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Discovering the ideal spot at a concert is like finding a hidden gem among the stones. With the Budweiser Stage VIP Box, your hunt for that gem comes to a delightful end. This premium seating not only offers unparalleled views and exclusive amenities but it turns every concert into an unforgettable experience—nestled just behind level 200, it promises sightlines that are simply out of this world.

Through countless nights under the spell of live music and navigating through various venue layouts, I've learned a crucial lesson: not every seat in the house delivers that magical vibe we all crave.

That's where the Budweiser Stage VIP Box shines brightly, marrying comfort with luxury to gift you an unrivaled view of your favorite artists in action. Are you ready to take your next concert up a notch?

Key Takeaways

  • The Budweiser Stage VIP Box offers unmatched views and luxury seating right behind the 200 level, making every concert special with features like in-seat service and all-inclusive options.
  • Prices for VIP Boxes range from $125 to $800 per person. The venue seats around 16,000 people but has a cozy feel in the VIP area.
  • VIP guests enjoy benefits like access to the American Express Lounge, a dedicated entrance for quicker entry, and the option to rent out space on the Skyline patio before shows.
  • With your VIP seat, you get pre - sale access to other Live Nation shows and exclusive ticket offers not available to everyone.
  • Choosing a VIP box means more than just watching a concert; it's about experiencing it in comfort with special services that make your night unforgettable.


The Budweiser Stage VIP Box

The Budweiser Stage VIP Box turns a regular concert into an unforgettable experience. It offers top-notch views, comfort, and exclusive perks that elevate your event day.

Features, amenities, and seat views

We know you're looking for an unforgettable concert experience, and the Budweiser Stage VIP Box offers just that. With unparalleled views and exclusive amenities, we've got everything to make your evening special. Here's what you can expect:


  1. Unmatched seat views - Our box seats are located directly behind the 200 level seating at the center of the venue, offering sight lines that are second to none. You won't miss a beat or a move on stage.
  2. In-seat service - Enjoy in-seat food & beverage service without having to miss any part of the show. From snacks to meals, our menu has it all, including beer and wine for those who want to enjoy a drink.
  3. All-inclusive options - For VIP Box Seat holders, we offer an all-inclusive food & beverage experience. Yes, this includes beer and wine! Just sit back, relax, and let us take care of you.
  4. Luxury seating - The seats in our VIP Boxes are more than just a place to sit; they offer comfort and style ensuring you enjoy the show in luxury.


With these features and amenities designed for your comfort and enjoyment, your concert experience at Budweiser Stage will be nothing short of amazing. Next up, let's talk about the seat pricing and capacity...

Seat pricing and capacity

Exploring the VIP Box at Budweiser Stage, we find ourselves at the intersection of luxury and exhilaration. Let's break it down—details on seat pricing and capacity, served straight up.


Feature Details
Seat Pricing VIP Boxes range from $125 to $800 per person. A single ticket can cost between $200 and $500, depending on the event and amenities included.
Seating Capacity Box seating is positioned between the 200 and 300 levels. The Skyline patio, available for pre-show rental, accommodates up to 80 people. Overall, Budweiser Stage seats around 16,000.
Location Directly behind 200 level seating, center of the venue, offering a prime view and experience.
Amenities Included In-seat service, access to the VIP American Express Lounge, dedicated entrance, and more.


There, our essentials on the VIP Box at Budweiser Stage—pricing, capacity, and a hint of the luxe life waiting for you. This info doesn't just hint at the experience; it invites you to dive headfirst into a realm of unparalleled concert enjoyment.

Benefits of the VIP Box Experience

Choosing the VIP Box at Budweiser Stage changes everything. You get personalized service, exclusive access to lounges and patios, plus a special entrance—making every concert unforgettable.

In-seat service

We make enjoying shows at the Budweiser Stage VIP Box easy with our in-seat service. No need to miss a beat or a lyric, as you can order food and drinks right from your seat. Our attentive in-box wait service is there for you throughout the concert.

This means more time soaking up every moment, and less time standing in lines.


"Experience luxury and convenience with our exclusive in-seat service at the Budweiser Stage VIP Box."


The beauty of this service? It brings everything to you. Whether craving snacks or something to sip on, we've got it covered. Just sit back, enjoy the show, and let us handle the rest.

After all, it's about making every second of your experience memorable—and we're here to ensure just that.

Access to VIP American Express Lounge and Skyline patio

Moving from enjoying in-seat service, let's step into another part of the VIP experience. Our VIP Box ticket holders always have guaranteed access to the VIP American Express Lounge.

This space lets you relax and enjoy food and drinks before the show starts. It’s a great place to hang out, away from the crowd.

American Express card members get extra special treatment at Budweiser Stage. They also enter through a dedicated VIP entrance, avoiding lines and waiting times. Plus, they can rent out the Skyline patio for private events before shows start.

This area can hold up to 80 people, perfect for big groups or special celebrations.

Inside the lounge and on the Skyline patio, we offer wait service right to your seat. You can choose from a menu full of tasty food and drinks without missing any part of your event.

It makes every concert or show just that much better.

Dedicated VIP entrance and pre-show rental opportunities

After enjoying the perks of the VIP American Express Lounge and Skyline patio, we make our way to another highlight of our VIP experience—the dedicated VIP entrance and pre-show rental opportunities. Our journey as VIPs gets even better here.

With our exclusive entrance, we skip the long lines. This means more time for fun and less waiting. We walk right in, feeling like stars.

Now, about those pre-show rental opportunities: the Skyline patio is ours to enjoy before the concerts start. Imagine hosting up to 80 friends with a spectacular view. It's perfect for birthdays, work events, or just a big night out.

This dedicated access gives us a smooth start to our evening. We navigate through the venue with ease—not a single hassle in sight.

Our nights are unforgettable with these privileges. From easy entry to a private party space, we've got everything covered for an epic concert experience.

Best value package price and exclusive concert ticket offers.

We offer VIP box seats at Budweiser Stage with a value package that's hard to beat. You get pre-sale access to Live Nation shows at partner venues, meaning you can buy concert tickets before anyone else.

This way, the best seats in the house are just a click away for you. It's our way of saying thank you and giving you more bang for your buck.

Also, these packages come with exclusive concert ticket offers not available to the general public. Imagine getting special deals and discounts on some of the biggest concerts of the year—all because you chose VIP box seating at Budweiser Stage.

We make sure our VIP members enjoy luxury without breaking the bank.


Upgrading to the Budweiser Stage VIP Box changes your concert game. Enjoy top-notch views, exclusive access, and comfy seats—all in one package. With perks like in-seat service and entry to the VIP lounge, every show becomes a memorable experience.

Don't just watch a concert; live it as a VIP at the Budweiser Stage. Ready for an unbeatable night out? The VIP Box awaits.


1. What is a Budweiser Stage VIP Box?

A Budweiser Stage VIP Box is a private area at the venue, offering exclusive views and perks for an enhanced concert experience.

2. Can I buy food and drinks in the VIP Box?

Yes, you can order food and drinks directly to your VIP Box for convenience.

3. How many people fit in one VIP Box?

The number of people that can fit depends on the box size, but most accommodate between 4 to 12 guests.

4. Do I get special parking with my VIP Box ticket?

Yes, VIP tickets often come with access to preferred parking spots close to the venue.

5. Is there a separate entrance for VIP Box ticket holders?

Yes, there's usually a separate entrance for quick and easy access to your box.

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