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Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Box Seats & Luxury Suites


Nothing beats the experience of tranquility and bliss under the stars with sounds from your favorite artists! This summer, head to the outstanding outdoor venue at Dos Equis Pavilion for a remarkable show from top performers. You will be awed by the beauty of outdoor pleasure as the wind blows against your face and hair!


The Dos Equis Pavilion is the longest-running outdoor music venue in the Dallas area, opening on July 23, 1988. The venue has since then hosted for over 6 million people with more than 600 live music shows! With a seating capacity of 20,000 people, the venue is set in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas with amazing surroundings that will surely make you long for a second visit!


The Dos Equis Pavilion originally opened in 1988 as the Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre. It has been widely known as the Gexa Energy Pavilion. As the largest amphitheater in Dallas, the building was constructed at the cost of $10 million.


The Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Box Seats and Luxury Suites are great VIP seating options that help you to live your night in style and luxury at the largest outdoor music venue in Dallas! The Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Box Seats often come with amazing VIP perks like In-seat Catering Service, private restrooms, VIP bar access, and best stage views to offer you the best service!


At, you have a wide array of premium seating options to choose from with real-time pricing and luxurious VIPs perks!

There are more than 40 Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Box seats that are accessible. While most of the Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Boxes are set in the 100 section, boxes 18-30 and 001 to 004 are set behind Orchestra 2 to deliver maximum pleasure.



Private vs. Shared VIP Boxes & Luxury Suite at Dos Equis Pavilion


Each of the Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Box seats four people which makes it perfect for an intimate setting for smaller groups of people.


At, you can either book the entire box to yourself or buy a couple of seats in a shared Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Box along with another couple. That way, you can avoid making unnecessary expenditure by buying empty seats.


VIP benefits may vary according to a change in the event type but the common Dos Equis Pavilion VIP Box seats and Luxury Suites come with the following amenities:


·      VIP Parking

·      VIP Event Entrance

·      Access to VIP Lounges & Clubs

·      VIP Server/Seat Attendant

·      Food & Beverage Options

·      VIP Restroom

·      Covered To Protect You From Rain & Sun

·      The Best Event Views in the Venue!


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