Germania Insurance Amphitheater VIP Box & Suites

Additional Germania Insurance Amphitheater Info

Germania Insurance Amphitheater is situated in Austin, Texas. The amphitheater is surrounded by the Grade 1 racing track owned by the COTA (Circuit of the Americas). The amphitheater is located beside the Observation Tower, with COTA. Naturally, this amphitheater has everything that a state-of-the-art amphitheater should have. From advanced architecture to fantastic acoustics, you can witness it all here. The best thing is that you can enjoy this amphitheater from a Germania Insurance Amphitheater VIP box.


Like most modern amphitheaters, the Germania Insurance Amphitheater has a sloping lawn for general admission and fixed seats, more luxurious accommodation. Both of these seating options can accommodate a total of 14000 people. If you want to enjoy a concert in this amphitheater, then a lawn seating option is a bit far-fetched. You can get reservations in the fixed seating area, but why even go for copper when you can get gold.


Compared to the regular seats, the seats in a VIP box give you a much better view. All of the VIP boxes are smack dab in the middle of the 100-tier seating options, right behind the Pit. To the side of the amphitheater, you have the food area. With regular seats, you will have to walk to the food section and stand in lines. However, with a Germania Insurance Amphitheater VIP box, you may get it all without ever leaving your seat because you may get in-seat attendants.


An attendant will make sure that you receive fresh snacks on time. If you like something with a bit more class, perhaps you might want to get some catering. It will give your palette way more options. You can munch away while listening to talented musicians like Odesza, One Republic, and Third Eye Blind. The reserved parking perk makes a Germania Insurance Amphitheater VIP box even more worthwhile. With your VIP box, you may get access to reserved parking. 


Typically, there are parking problems and traffic issues around this amphitheater. With reserved parking, you can focus on your performance instead of worrying about parking or how you'll get out of the venue and back home. Also, the whole entry and exit may become even more pleasant if you are allowed to use the VIP entrance. Yes, with your VIP box, you may finally make the grand entry that you've always dreamed of.


If you want a unique approach or concert experience, then the Germania Insurance Amphitheater club seat is just for you. It may allow you to socialize, eat, drink and dance your night away without any restraints. So book your seats for the time of your life right now by visiting our website.

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A single Germania Insurance Amphitheater VIP box ticket will usually cost $200 to $580. The prices are a reflection of the box you get and the performer. The more in-demand the concert, the higher the prices will go. Also, top-notch VIP boxes with more perks will cost you more.





Germania Insurance Amphitheater VIP boxes can accommodate 2 to 12 people depending on the size of the boxes. Some of the boxes can accommodate more people than others. In addition, the number of people allowed in each box varies depending on the event. For specific information about boxes, you’ll have to contact a representative.

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