Concord Pavilion VIP Box & Luxury Suite

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The Concord Pavilion is a music venue known for its affiliation with the various communities of Concord city, California. Through community events, local concerts, and graduation ceremonies, it has brought the people closer. Apart from the local events, numerous first-tier concerts have also been arranged here. You enjoy all of the upcoming events in this amphitheatre from your Concord Pavilion VIP box.


To give you a brief idea of what you can look forward to, the upcoming concerts include performances from 2Cellos, Steely Dance, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Tears for Fears. What could be better than watching all of these enthralling performances from a luxurious and spacious Concord Pavilion VIP box? You get a clear view of the stage and even clearer audio with each VIP box. You also get luxurious seats, so you can watch everything unfold without having to stand on your toes.


Apart from the clear view, you get cool air. It may not sound much, but concerts in summers can be pretty stifling. A VIP box is air-conditioned, so you won't have to worry about sweating. A VIP box may even have in-seat attendants. You can call an attendant and ask them to get you your favorite drink. You can tell to bring you some crunchy snacks or help you around the amphitheater. An attendant is no less than a trusty sidekick.


Additionally, with your VIP box, you may get access to VIP parking. While thousands of people waste hours looking for an empty parking spot, you can roll into your exclusive VIP parking like the boss you are meant to be. What more could anyone want? Catering! Your Concord Pavilion VIP box may even have catering. However, you should know that catering will incur a cost in addition to the usual ticket price. You may also get these perks with a Concord Pavilion club seat.


So are you ready to turn your dull summers into a music fiesta in the Concord Pavilion? Contact our representative to book your VIP box. You'll have to be quick because most VIP boxes get booked weeks before the event. We don't want a music lover like you to miss out on the experience of a lifetime because of unavailable VIP boxes. So please get in touch with us at least a few weeks before the concert.

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A Concord Pavilion VIP box can cost anything between $300 and $500 per ticket. You can buy two tickets or get the whole box. The price will change based on the perks attached to your box. The more perks you get, the higher the price will be. The performers and the date will also determine the price of your box.



A Concord Pavilion VIP box can accommodate between 4 to 8 people. Some VIP boxes have strict limits on the maximum number of people allowed. You will have to contact a representative for more information about the seating capacities of the available boxes.

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