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Discovering the ultimate way to soak in the excitement at Empower Field often leads fans down a path exploring varied seating choices. But what truly sets the experience apart are the luxurious suite and VIP box options that elevate a regular game day into an extraordinary, high-end affair.

With top-notch amenities, exclusive VIP parking passes, and superior catering selections available, these suites don't just offer a view of the game; they deliver a comprehensive all-inclusive hospitality experience that’s unparalleled.

Our team has dedicated countless hours to personally experiencing and reviewing various premium seating setups across stadiums—including those at Empower Field—to equip you with insider knowledge on amplifying your game day or event outing.

Our firsthand insights are here to guide you through making informed decisions when booking your next luxury suite or VIP box. Continue reading for our unique take on making the most of Empower Field's premier offerings, promising more than just a seat but an unforgettable engagement with every play.

Key Takeaways

  • Luxury suites and VIP boxes at Empower Field offer an all-inclusive hospitality experience with top-notch amenities, making game days unforgettable.
  • Guests enjoy VIP parking passes, easy access to the stadium 4.5 hours before kick-off, and premium catering options for a stress-free and delicious experience.
  • The luxury suites can expand to accommodate up to 25 guests, coming with plush seating, while each booking includes special food and beverage packages.
  • With VIP box options, attendees get fast entry through a VIP entrance and can relax in comfortable seats with the best views of the game or event.


Benefits of Booking a Luxury Suite at Empower Field

Booking a luxury suite at Empower Field puts you right in the lap of comfort and style. You get more than just a seat; you enjoy an exclusive experience that makes every game unforgettable.

All-inclusive hospitality experience

We offer an all-inclusive hospitality experience at Empower Field. Guests enjoy a first-class treatment that leaves nothing to chance. From the moment you step into the 5280 Room, everything is taken care of.

This means you can focus on enjoying the game or event without worrying about details.

The 5280 Room sets a high standard for luxury experiences. Here, unparalleled amenities meet elite hospitality. Every aspect of your visit feels exclusive and well-planned. Whether it's the food, drinks, or comfort, we ensure your needs are met with top-notch service.

Next up, let's talk about the finest amenities waiting for you.

Finest amenities

After enjoying the all-inclusive hospitality experience, guests are treated to some of the finest amenities available. Each Empower Field luxury suite and VIP box boasts top-notch features.

Picture yourself in a space where comfort meets elegance—all designed with you in mind.

Luxury suites at Empower Field at Mile High aren't just about watching the game; they turn events into memories. These spaces come equipped with everything needed for an unforgettable experience, including plush seating that makes every moment more enjoyable.

Guests can expect nothing less than premium service from start to finish.

VIP boxes take it up a notch with options for expanding the space to accommodate up to 25 guests--perfect for big gatherings or celebrations. With 17 tickets and 4 parking passes included with each suite, getting there and settling in is as smooth as can be.

The focus is on providing an unmatched experience, combining convenience and luxury seamlessly.

VIP parking and access

We know getting to Empower Field as fast as you can matters a lot. That's why our luxury suites come with VIP parking passes, making it easy for you to skip the regular parking hassle.

With these special passes, you get into the stadium parking lots 4.5 hours before kick-off, so there's plenty of time to settle in.


Experience ease and exclusivity with VIP parking and access at Empower Field.


Choosing a VIP box not only means top-notch viewing but also stress-free arrival and departure. Each VIP box hands out 17 tickets and includes 4 parking passes, right? Plus, if your group grows up to 25 guests—no problem! We've got you covered with even more space for everyone's comfort.

With these perks, every moment from arrival to the final whistle is smooth sailing.

Premium catering options

At Empower Field, we promise a top-notch dining experience in every luxury suite and VIP box. Our premium catering options include some of the best foods and drinks available. Guests can enjoy delicious meals without missing any action on the field.

With each booking, there's a special food and beverage package waiting for you.

Eating well is part of the luxury experience at Empower Field. We make sure our guests have access to fantastic meal choices right in their private space. This means more time enjoying the game or event with friends or family, all while savoring great food that comes as part of your suite benefits.

VIP Box: The Ultimate Luxury Experience at Empower Field

We offer the VIP Box at Empower Field for an unmatched luxury experience. Imagine getting first-class treatment with all-inclusive hospitality. Our boxes bring the finest amenities right to your fingertips, complete with VIP parking passes and premium catering options.

You'll enjoy fast access through a VIP entrance, making your visit smooth and exclusive.

Next, relax in comfort as you watch events from the best seats in the house. With club access and more perks, every moment feels special. Ready for more details on these amazing features?


Choosing Empower Field Luxury Suite or VIP Box means choosing the best. Guests get top-notch amenities, exclusive access, and premium food options. Prices change based on event and location, but the experience always stays first class.

This choice sets guests apart, offering a unique way to enjoy games and events with unmatched elegance. It's about more than just watching; it's living the high life at Empower Field.


1. What is an Empower Field VIP Box?

It's a special spot at Empower Field, offering top-notch views and services. Think of it as your private area to watch the game or event, with all the perks.

2. Can I get food and drinks in the VIP Box?

Yes, absolutely! The VIP Box comes with exclusive food and drink options—no need to stand in long lines for snacks or a soda.

3. How many people can fit in a Luxury Suite?

Each suite varies, but generally, they're designed to host groups comfortably. Whether you're bringing family or friends, there's space for everyone.

4. Is parking included with my Luxury Suite booking?

Indeed, most bookings include reserved parking spots close to the entrance...because why walk far when you can start the fun right away?

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