Additional Glen Helen Amphitheater Info

San Bernardino, California, is known for its good weather, beautiful hills, and Glen Helen Amphitheater. Thousands of people have danced to the electrifying notes of Slipknot and swooned to the semi-soothing voice of Garth Brooks in this amphitheater. Like those thousands, you can enjoy sensational music here as well from your comfortable Glen Helen Amphitheater VIP box.


Glen Helen Amphitheater is one of the largest outdoor music venues in the United States. It can accommodate 65000 people. Imagine 65000 people in this amphitheater in a rock concert; you won't even find enough space to walk around. You'll be out of breath, drenched in sweat, and lost in the crowd. If only there were a spot where you could rock on without any of the tiresome issues! Cue, a Glen Helen Amphitheater VIP box.


All of the VIP boxes are located right behind the Orchestra seating. You can get in on all of the action without the crowd. Sing, dance, enjoy the rhythms of the dense guitars and drums until you get tired. What will you do when you get tired? Slump into the soft and comfy chairs that adorn each VIP box. While you rest in your comfortable seat, you may call an in-seat attendant to get you some snacks and beverages.


Oh yes, your Glen Helen Amphitheater VIP box come with in-seat attendants. We want you to focus on the music and nothing else. Our attendants will take care of the petty jobs like getting snacks. Once you regain your energy quench your thirst, you can rock on and enjoy the night away. When you're done with the concert, you won't have to worry about going through crowds of people because VIP boxes have separate entrances. Come in style and leave in style is the royal motto.


You won’t have to worry about finding your car in the thousands of other cars either; why? You guessed it; with your VIP box you will also have VIP parking. You can leave the amphitheater, hop into your car and be back home in no time at all. The only problem with a VIP box is that once you go VIP, there is no turning back.


Contact a representative and find out about the different boxes and their availability. If you don’t want the whole box, you can get a single Glen Helen Amphitheater club seat. With Chris Stapleton slated to perform in Glen Helen Amphitheater, get ready to enjoy your summer like never before.

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Glen Helen Amphitheater VIP boxes can cost between $3000 to $8000. The number of perks that you get with your VIP box and the event will determine the cost of each VIP box. An individual ticket to a Glen Helen Amphitheater VIP box will usually cost between $350 to $800. The location of the VIP box, i.e., Left side, Right side, or Middle, will also affect the price of VIP boxes.



Glen Helen Amphitheater VIP boxes can seat between 4 and 8 people. There are 66 VIP boxes arranged at different elevation levels from left to right. The number of people that can fit into each box is different. The highest-ranked VIP boxes in Oak Mountain Amphitheater are numbered 19, 20, 21, and 22.

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